“Take a fresh look” asks TEN

TEN will launch a new campaign to “Take a Fresh Look” at its programmes in October.

Already set to screen are:

Underground: The Julian Assange Story
The Good Wife,
Modern Family,
Hawaii 5-0,
Law & Order: SVU. 

TV Tonight can also confirm TEN will screen:
New Girl
The New Normal,
Emily Owens MD,
Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.


  1. David or anyone else do you know if ten will be getting some new graphics or at least some new program return graphics ?
    the current ones are so annoying and distracting as people say.

  2. That’s a lot of great shows – including Homeland for Sunday night, taking them through until the end of ratings. Therefore I don’t understand why they are holding the Julian Assange telemovie back until October.

  3. Take a new look with the old line up plus one critically panned new show that doesn’t matter. Not that Channel 10 can do much else but go back to the old line up and try to get some viewers back with fresh episodes.

    Of course having shown most of their new episodes in line with the US season they had no defense to The Voice, The @l^mp!cs, BB and The X Factor stripping away their target audience.

    That left them trying to launch new shows with no following to a small audience when their competitors had more popular shows in that demographic. And no plan B.

    So they haven’t got a solution but I doubt they are thinking as far ahead as June at the moment.

  4. I really hope Ten return before the game next yr! It’s the best footy show on any channel but it needs to go back to saturdays maybe 7.30 so we can still see a bit of fun without too many restrictions, also def needs a facelift!

  5. @TM

    Commercial Australian TV sitcom’s like Hey Dad!, Acropolis Now, Hampton Court, Brass Monkeys, Newly Weds, Kingswood Country or My Two Wives.

    It should be a condition of Australia commercial broadcast licences that the network never attempts to make a sitcom under any circumstances.

  6. If they’re taking requests I don’t suppose they’d consider getting rid of the watermark for the most part. If not then go back to the old watermark. It was less annoying. One of few that are.

  7. How long will it be fasttracked? Will they just run it until end of November and then not return the shows until February. Ala Glee Christmas ep in February.

  8. Wow. You’re a tough crowd. I’m looking forward to a lot of these shows. Give them a chance guys.
    Criticism about lack of Aussie shows is also unfair. TEN wouldn’t have expected their local offerings to have been such flops. Obviously , at this time of year, they can’t create, produce and get to air new productions.
    Also, I think we’ve all heard the same complaints about timeslot changes, late starts , etc etc over and over again. Hopefully TEN has heard this and we can all find something else to complain about.

  9. Looks good, now to make a real point of difference put them on at the same time, same night every week and start and finish on time and start doing that with your other shows, and you just might start to win over the viewers who have left in droves because of poor programming decisions.

  10. Secret Squirrel

    I’ve got a better idea. Rather than me taking a fresh look at what is possibly just more of D@GP’s second brand image, how about you take a fresh approach and show us and your programs (well the half-decent ones) a bit of respect?

    Fast-track shows, start them at the times advertised in your promos, and communicate with your audience. If a show is off for a week or two because of baseball in the US, just tell us.

    Get some smarts about your scheduling. Don’t put a talent-quest up against a monster such as X-Factor, that’s insane. Provide a sensible alternative instead. And I don’t care how cheap it is to make, cut crap like The Shite. It’s not just a ratings vacumm, it’s a cancer that damages your whole brand.

    It’s not that long ago that you were challenging to be the Number Two Network. Now you’re just a number two, and not even a fresh one.

  11. The New Normal looks pretty nauseating. Wish Ten had put some more money into a couple more Aussie titles to have amongst these – and by that I don’t mean more reality garbage, I mean some local half hour sitcoms or something.

  12. I’ve been around long enough to know that “take a fresh look” is just another way of saying “we have a new team of spin doctors, but no real ideas”. I can’t see anything on that list that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling and to be honest I think a live feed from Curiosity (Mars rover) would rate higher.

  13. OK if they show all these new shows in what is left of the ratings this year, one wonders what they will have to launch in next years ratings (apart from Reef Doctors).

  14. Only seen the first ep of The New Normal but agree with tomothyd. Wasn’t that good which i was disappointed with. Who’s got Go On? Cos that show is a much better and funnier show

  15. Oh dear Ten. Is that all you have got! There isn’t really anything to get excited about, yet more mediocre garbage. I won’t be watching onything from that list with the exception of Homeland. Incidentally not quite sure why this is on ten, far too good a quality compared to he drivel you have been broadcasting the last few years.

  16. With the exception of Jamie, I want to see everything on that second list. TEN have grabbed an amazing list of shows this season so hopefully that shows in ratings.

  17. I was hoping The New Normal would be good, the first episode was ok, the second was dreadful and I won’t be going back. I’ll check out Vegas and Jamie Oliver though… If they start on time, otherwise they’ll be PVRd and watched up to a week or two later.

  18. A TEN spokesperson confirmed that a new logo will also be unveiled.

    “We’ve narrowed it down to two ‘fresh’ images reflecting the freshness of our exciting, new line-up.

    “It’ll either be a fresh, green apple, with moisture dipping off it” he said, “or a steaming fresh turd”…

  19. Sure TEN, I’ll take a fresh look. But I hope you take note of what people are saying here.
    It doesn’t matter how good these shows are, if you keep making stupid programming decisions, your downward spiral will continue.

  20. Ten!! Put new Modern Family + Ben and Kate on a different night to Monday. Ben and Kate is a great show but it won’t develop an audience against X Factor and Big Brother. Launch this show properly and it will rate well!

    Emily Owens MD looks entertaining, I can see that getting a 9:30 Sunday timeslot. Merlin will probably go back to its 6:30 Sunday slot

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