(The real) Gold Logie rumours: Rafters lead the race

Ok so it’s not really Plucka Duck….

Logie nominations are due to be revealed tomorrow but today there are reports of possible contenders:

According to News Limited the 8 nominees are expected to include at least:

Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
Adam Hills, Spicks and Specks
Carrie Bickmore, The 7PM Project
Chrissie Swan, The Circle

Ray Meagher, Wil Anderson and Paul McDermott are tipped to miss out on a Gold nomination this year.

Manu Feildel is rumoured to be nominated for Most Popular New Male Talent.

Source: news.com.au


  1. @Cara it’s not the rules suddenly changed. It’s just that the people at TV Week are continuing making mistakes. Since Chrissie Swan’s is in the running for Most Popular New Female Talent, she shouldn’t be on the list of eligible TV Presenters. And since voting for the Gold Logie is based on people eligible for Popular Actor, Actress and TV Presenter, Swan’s name appears of the drop down list when voting.

    I think Poh Ling Yeow and Chrissie Swan are the only two people in the running for New Talent that also appeared in a Silver Category (Most Popular TV Presenter).

    The rules did not change. Other New Talent candidates are not eligible for the Gold Logie.

    Charles Cottier, Dan Mor, Eddie Perfect, Ewen Page, Firass Dirani, Jordan Smith, Josh Flinn, Kayne Tremills, Kevin Hofbauer, Kris Smith, Liam Renton, Manu Feildel, Matthew Hayden, Nick Stathopoulos, Richard Davies, Ryan Corr, Ryan O’Kane, Scott Black, Amberley Lobo, Emma Booth, Hannah Marshall, Jordy Lucas, Julie Goodwin, Kelly Paterniti, Lily Serna, Lisa Gormley, Rhiannon Fish, Samara Weaving, Valentina Novakovic and Xenia Goodwin are possible nominees for the New Talent Logies, but were not eligible for Most Popular Actress, Most Popular Actor and Most Popular TV Presenter.

    Their names and pictures did not appear in those three Silver Categories or the dropdown selection for the Gold Logie, unlike Chrissie Swan and Poh Ling Yeow.

  2. Didn’t it say on the voting form that Most Popular New Talent nominees were not eligible for the Gold Logie? It’s definitely been that way in recent years, so unless they’ve changed it this year, the list above is definitely wrong. However, since David would know the rules better than any of us, it seems unlikely that he would include Chrissie’s name if she wasn’t eligible….so the rules have probably changed.

  3. @Ben – it is fairly common knowledge that ratings aren’t necessarily a true indication of how popular a show really is with only several hundred meters recording viewer habits nationwide. The Logies is open to everyone to vote so could in fact give an even more accurate idea of what shows and celebs people actually like.

  4. Chrissie beats Carrie hands down in my opinion. I still haven’t got over Carrie winning last year as she is a an average host at best.
    PTTR peeps will win again.

  5. Well if these rumours are true then Carrie and Chrissie may also be nominated for Most Popular TV Presenter – which is great since there’s only ever been two women nominated for the award (Melissa Doyle and Natalie Bassingthwaighte).

  6. Why is everyone disgusted? If someone on tv is your favorite, you vote for them. The people with the most votes get nominated. It’s fairly simple, isn’t it? This is a popular personality contest – what does it matter what show they’re from? The individual logies aren’t about ratings… I think it’s mean spirited to exclude some personalities just because their shows don’t rate in the millions. How great that the logies let us vote for our faves! Go Carrie! Go Asher!

  7. Ha ha ha! That’s hysterical! With every year that passes, the Logies defies all expectations to achieve the seemingly impossible: it becomes even more of a joke.

  8. @ Ben and others surprised by Chrissie & Carrie’s nominations. Both are very good at what they do, and both have obviously been very popular with the audience. They may not win, but their nominations are well deserved.

  9. I echo the voices of disgust re: the nominations of Chrissie Swan and Carrie Bickmore. Both shows are low rating and are actually the lowest rating in their respective timeslots. If they do get nominated it will show what a farce the Logies have become.

  10. I find it hard to believe Manu could be up for New Talent when he’s been one of the regular chefs on Ready Steady Cook since it began 6 years ago.

  11. Anthony Mai does raise a good point about Chrissie being a new talent which usually are ineligible for gold. i don’t think this list is very accurate.

    @Allie, Manu will be competing agaist Home&Away actors for popular new male. its an award H&A has a strong foothold in. i’d say Charles Cottier will win it.

  12. @catherine I haven’t watched too many Logies but from memory I don’t think anyone’s been up for new talent and Gold in the same year in recent times, since New Talents are suppose to be eligible for Gold (or even Silver for that matter). The closest would be Chris Hemsworth (home and Away) who was nominated for Best New Male Talent and Most Popular Actor in his debut year. It’s ridiculous that some people are eligible for New Talent, Silver and Gold, and some can only be nominated for New Talent…

  13. Carrie Bickmore???????? Chrissie Swan??????????? Are you sure this isn’t still an April Fool’s Day joke. I predict Manu will not only be nominated for best new male talent, but that he will also win it. I have a feeling he is on some kind of roll at the moment.

  14. deedeedragons

    If Swan actually wins what an embarrassment that would be. Isn’t The Morning Show famous for never being beaten in the ratings since it began. How many people actually watch The Circle anyway?

  15. I thought Zoe Ventoura may be nominated just because of how she left rafters and she was a loved character but I guess we will wait.

    Carrie Bickmore surprises me as does Chrissie Swan. She was excited to be nominated for popular new talent. Has someone ever been nominated for most popular new talent and the gold in the same year?

    Its good to see some different names in there though.

  16. I think 3 noms will be rafters, ( i think hugh is more likely than jess) atleast 1 for Home&away and the rest will be variety show hosts.

  17. OMG hope these rumours are correct,would love to see Chrissie Swan in with a chance,l know her show is not in prime time and of course that will effect the voting.Rebecca will again win gold,she is on a roll,l know she missed out last year to Ray.As in past winners if they are in prime time rating show they win,Georgie Parker, Lisa McCune, Kate ritchie.But would be nice to see the lovely Chrissie on the list,she is the standout performer on tv in 2010 in my view.

  18. I do love Carrie Bickmore, but is she really that popular?!?!

    The only reason I don’t want Chrissie Swan up for the Gold Logie is that she shouldn’t be eligible since she’s also running for the New Female Talent award. None of the others’ names were eligble. Emma Booth (Underbelly) would be my second choice if I was able to vote for her (Asher Keddie still came through as my vote for Gold)

    My wishlist/predictions:
    -Esther Anderson, Home and Away
    -Wil Anderson, The Gruen Transfer
    -Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
    -Adam Hills, Spicks & Specks
    -Asher Keddie, Offspring
    -Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
    -Shaun Micallef, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
    -Hugh Sheridan, Packed to the Rafters

    *I know that having three Rafters getting in might be a stretch, since if they could they would have done it before, but I really can’t think of any other names who deserve it/have the status or popularity to get a nom.

    Oh and I hope Ray Meagher isn’t back!

  19. daveinprogress

    It would be great to see Carrie and Chrissie up for Gold. I really think we will find some surprise inclusions and exclusions this year, in part due to the shift in voting platforms, and maybe even in the peer section – but i am doubtful there. From memory, fewer panelists to choose the industry voted prizes could lead to more bias, not less. Anything to shift the endless litany of Home and AWay and Neighbours starlets dominating the categories. Before others begin bemoaning Carrie or Chrissie’s entitlement – we are talking ‘popularity’ and what I see in both of these women, is a natural, and authentic warmth that they bring to their respective shows. So too Adam Hills, Rebecca Gibney etc. But there will be fanatic votes,perhaps not quite as bizarre as Plucka! Still amazed I was duped!

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