2.19m for MasterChef as TEN wins first night of 2012

Andy Allen’s win on MasterChef Australia pulled 2.19m viewers last night, slapping Australia’s Got Talent on 998,000 viewers.

The finale pulled the biggest audience of the season with 693,000 viewers in Melbourne and 664,oo0 in Sydney. “The Winner Announced even got its own peak at 2.56m viewers.”

TEN easily won the night, its first for 2012, but the finale battle saw Nine slump below a 20% share only just scraping in ahead of the ABC by 0.1%.

TEN scored 32.9% to Seven 28.4%, Nine 17.3%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 4.2%.

The bulk of the MasterChef “Finale Night”attracted 1.88m viewers, rising for “The Winner Announced” (2.19m). Also for TEN were TEN News (691,000), House (544,000) and The Project 6pm (437,000).

Seven News (1.23m) led for Seven then Today Tonight (1.03m), AGT (998,000), Mrs Brown’s Boys (957,000), Home and Away (931,000), Deal or No Deal (634,000) and Air Crash Investigations (423,000).

Nine News (1.16m) was best for Nine followed by ACA (1.00m), Hot Seat (648,000), The Voice US (387,000), The Mentalist (340,000) and the finale for Tricky Business (311,000 / 220,000).

ABC News was 959,000 for ABC1 then a promising premiere of Gruen Sweat (931,000), 7:30 (632,000), Qi (592,000), Randling (479,000), Country House Rescue (300,000), Life’s too Short (280,000) and At the Movies (240,000).

On SBS ONE it was Wildest Africa (262,000), Murdoch’s Scandal (206,000) and World News Australia (150,000).

Heartbeat led multichannels with 282,000.

Sunrise: 370,000
Today: 291,000
ABC News Breakfast: 51,000 / 30,000
Breakfast: 28,000

Wednesday 25 July 2012


  1. Gruen sticks out like a sore thumb in that ABC lineup – So much better than anything else they have. Funny to see that half the Gruen watching thought Randling wasn’t worth sticking around for- I agree! Back to the drawing board Denton…

  2. 2.2m for a show that didn’t get over 1.6m through the whole season is pretty dam good. Next yr though it should just be a top 2. Will be interesting to see how the allstars goes tonight. I say 1.2m

  3. Im pretty sure ive been waiting my whole life for TEN to win a night LOL

    I didnt watch this last season of masterchef too much, but really looking forward to masterchef All Stars

    And about the Project, i love it but its still needs so much more to improve on. I agree Dave Hughes is slacking a bit. But the numbers for 6:30 are very impressive.
    As long as it is growing thats what counts!

  4. Secret Squirrel

    For the record, I support David’s stance with rejecting the separation of regular programs for ratings purposes. It’s a bullshit practice that should be actively discouraged. I hope that other’s will follow his lead.

    @Itsjusttv – you can’t just add the two separate ratings together and divide by two as that would be taking the average of averages, which would only be correct if the two halves were exactly the same number of minutes in length. Otherwise, you have to sum all of the individual minute-by-minute figures and divide by the number of them.

  5. Well done Masterchef! This show is/was innovative from the beginning and has managed to stay fresh over 4 seasons. Looking forward to season 5. If TEN had been a little more perseverant and creative, they might be starting season 10(?) of Big Brother and Australian Idol after the Olympics. Oh yes, and don’t forget, it was TEN which initially had and showed series 1 of the X Factor Australia!

  6. oztvheritage

    Interesting comments made here about the Project. And Interesting that it beats TT in Melbourne sometimes. I did not realise that. Did the show rate better in Sydney when it was in Sydney a few weeks back? As we have all said before…its crazy It does not rate better given the utter crap on Seven and Nine. If it is winning its demos then the Show does have a future. Just getting tired of Dave’s poor performance. Carrie is doing a great job. Well down team!

  7. I didnt understand having Audra cook in the first part of the show, they should have done it like previous years where we know firsthand who the final 2 would be.

    Great finale though, Andy was very personable and talented. Great person to carry the show.

  8. Great night last night for Channel TEN. Masterchef was awesome last night and i was torn between the 2 finales so i used a split screen. lol. I really hope TEN take 2nd this week but i have a feeling that the Olympics on Saturday will stop TEN doing that.

    In saying this i know the Olympics are big and all and i do expect around 2m+ each and every night but could the same thing that happened to TEN with the Commonwealth Games happen to Nine with the Olympics? I mean afterall Foxtel has 8 dedicated channels and i am sure that will have some impact on Nine. I guess we will see.

  9. David, I understand what you are saying, but when The Project was an hour, I read many comments from people curious as to the breakdown of each half hour opposite the higher rating News on Seven and Nine compared to the lesser rating current affairs shows at 6.30pm. Giving each half hour figure just gives people more information to see how the show is going in each timeslot. And there is a huge difference. Maybe you should leave The Project out of your (almost) daily reports or add the two half hour figures together and come up with your own average for the hour. It just doesn’t make sense to report 6pm, 6.30pm and 7pm for Seven and Nine and only 6pm and 7pm for Ten. Just my opinion.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed AGT last night. There is so much talent from all genres on this show.

    Also enjoyed Tricky Business. Such a pity that it won’t be continued, as last nights final episode was the best so far.

  11. Kenny, I’m talking about David’s daily ratings stories like the one above where he mentions the top shows for each network including the 6pm, 6.30pm and 7.00pm timeslots for Seven and Nine, but only the 6pm and 7pm timeslots for Ten, deliberately leaving out 6.30pm every day for Ten. David is usually very fair with his reports, so I don’t understand why he would not report Ten’s figures between 6.30-7.00 every night, especially given how well The Project 6.30pm has been doing lately.

    • Fair is the key word here. Splitting nightly shows into halves and quarters is creative but is it a fair representation of the show’s performance or is it just a ploy to nab a sexier headline, and is it fair when other networks are not? I think the audience tolerates it for events but it’s a dangerous precedent for regular primetime shows that advertisers have already criticised. I’m comfortable the numbers are there in the rankings for those who care to drill down (and Project is not the only show I have taken this approach with), but maybe the answer is to just ignore Project numbers entirely when there are mixed messages. For the record I think the Project team have done a great job amid ridiculous management requests and I already have more editorial stories in the pipeline for them. Also for the record, these ratings reports are not filed every day and do not include every show. Thx.

  12. Wonder how on-line figures were? We recorded the main Masterchef show coz and started watching it 20 minutes after the start, but forgot to separately record The Winner Announced so watched that on the Ten website. Bet there were quite a few who fell into that trap.

  13. Pretty good for MC. I thought it wouldn’t crack 2m as the ratings never went higher than 1.5m. Interesting to see how the “All-Stars” rate, i’m assuming similar to Celebrity MC.

    Definitely ouch for AGT, pumelled by both The Voice (When it was on air) and MC.

  14. Well. a Reasonable result for Ten. I would have thought it would attract a larger audience as it is the jewel in Ten’s crown (if they don’t talk it up).Maybe they should have scheduled better with a traditional Sunday and tried to get a far bigger audience – another scheduling mistake ?

  15. David, I don’t understand why you never publish the figures for The Project 6.30pm when you give figures for ACA and TT. Last night The Project 6.30pm won in 18-49 and 16-39 (as it did on Monday as well) and got over 700,000 total viewers. Surely that’s worth mentioning.

  16. Good to see ABC1 have got at least some of their Wednesday mojo back. Gruen was excellent last night.

    They have Absolutely Fabulous and a repeat of Paper Giants (ep 1) tonight, which will be viewing option.

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