TV Week Logie Awards: 2011 nominees

Nominees for the 53rd Annual TV Week Logie Awards were announced this afternoon at The Green Room at Quay, in The Rocks.

Nominated for the Gold Logie are:

Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
Adam Hills, Spicks and Specks
Asher Keddie, Offspring, Hawke
Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
Karl Stefanovic, Today
Chrissie Swan, The Circle

All other nominees are as follows:

Callan Mulvey (Rush, Network Ten)
Don Hany (Offspring, Network Ten / Tangle, Foxtel [Showcase])
Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Michael Caton (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Popular Actress
Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Margot Robbie (Neighbours, Network Ten)
Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Zoe Ventoura (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Popular Presenter
Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks, ABC1)
Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy ‘Specials’, Network Ten)
Karl Stefanovic (Today, Nine Network)
Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ Bout Your Generation, Network Ten)

Charles Cottier (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Eddie Perfect (Offspring, Network Ten)
Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Manu Feildel (My Kitchen Rules, Channel Seven)
Ryan Corr (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

Chrissie Swan (The Circle, Network Ten)
Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Hannah Marshall (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Julie Goodwin (Home Cooked With Julie Goodwin, Nine Network)
Poh Ling Yeow (Poh’s Kitchen, ABC1)

Home And Away (Channel Seven)
Neighbours (Network Ten)
Offspring (Network Ten)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rush (Network Ten)
Underbelly: The Golden Mile (Nine Network)

Good News Week (Network Ten)
Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Nine Network)
Sunrise (Channel Seven)
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (Network Ten)
The Circle (Network Ten)

Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
Domestic Blitz (Nine Network)
Getaway (Nine Network)
Grand Designs Australia (Foxtel [The Lifestyle Channel])
Ready Steady Cook (Network Ten)

Before The Game (Network Ten)
The Footy Show (AFL) (Nine Network)
The Footy Show (NRL) (Nine Network)
The Matty Johns Show (Channel Seven)
Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)

Dancing With The Stars (Channel Seven)
MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
The Biggest Loser Australia (Network Ten)
The Farmer Wants A Wife (Nine Network)
The X Factor (Channel Seven)

Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Bondi Vet (Network Ten)
RPA (Nine Network)
Undercover Boss Australia (Network Ten)
Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS)

Most Outstanding Nominees

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie
Hawke (Network Ten)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rake (ABC1)
Rush (Network Ten)
Sisters Of War (ABC1)
Underbelly: The Golden Mile (Nine Network)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Outstanding Actor
Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Jason Gann (Wilfred, SBS)
Richard Roxburgh (Hawke, Network Ten)
Richard Roxburgh (Rake, ABC1)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE Most Outstanding Actress
Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)
Catherine McClements (Rush, Network Ten)
Claire van der Boom (Sisters Of War, ABC1)
Justine Clarke (Tangle, Foxtel [Showcase])
Kat Stewart (Offspring, Network Ten)

Emma Booth (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Firass Dirani (Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Nine Network)
Richard Davies (Offspring, Network Ten)
Ryan Corr (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Sarah Snook (Sisters Of War, ABC1)

“Afghanistan Rocket Attack” (Ten News)
“Election 2010” (Sky News)
“Laurie Oakes Election Leaks” (Nine News)
“New Zealand Mine Disaster” (Seven News)
“Pakistan Floods” (ABC News)

“Brothers In Arms” (Sunday Night, Channel Seven)
“Hey Dad Scandal” (A Current Affair, Nine Network)
“Iraq’s Deadly Legacy” (Dateline, SBS)
“Smugglers’ Paradise” (Four Corners, ABC1)
“The Condemned” (Dateline, SBS)

Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage: Great Britain & Ireland (Network Ten)
Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam (SBS)
Spicks And Specks (ABC1)
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (Network Ten)
Yes We Canberra! (ABC1)

2010 AFL Grand Final (Channel Seven)
2010 Melbourne Cup (Channel Seven)
Rugby League – 2010 State Of Origin – Game One (Nine Network)
The Ashes 2010 First Test – Day One at the Gabba (Nine Network)
XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi (Foxtel)

Camp Orange: Castle Mountain (Foxtel [Nickelodeon])
Dance Academy (ABC3)
Dead Gorgeous (ABC3)
Hi-5 (Nine Network)
Prank Patrol (ABC3)

Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Miracle in the Storm (ABC1)
RPA (Nine Network)
Such Is Life: The Troubled Times Of Ben Cousins (Channel Seven)
Trishna & Krishna: The Quest For Separate Lives (Channel Seven)

Maroon 5 and pop singer Jessie J will both perform on the night.

Voting for the Gold Logie will continue up to the big night, Sunday May 1st, when the Logies are hosted by Shane Bourne at Crown in Melbourne.


  1. margot turner

    l would like to see rebecca gibney win the gold logie again , even though there are some good nominations ,but l reckon rebecca is the one who shines in the show even though jessica marias is also one of the good actress in pack to the rafters as well.

  2. Most Popular reality program Master Chef Australia network ten
    Most popular lifestyle program ready steady cook

    most popular factual program Bondi Vet network ten
    Charles cottier most popular new male talent channel 7
    Hannah Marshall pack to the rafters channel 7 most popular new female talent
    good news week most popular light entertainment program network ten
    before the game most popular sports program network ten

  3. most popular actor Hugh Sheridan pack to the rafters channel 7
    Most popular actress Jessica Marais Pack to the Rafters channel 7
    Most popular drama series Pack to the Rafters channel 7
    Most popular presenter Hamish Blake Hamish and Andy’s Specials. network ten

  4. Why has’nt Kerri-Ann been nominated for anything? She’s been on our screens for thirty years or more, given more to T.V. than most, yet she is always overlooked. I think she should be nominated for services to T.V. at least, and you know she’s got the best pair of legs in the business. (KAK For Gold).

  5. Not to take anything away from the achievements, but does anyone else find it insulting that five out of ten New Talent nominees aren’t actually new talent? Firass Durani was on one of the many Power Rangers series, Chrissie, Julie, and Poh were all reality contestants, and Manu’s done Ready Steady Cook for years before MKR. Where are the actual new talents, like Kyle and/or Chris from Neighbours (Chris especially — those storylines wouldn’t have been easy for a heterosexual actor even if the writing was high-quality), or Anna Gare?

    That said, I am glad they’ve cut down from 8 to 6 for the Gold Logie this year.

    • Actually Anna Gare had her own series on Pay TV too. But I agree it is a moving target. Check other story on Logie voting campaigns for more in-depth discussion on New Talent. Click on the Logies Tag.

  6. Nominees from Nine’s drama offerings are conspicuously absent. If their endlessly compromised “ensemble” approach to drama isn’t popular then what is going on at HQ, cos it sure isn’t occupying the “quality” part of the spectrum either,

  7. This year Home and Away has 2 nominations. Last year they had 11. Needless to say, I am pleased that the outcome of the industry awards is not being determined by a handful of Soapie magazine readers.

  8. @JJabe couldn’t agree more, it really shows the crap on TV with these nominations. 90% of the people nominated wouldn’t even get a mention if we were actually making some decent shows these days.

  9. Looks as though a lot of you have taken a dose of cranky pills since the nominations were announced.

    You as ‘the viewers’ voted these people in…Lighten up guys.

    If you don’t like the nominations then vote a little harder for your favourite in 2012.

  10. Does Karl realise he will have to stay sober until the very end of the night because the gold is the last logie to be presented.

    Just heard Denise Scott on radio. She said her aim is to be nominated for best new talent at next years logies. That would be funny.

  11. @Mate – I think Margot could be in with a chance, if the three PTTR actresses split the votes. Asher Keddie probably has a better chance, though, since she also scored enough votes to earn a Gold nomination. Still, it’s absolutely brilliant to see her up there! I’m also really pleased to see Chrissie Swan nominated (she playfully told her audience off this morning on The Circle for causing such a fuss in the media by voting for her). The Circle is hilarious TV and she does a great job, so she deserves her success. The rules surrounding her nomination are a bit dodgy, but obviously the decision was made back in January that she should be eligible for Gold, so no one can take away from the fact that an awful lot of people actually took the time to vote for her. I voted for her in one category, but not for Gold.

  12. IronicReference

    Hahaha everyone saying there is no way Swan should be nominated, I am not surprised at all. Every single new mother I know loves her and are obsessed with that show. She is very popular and the show itself has a much wider fan base outside its actual viewership each day. All my friends watch it if they have the day off or are sick. That may mean they never win the ratings but they are far more liked generally. Now Stefanovic? That is obviously a product of their constant campaigning for him. Kochie and Mel have a much larger fervent fan base but have never advertised for themselves the way the Today show has. They may also be hated by more but it still wouldn’t change that they are liked by more!

  13. roaringdave

    Wow…people take these ‘awards’ far too seriously…if you enjoy watching a particular show or personality, why do you care if it wins an award?

  14. the circle in 3 categories? i mean i like the show but it never even features in the daily ratings. they should at least have an award based on ratings figures like ARIAS do with record sales.

  15. Excuse me but I’m just wondering how Karl Stefanovic winded up becoming nominated for a gold logie? Did he do a guest spot in Packed To The Rafters or something?


  16. ‘Shakes head’, can’t believe that ‘Offspring’ didn’t get a nod for ‘Outstanding Drama’. Personally i believe Ryan Corr has helped keep ‘Rafters’ fresh and deserves his nom, but new talent? Yes i know how the rules work but really.
    ‘MKR’ missing out on a nom for Most Popular Reality Program is a shock. I was sure it would have been there. And Gooooo Chrissie!!!

  17. daveinprogress

    The popular voted prizes have always been wild cards, but reveal more about the voting population than the industry diversity. I have had to endure decades of soapie starlets and wooden actors receive silver and gold nods. It is actually refreshing to see some new names win people’s affection and votes. Peer voted prizes still feel a little limited to me. For years I have pleaded for supporting categories to be reintroduced. I believe the panels choosing the ‘outstanding’ prizes were lessened this year, not expanded. For me that explains some of the inclusions – but to have 6 dramas nominated outstanding, and to have actors of the caliber of Asher Keddie,Justine Clarke, Kat Stewart, Richard Roxburgh is great.

  18. People have voted for these nominees,and we all like and dislike different shows and people.Guys we all know its not in the same leaugue as the Oscars,but it Australias TV awards night.I love The Circle and Chrissie and yes it doesnt rate as well as Mprning Show.But the viewers it has got have voted.Same with Karl,l dislike the fool but a lot of people have voted for him.So we accept the nominees and move on.No one forces anyone to watch on the night and if people think this years nominees are wrong it might show in the shows rating.

  19. I’ll say it again: It’s ridiculous theire is no comedy category at the Logies anymore.

    I think the Rafters people have a good shot at the popular awards but would like to see it shared around for the ‘outstanding’ categories. I really liked performances in Underbelly.

  20. Apart from Shaun not getting a Gold Nom, I’m glad to see a healthy mix of real personalities from a range of different formats, and not the usual schleb of “oh that person’s old, let’s give it to them” and “Let’s rename it the Golden Lisa”.

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