Renewed: Rush

As previously tipped, Rush has been renewed by TEN for 13 episodes.

TEN’s Executive Producer of Drama and Production, Rick Maier, said, “Rush continues to deliver great stories, great stunts and some of the best performances on TV. We’re delighted to announce our favourite (AFI nominated) action series will be back next year.”

Producer John Edwards added, “A 13 part mini series gives us the chance to tell a much bigger story across the season, to stretch our characters and open them up to a wider world. It’s very exciting.”

The series joins Offspring and Neighbours as on-going drama projects for TEN in 2011, while Inside Out has also been announced.

Rush is a Southern Star John Edwards Production for Network TEN.

It resumes filming in mid-2011.


  1. Even though the ratings would indicate a renewal wouldn’t happen the network finally uses some common sense.
    This is a very good Aussie drama with an excellent cast.There have been too few of these over the years so we should make the most of it while we can.
    I’d be surprised if a fifth season gets commissioned but if they give it the right support/night with better promotion perhaps there will be more than just one more year.
    I do think they blew a chance in last weeks episode to get rid of Shannon.Her character has never really fit into the series and it is no surprise ratings have dropped since her inclusion.
    However this is a good watch every week and I’m looking forward to the rest of this series and the fourth one next year.

  2. Fantastic news. The final act use to be settled very quickly but they have added some will he/ won’t he tension to it now. Best Aussie drama on TV at the moment.

  3. @ Trix Yes – she’s tried twice before and it didn’t work either of those times either. I remember that Rebecca Gibney felt compelled to bare her breasts in a Halifax around her 40th too – problem is, it’s far too late – maintaining the mystery is way more professional anyway. Lisa McCune is not and never will be a believable siren. For better or worse she is Australia’s sweetheart, and not only has it made her fortune it’s made the MElroy’s fortune as well. Just be happy with that.

  4. @Ronnie, I think Lisa must have wanted to break out of her nice girl persona. Weirdly, even though she was topless for most of her scenes, she still seemed a bit too polite and noice!

  5. That is great news and not surprising after Thursday night’s thrashing of the embarrassing episode of Rake on the ABC. Lisa McCune with no clothes on? What was anyone thinking.

  6. Come on Ten, give us something people actually want to watch for a change and something that actually rates. Neighbours, Rush and even Offspring are all far below par in the ratings and clearly aren’t resonating with the majority of viewers.

    Hopefully Inside Out will be a breath of fresh air compared to the dismal dramas they usually make.

  7. dont mini series shows count for more points in terms of local content percentages? Its what shows such as underbelly and sea patrol did.
    Its a smart move considering the show doesn’t rate anyway, they can at least a squeeze more local content points off it.

  8. I use to think that the previous seasons were very inconsistent, but I’ve got to admit that I’m so astounded by the quality of the show this season. I’m always keen and excited to watch it every week and even though there’s always hard action, it feels so unique and different every week (which is odd considering some stories start off being a cliche’d hostage situation or bank robbery etc.)

  9. @ Harry I agree with you.
    It’s so important that Australian actors are in work and to know these actors will be working again in 2011 is fantastic. I just worry it may be the last?? If they put effort into the lives of the charcters more it may have a chance in 2012.
    So glad it’s back. I love it 

  10. I wouldn’t call 13 eps a ‘mini series’ just look at the shows on PayTV in the US and many of the shows in the UK have 13 or less eps in a series/season.

    But yes this is great news and answers the critics. Nine tried to take them on with Cops and it died off last night at close to mid night.

    Apart from Rafters this is one of the few other local shows I still watch, great episode last night.

  11. @Goonies, interesting comment and relevant to a lot of procedural drama. Most shooting scripts contain built in spots for commercial breaks, so that peak and trough of drama goes right back to the write/rewrite phase. Having said that, though, scenes often get moved around, deleted or altered slightly so it’s not always shot exactly as per the script.

  12. I reckon they need to fix their pacing up.

    They build the tension right up to boiling point and then throw to an ad break which lasts for, what are we up to now like 3 minutes and 30 seconds or something, and then by the time the ad finishes the tension I felt is gone.

    Up, down, up, down all through the show.

  13. Good stuff. Let’s see some more character back stories running the length of the series. After all, we’ve known these people for three years and I feel I hardly know some of them!

  14. A 13 part mini-series gives the chance to tell a much bigger story across the season. So they couldn’t do that with 22 episodes this season?
    I agree with Stephen C that this will be its last season, unless it suddenly begins to rate.

  15. Great news. It’s a great show and deserves renewal but deserves better ratings too. If Ten can remain loyal I hope Seven stick with City Homicide which is a better show and rates better also.

  16. yay!! i’m glad TEN has given Rush another season, it’s one of tv’s best drama’s. I wonder if Rush is getting Don’t Stop Believing’s budget?

  17. I think this and City Homicide would would better as 13 part seasons. It would allow other shows to be developed. It works for shows like Dexter, Nurse Jackie, and most Showtime Drama’s.

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