US shows coming to Seven

Seven will fast-track three US shows in October:

The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time.

But it will hold new US titles until 2013.

TV Tonight understands some of them may continue into summer.

Seven is also set to premiere US drama Grimm (pictured) soon, which has already been playing on Foxtel. It merges fairytales with a contemporary procedural drama.


  1. Yeah, I am seriously bothered that there haven’t been any ads or anything for Once Upon A Time… And it’s my favourite show! I can’t deal with every country but us getting to see it! :(

  2. Suits is my favourite show on FTA. Channel 7 have shown all the episodes in neat season blocks so I am happy. The late night slot means I can tape them easily.

  3. Once Upon a Time was not doing well on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. It’s ratings were dropping rapidly from 1.3m and were below 800k. That is not acceptable for Channel 7 on Tuesday at the peak of the ratings season.

    That is why they used up the remaining S1 episodes as counter programming against the @l^mp!cs, where it did fairly well holding 700k viewers three nights a week. And why they will show S2 in October and possibly into summer, and probably later in the week. This will save other content for the 2013 ratings season.

  4. Oh wow!! Fantastic news!

    Finally they seem to be realising that US shows declining in ratings is because we get sick of waiting and find ‘other’ means!

    If they show it within a reasonable time frame of it airing in the US, I’m quite happy to watch it on FTA.

    But as I don’t have a ratings box, no-one knows what I watch anyway……

  5. Suits is a great show, I’ve watched both seasons and enjoyed every episode. Probably my favourite show on air right now, it’s a joke that Seven treats it so badly.

    Season 2.5 starts in the US in January with six new episodes, knowing Seven they’ll hold them over until the middle of next year

  6. Channel 7 like to ruin good shows like Smash and Grimm by showing double episodes in a late timeslot on a night when they are Always running late…I will stick with the shows as they are on Foxtel…much more reliable. Both are great shows, I hope Foxtel continue to show them before 7.

  7. @ Guy

    I didn’t mean immediately but after the reality show has ended. I’ll admit I don’t care about fast tracking. I care about it being shown at a sensible time and reliable day. So I hope they have a sensible plan that hopefully will work for nearly everyone including any kids watching it.

  8. @TasTVcameraman – I feel your pain, man. Suits is one the best shows on at the moment, and it gets buried in almost a graveyard time slot. And FTA channels are getting so increasingly bad at start/finish times that it just is not worth it.

  9. Probably be fast tracked and end up like “Suits” buried at 11.10 but really 11.23 . I am fast losing patience with the FTA networks, so much so I am starting to enjoy my music again with the TV turned Off. As most of the shows I like apart from Neighbours are on too late to watch as I start work early.

  10. I actually think Wednesdays will look like this

    7:30pm Once Upon a Time
    8:30pm Criminal Minds
    9:30pm Grimm

    Mondays 9:30pm is likely to be The Unbelievable Truth or Scandal imo and Grey’s will probably be Thursdays after Beauty and the Geek

  11. I’ll also admit I hate the put Once Upon a Time on Thursday idea. Basically because if the ABC has a science show at 8pm I’m watching it. Plus if there’s Star Trek on Eleven and even if the show is at 7.30pm and it’s extremely late then I’m watching Trek. Please don’t risk it there.

  12. I don’t mind them fast tracking some episodes of Once Upon a Time. Although I’ll admit if they play it on Mondays I will probably quit it. I was willing to put up with some shenanigans for the first season to decide if I liked it or not. But it’s not worth the shenanigans also there’s often too many clashes on Monday. Especially if Supernatural is on. I’m glad they have Grimm and hope they also avoid putting it on Monday. I wonder if they will repeat the first season of the former over the summer. Or would it be too risky?

  13. If you want to see Grimm fast tracked and in HD then Fox8 is a must! I guess Seven might be planning to start it soon then run through the summer break to catch up but will Foxtel still have first rights to future seasons?

    Hope we get some good news on Revenge and yes Private Practice. OUAT was one of my must see shows last season, I agree Seven really messed up showing it 4 times a week in the end. Wonder if they are doing all this in case something bombs, they can dump it to win the ratings year.

  14. @par3182, this debate comes up every year, it seems it is defined as “in the same season as” so any US fall show that airs before the end of the ratings year you can expect to be deemed ‘fasttracked’.

  15. Shame that they can’t fast-track some of their other shows such as Criminal Minds, HIMYM or Parks and Recreation as they are yet to finish the last seasons of all three. Seven haven’t shown new HIMYM for months!

    Hopefully TAR will air within the week of US airing, and Nine need to follow suit with Survivor, even if it is on GO!

  16. Channel 7 are showing new episodes of what they don’t particularly care about and hoping to win the ratings year excluding the @l^mp!cs with that. Grey’s is fading fast.

    Once Upon A Time wasn’t rating well and they used it for counter programming against the @l^mp!cs.It’s didn’t end with a cliff hanger, it ended with a twist that revamps the show for Season 2.

    That is why they may continue them into the Summer non ratings period. All the good stuff they are intending to hold for the 2013 ratings season. With Downtown Abbey replacing Bones on Sunday nights at the start of the season.

  17. Once apon a Time, started to wear thin on me when 7 started showing it twice, then four times a week. Also introducing Alice in Wonderland characters was odd becuase most of the others had been from medievil times. Looking forward to Grim, but I fear 7 will double up on them just as they have with Smash, GCB etc.

  18. Re: TAR, if 7 continue to air 3 seasons per year it is going to dilute that audience very quickly. They need to air it in a late night slot just for the die hard fans where it won’t be overexposed to the rest of the population.

    @Josh777, the last season was mostly shown at 9:00/30. And the ratings are sliding. I’d be very surprised to ever see it at 8:30 again.

    Interesting that there is still no word on Scandal which has been renewed and is falling far behind.

  19. Great news.Can’t wait for OUAT.Glad Seven have decided to fast-track it.I just hope they stick to the same day and time throughout the course of the show.Looking forward to Grimm as well.

  20. I agree Revenge needs to be fast tracked. It will be screening Sunday night in the US which would mean a Monday night screening here hours later is possible. I certainly won’t be waiting until next year. Given the increased interest in the show for season 2, Ch7 will surely sacrifice massive viewership by holding it off until next year.

  21. @ Mr J – I would very much doubt Seven bumping Grey’s from it’s regular 8:30pm timeslot to 9:30pm. It is a bummer that they are not also fast tracking Private Practice as it usually follows Grey’s (well technically it was in the 10:30pm slot for the last 2 seasons with Desperate Housewives in at 9:30pm, but was moved to 9:30pm once Desperate Housewives finished) and they are a great pair. Will be interesting to see what Seven plan on doing in regards to it’s lead in and what follows.

  22. Good news about OnceUAT being fast tracked – thought 7 was burning off season 1 as (I thought) viewing levels weren’t all that great.

    Maybe they’re plotting it for a night later in the week…

  23. Terrific news about Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time! Both ended on cliffhangers that would have made holding out for the next season till 2013 hell. Great to see Australia will get to see Grimm. Watched every episode shown so far on FOX8 and it’s a terrific series that has no comparison – not to mention in HD it is just brilliant.

  24. They could have scored majorly if they fast tracked Revenge for the final weeks of the ratings year. It has a break over Xmas in the US so they could have shown about 8-10 episodes this year then brought it back February. Expect lower numbers next year because so many people will har already seen it.

  25. Great news. Once Upon a Time is going to go off in season 2. Mind you the ads had better start rolling for it. Good to see Amazing Race and Grey’s Anatomy being fast-tracked also.

    Have already seen Grimm and its a great series. Should be a good addition to Seven’s schedule.

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