Seven gets Revenge but TEN slips to fourth

Another Monday, another big win for Seven -but TEN slumped to fourth place behind the ABC.

Revenge had superb numbers once again with 1.96m viewers as the top show for the night. Seven won with My Kitchen Rules on a huge 1.84m, Seven News (1.28m), Today Tonight (1.13m), thenĀ Home and Away (1.02m) andĀ How I Met Your Mother (913,000 / 657,000).

The Big Bang Theory did good business for Nine on 1.3m (rpts 1.07m / 912,000) then Nine News (1.15m), A Current Affair (1.11m), Alcatraz (781,000) and Person of Interest (621,000).

ABC News (1.06m) topped ABC1 followed by Australian Story (819,000), 7:30 (756,000), Four Corners (704,000), Media Watch (663,000), Q & A (639,000).

The Biggest Loser was TEN’s best performer on 862,000. TEN News was 670,000, Bondi Rescue was 476,000, The Project was 472,000 and Superstars of Comedy was 465,000.

World News Australia was 185,000 for SBS on a disappointing Monday. James May’s Man Lab was 185,000 with Danger 5 just 121,000.

Heartbeat topped multichannels on 297,000. Sports Fever was 42,000 on 7mate (Seven 68,000).

Foxtel’s NRL game stumped up with a huge 321,000 viewers.

Sunrise: 407,000
Today: 349,000
ABC News Breakfast: 45,000 / 22,000
Breakfast: 42,000

Monday March 5 2012


  1. @pete neighbours is dying a death here it’s on channel 5 at lunchtime! I for one do not watch it! Bondi rescue is far more entertaining and definately not past it!

  2. @ Goonies

    450,000 for an 8.00pm primetime show like both Bondis does not cut it. If Ten needs the Aussie shows for its content points, then maybe leave them to 6.00pm Sat and Sundays.

    They would rate about the same but that would be perfectly acceptable for that timeslot.

  3. @ Mr. J

    Maybe the lack of ratings, award recognition and hype in the US is helping it in Australia, whilst shows like 5-0, Modern Family, Person of Interest that gain a fair bit of coverage whether by ratings or awards. Revenge rates what… 8-9mil and a 2.4 in the demos in US for ABC, not too bad I guess.

    The beauty of it is because without promos, I don’t think many Australians would’ve known about Revenge. When a show is overhyped in the US, we in Australia hear about it immediately, through Twitter/Facebook/whatever kids are using, and then we all rush to that T word I’m not allowed to mention here, so that we can counteract awful programming (sucks when your 8:30 show starts at 8:52 right?), random repeats and out of nowhere timeslot changes to make room for extended episodes of the seemingly neverending series of the reality shows.

    Part of the reason of why Friends, ER, Spin City et al received fairly well ratings in the late 90s was the mystery. Yes, episodes airred six months here after the US, but we thought we were up to date, and even if we didn’t, it was almost impossible to watch the episode sooner, unless you had a friend in America tape it with a blank VCR and then Fedex it over to Aus.

  4. Bondi rescue is a great programme and has a big following here in the uk,I’ve been watching the new series online and it’s great!

  5. Revenge is a beast. It is a great story and the writing and acting is well done. What’s more it gets better as the season goes on. There is a lot of twists and turns and things you won’t see coming.

  6. Ten should have just left its crime shows on. Only shows last night, I found to be great were new Big Bang Theory, The Biggest Loser and Danger 5 on SBS One.

    Due to cricket we won’t have new Two and a Half Men or 2 Broke Girls on tonight but at least we still have on of the few decent shows on 7, Packed to The Rafters as well as new NCIS.

  7. DeeCee thnx for that little link there, checking out some of those ratings are quite wow. never realised that those shows got those numbers, Lost and DH were juggernauts.

    • True… but this was before multichannelling. Prison Break was another. If you go back earlier Blue Heelers used to get over 2m too. Dancing with the Stars was often 2.3m. The landscape is always changing….

  8. Wow! Revenge is holding up quite well. It reminds me of the Desperate Housewives Season 1 days.

    Judging by Eleven’s share, it doesn’t look like the double ep of ‘Ringer’ did too well last night – which is ashame coz it’s quite good.

  9. Revenge is doing well for 7, but that is it, as far as New.
    Otherwise it is just putting out there, there old war horses, B/C, PTTR/P, GA/DHW/PP of a week.
    7 isn’t no.1 because it is great, it just manages to be better than the others are.
    For 7 to be considered great, to me, it has to have more than one wow factor(fiction show) going for it. 7 has a playing it safe, paint by numbers feel about it these days.

  10. I stumbled accross Superstars of Comedy last night, had no idea it existed let alone was on. I have alreay seen Revenge.
    However Superstars of Comedy had acts from years ago, it was just a clip show of old performances with jokes we’ve heard before from our favourie comedians, and some nobodies. At first I thought I had it on ONE until I saw the watermark. Seemed very odd to have this on the primary channel. Big mistake. Seems Sunday is only the big night for Ten these days, and even that gets beaten by the others.

  11. Maev....Sydney

    Talking to friends and we sort of came to the conclusion why folk like Revenge….everyone likes to see the underdog get it over the bullies and especially the mistreated child….getting her own back on her tormentors….it plays to basic human nature….and yes…it works on me…I cheer each time another nasty gets wiped off the list!

  12. For the Ten programmers reading this (and they do) let me do your job for you.

    You thought you would cash in on the popularity of your comedy specials on One on Monday nights by bumping NCIS LA and H50 but it failed dismally. It was at short notice and a repeat so I would have been surprised it would rate any better than the shows you bumped. It rated worse.

    I have already told you viewers are over the two Bondis (Rescue and Vet) and have never been into H50 but to your credit you persist.

    The only change I would make is moving NCIS LA back to Tues 9.30 as that is where it rated best and try something else on Mondays at 8.30.

    The comedy specials will not work – they attact 2 to 3% audience share on One and that is where they should stay if you have any left.

  13. HIMYM is performing quite well with the 9:30 episode :

    30 Jan – 762,000
    6 Feb – 663,000
    13 Feb – 814,000
    20 Feb – 754,000
    27 Feb – 863,000
    5 Mar – 913,000

    Obviously it has an amazing lead-in and is losing more than half the numbers of Revenge, but I think these are quite good numbers.

  14. Desperate Housewives had higher ratings. 6 of the top 20 in 2005 were episodes of DH.

    Check-List of Australian television ratings for 2005 wikipedia

  15. hannigans_heroes

    Revenge is a powerhouse!

    What I find interesting is that my Mum and her friends are obsessed with Revenge, and can’t believe it’s only one once a week. They’ve gotten so accustomed to MKR and other reality show’s having multiple episodes per week. Perhaps that’s what’s bringing in the viewers? An addictive show, only on once a week?

    Either that or it being a bigger, better, bitchier and richer version of Home & Away.

  16. Incredible figures for Revenge and MKR. You’d have to think Nine would be really disappointed with the numbers for Alcatraz. This was supposed to be one of their big hits for 2012.

  17. can’t believe revenge, the show doesnt rate that well in america. but in Australia it is one of the best rating dramas in years, and the audience doesn’e seem to be going anywhere fast. this must be some kind of first.

    its a good sign for the industry, i’m sure there were people that thought shows that rated this way (Lost, DH) were a thing of the past.

    i know all the excuses but how can breakfast justify being beaten by almost 1000% by sunrise. it isnt a cheap show that they can leave there for years and see what happens.

  18. 42,000 for Sports Fever this week was the same as last week. Such a great show but a niche audience. That 68,000 mark for Seven was expected to be low – it started at 11:40pm…

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