TEN toughs it out on Monday

However you carve it up, Monday night was a disaster for Network TEN.

Finishing fourth behind the ABC, the highest audience it could manage was 599,000 for Junior MasterChef.

Despite the lure of a trip to Los Angeles the show finished fourth in its slot beaten by 7:30 and Australian Story. The bad news continued with Undercover Boss Australia (583,000) and the first episode for The Project (571,000). A Law and Order: SVU repeat was 352,000 while Good News World fell to 159,000.

At least Neighbours still topped digital channels on 302,000.

Monday was won by Nine with The Big Bang Theory as the night’s top show on 1.4m. But the show didn’t get underway until around 8:15pm, meaning there will be an adjusted figure to follow. Celebrity Apprentice was again divided into two parts: Challenge: 1.23m, Monday: 963,000. Either way it did good business. Nine News was 1.08m, followed by The Mentalist, also starting late, averaging 1.07m, ACA (847,000) CSI: Miami (Ep 1: 673,000), Hot Seat (555,000) and CSI: Miami (Ep 2: 454,000).

The X Factor was Seven’s best on 1.2m, followed by Seven News (1.16m), Today Tonight (1.1m), Home and Away (977,000), Body of Proof (Ep1: 935,000, Rpt: 504,000) and Deal or No Deal (467,000).

ABC News (911,000) was ABC1’s top performer, followed by Australian Story (851,000), Four Corners (812,000), 7:30 (777,000), Media Watch (748,000) and Q & A (648,000) which was second in its slot.

World News Australia was the strongest for SBS ONE on 210,000. Housos was 180,000 and William Shatner’s Weird or What? pulled 156,000.

Nine Network won its second night of the week with 30.5% over Seven’s 29.2%. ABC was 19.5%, TEN was 16.8% and SBS 4.0%.

It’s worth noting that the night before a public holiday in Melbourne would have contributed to figures that were lower than usual for a Monday -but they are likely to be balanced by higher than usual Tuesday figures, which is the usual trend for public holidays.

This week is also shaping up as one to watch, with Nine leading over Seven. It’s likely that the Melbourne Cup will deliver solid numbers into Seven’s early evening -but now there is no Rafters.


  1. TEN’s almost 20-year long experiment with News @ 5 has failed miserably; they got themselves into this mess but seemingly refuse to acknowledge this and return their news to a 30 min format at 6:00pm, where is should be. The 6:00 to 7:30 bracket is crucial and shoud never be messed with; the programs in each of these slots should be like-for-like; News against News; Current Affairs v Current Affairs; Soap v Soap. Simple, but they never listen. The majority of the workforce is not home until at least 5:30; they need to wind down, they will not commence watching a news service that has already doled out the main news; they will wait until the regular 6:00pm news, which only 7 and 9 provide. In the meantime, while they’re waiting, they can watch something like Deal or No Deal, as you can dip in and out of those shows as and when you want, without really missing anything. Then, after the main news, most viewers appear to stay switched to the channel they are already watching for the (cough) Current Affairs.
    TEN do not have a hope in hell with the current format; they have one piece now finally in place – The Project is now in the correct timeslot; however, it is now being watered down in 60 minute format; 7pm needs Neighbours; 6pm needs the News. Then you can have you It’s a Knockout’s, etc between 5 & 6

  2. Its no surprise that Ten is struggling. It is impossible to win timeslots with repeats, especially an episode repeated for the third time eg SVU.

    In my opinion Ten’s major blunder is airing Ten News at 5 for 1.5hrs. In their infinite wisdom it would appear that this week they have launched a 6pm Bulletin which consists of either Sandra or Bill getting out from under the desk and introducing “6pm News” which is a total rehash of the top stories. This might not be a problem on a big news day but on Monday night a story on Skippy was repeated within 5 mins of it first airing – thought I was suffering deja vu.

    Ten need to go back to an hour long bulletin from 5pm, find something to fill the 6pm slot which is an alternative for those not interested in news, and keep The Project on from 6:30pm.

    They also need to bring back Tens Late News. It outrated everything that replaced it when screened regularly at 10:30pm. Sandra Sully belongs in a late timeslot – its where she thrives & where she has an extremely loyal, national fanbase. News updates recorded 4hrs in advance are ridiculous. Monday night Late News would have had at least double Good News Worlds ratings.

    Come on Ten, reformat the reformat.

  3. @ HB. I know the project is not serious current affairs but clearly the audience is not wanting that. 6.30 with George tried it and it failed badly. Think we can clearly say that quality current affairs on comercial tv has gone forever this is now the role of the abc It’s not all bad news for ten. With just under 600k for 7pm. Ten have increased their ratings significantly between 6.30 and 7 already. I actually have enjoyed the project the last few nights. A good mix of casual presentation and news topics. Charlie is gold for this program. Dave is just not a natural. And George on Monday presented very well given the focus was not entirely on him…well done team. Let’s hope the ratings improve compared to the opposition crap at 6.30.

  4. Watching the “Vote Labor Project” for the first time in ages the disgraceful way they reacted to Steve Price confirming Abbott never had prior Knowledge of the Qantas thing was tantamount to a parliamentary rebuttal.
    This type of News programme should at least pretend to be impartial and not like a meeting of the young Fabian Society.
    Myself like many people I know are sick of the one sided Political agenda offered by Comrade Charlie,Dipsy and the Alfred .E.Neuman (Mad Magazine) lookalike and will need to lift its game if it expects us to digest One hour of propaganda every week day.

  5. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    I know ten say it’s 5pm news wins its timeslot. But what a nightmare having news at 5pm has created for the network between 6 and 7pm. After over ten years of trying various shows it has just not worked. Should ten go back to a 6 pm news service with other programming between 5 and 6pm? Why are ten showing jeopardy on one? Are they seeing how it performs and thinking about an Aussie version for early evening??? Just starting a rumour!!!

  6. The 7 Pm Project, now know as the project, is Channel 10 at it’s trashiest worst. They’ve had their run, George Negus tried to raise the standard but that failed as Dopey Dave and Clueless Charlie run the program into the ground. The hard-to-remember female (whatever her name is) tries to raise the standard, but face it: Ten viewers find real news – and facts – to be waaaay to hard to grasp. Given they seem to have an attention span that makes a gold-fish look studious, what else does Ten expect? You cannot keep an audience with stale jokes from stale presenters in a stale program from a stale TV channel.

  7. @TVluva, Watching JMC last night or sunday i cant remember , the way George was dressed was disgustimg , unshaven , wearing a track suit top and jeans.I mean at least make an attempt to look half decent on television.To be honest they all just show up and get there pay cheque.

  8. Armchair Analyst

    @ TVluva. The graphics on Ten actually make sene, the more brighter appearance is to lure more younger demographic considering that was the aim of the network since the idiot lachlan got in, i must say he has failed misserably Ten would have been fine without him.

  9. 1: Melb Cup will take 7 past the winning post for this week.

    2: All TEN have to do to win the 6.30 time slot is dust the cobwebs off those old eps of It’s a Knockout aka Almost Anything Goes, redress ‘n’ repackage them with some sweet-teenie-tweek-something doing tedious tops ‘n’ tails (“is it your Grandma and Grandpa dressed up as oversized idiots tummy butting everyone in sight? Or is that your Mum and Dad?” (Crowd cheers wildly)

    Then strip same show from 6.30 till 7 weeknights. Will appeal to the TT & ACA junkies who will make the switch. And will cross promote the new show.


  10. 7pm was a good time for The 7pm Project. In my opinion 6.30 is too early and will be too early for a lot of people, still on the way back from work,the gym,cooking, eating etc.

  11. Seriously doubt if JMC will return next year, the gloss has well and truly worn off that show. There is something disconcertingly bizarre about precocious 10-year-olds discussing the pressure points of a dish and turning out Cordon Bleu style meals. It has started to do my head in and I have switched it off. Also agree that 2.5 hours of current affairs a night is way too much. I doubt whether The Project will stay an hour long show as it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of competing with ACA and TT. Viewing patterns at that time are too deeply ingrained to be changed at this stage.

  12. I have to say that last nights Project was one of the best episodes they’ve ever done. I didn’t fast-forward through anything except the Buble interview, while I’d usually get through the 30 minute episodes in about 10 minutes.

  13. Ten is for the younger viewers and yet they continue to program for the old ladies of Australia. I’m not saying that they should get rid of all their news, but there is way too much in one big slab, once you’ve seen the 5pm news, you dont need to see it again and again, when very little has changed. And if you are interested in constantly repeating news you’ve got ABC24 to keep you happy. For a younger skewing station they need to revamp the whole scheme. JM is great, but not exactly targeting the younger audiences, its more for the mothers and fathers with the small little children and the old ladies.
    Better promotion of their programs might help, flog the promo to death just like Packed to the Rafters did during the Olympics in 08.

  14. Ten is a disaster. Programming wise it’s fine but presentation is trashy and embarrassing. If they overhauled the entire graphics package, viewers wouldn’t bypass it thinking its just another cheap multi-channel full of repeats.

  15. Why is anyone surprised with Junior Masterchef’s spectacular fall from grace? Anyone Ive spoken to is sick to death of the antics of George and Garry, celebrity and fame just got to them way too much. They are now just revolting caracatures of their former selves. Ten will be lucky if season 4 of Masterchef proper rates 700k per night next year. TEN are in for a world of pain next year, also how ironic that Neighbours is now looking a viable option for 630pm on TEN!! No wonder they are asking to have drama points included for screening on digital channels now! As for celebrity Apprectice dont let me start on that one, or the fact that 7 have packed up early for the year- what contempt and disrespect for the viewers. No wonder we are not watching as much as we used to.

  16. Theres just to much news and current affairs shows on , 2.5 hours from 5PM monday to friday , way too much crap.I found JMC a bore last night , not even the lure of LA or DisneyLand will pull this out of the doldrums.I cannot see it returning next year.

  17. Wow… Ten has some Seriously hard work ahead of them… They’re pretty much the worst channel this year. Next year it will be all about Channel Nine with The Voice & Big Brother!!!!

  18. Armchair Analyst

    Network Ten is in a funk that it will not get out of anytime soon. they have created this monster themselves, the present shareholders must be held acountable for the crap decision to give Lachlan Murdoch a board possition and to give him the role of interim CEO. As i have said in the previous posts regarding the self made plight of Network Ten, James Warburton will have a massive task turning a huge maggot infested ship around to clear and smooth but mostly profitable waters, even if he tries i can already see Lachlan and James Packer interfeiring with James’s work. Making profit is fine it is a business afterall, but the way they are doing it is not the right way, crap content will always be crap. There will be few times when crap and cheap content will make money ie people will watch it but more often then not it will not work, also in regards to 11 where is the New Melrose Place?

  19. That figure isn’t bad for an hour long project. I don’t think it’s the best option but I must say that hour flew by with just recaps of the top headlines. I quite liked it.

    As I said in another thread… TEN have written off this year. I don’t think they’ll give too much thought into how they perform till at least February next year. In fact, if anything I think the Network is focusing more on Eleven at the moment with plans to relaunch a whole heap of new content on the main channel next year..

  20. “Otherwise the Project will be dead in the water again.” Apart from an ever so short burst on the back of the first Masterchef, this disaster has always been a Dodo and is about to become either the 10.30 pm Project on 11, or vanish entirely from our screens.

    With overall profit down by 90.5% and over 90% of its shows, including JM, going out backwards, the Network is as popular as Qantas and the OZ government, making Allie’s comment and suggestion one of commonsense.

    It is not just the Project that will be no more, it looks as though the whole network may come crashing down around Lockie’s ears and serves him right.

  21. As a former shareholder in TEN, I’m very pleased that Little Lachy is steering the ship in the direction he has charted.

    After all, God knows where the Good Ship TEN would be without Lachy’s intervention earlier this year.

    I am also very pleased that I am a f-o-r-m-e-r shareholder in TEN…

    Sing out when it’s time to rearrange those deckchairs again, Little Lachy.

  22. I’m starting to think ending Rafters early might be a technical blunder by Seven, yes they have won the year but I’m betting they would love to have a clean sweep for all the ratings weeks. This week could shape up as their first loss to Nine for the year.

    Ouch! for TEN, hope the ratings pick up in the coming weeks but it looks like 2012 will call for a restructure of the 5pm to 7:30 time slots.

    Why was TBBT so late? As if we don’t know…

  23. Shouldnt lower figures for The Project be expected due to its earlier start, and hour long format? I would love to know the differnce in ratings between the first and second half hours.

    How is it that Neighbours returning to TEN now seems the most viable option?

  24. Ten needs to fix the 6.00pm black hole ASAP
    How hard is it to fill it with something other than news
    Give judge judy another go,otherwise the project will be dead in the water again
    on the project,A new set would have been nice to relaunch show.
    No money left in budget?

  25. Is it any wonder viewers are leaving in droves from commercial stations. There was a time when one endured ads if they were funny and creative, but no more. Consumers are sick of being lied to. Added to that is the fact that news and current affair programs on commercial stations are no longer just that. They have become huge advertising venues for other TV shows and are filled with boring celebrity obsession. Obsession which has come to include those who aren’t even celebrities eg: the Kardashians and Reality TV show contestants. Young people (I am a teacher) are interested in the world we have left them, a world which is going to the ‘dogs’ while we passively watch mindless TV. That’s why ABC and SBS are doing so well – you actually get to find out what is happening in the world (and not in edited two second grabs) and it is interactive – best evidence is Q and A, where Twitter goes off. Good News World and Can of Worms try to plagiarise, but are so far off, it’s not funny. And that about sums up GNW – it just is not funny.

  26. X factor could have been huge 1.6-1.7 tonight if they had a decent international guest. Melbourne cup promotion usually gives 7s primetime a huge advantage.

    Early signs look like there will be no improving tens early evening without negus.

  27. Seven could quite conceivably lose this week now. If tonight is not won by Seven (quite possible with no Rafters), they’ll only have Thursday night to bolster ratings (with Geek). Wednesday on Seven is a dud and the Friday night movie on Seven is crap. Could the arrogance of pulling Rafters early, cost Seven big time?? Watch this space …

  28. It’s the first time this year that Nine won the night when The X Factor performance show was on. But yes, low figures in Melbourne on the night before a public holiday would have contributed. And poor kids on JMC, having the show dropping below 600,000 mark is no good.

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