1. I can’t comment on the story subject because I never watch commercial TV’s so-called ‘news’ but it’s reassuring to read that so many posters realise that commercial TV ‘news’ is merely excrement – excrement rolled in glitter – but none-the-less still excrement! No amount of live crosses to reporters standing in empty streets (hours after the event!), snappy graphics or use of the word “emotional” can substitute for the integrity of professional journalism.

    To put it bluntly, commercial TV ‘news & current affairs’ is an insult to anyone with more than half a brain!

  2. @Mr J, it seems that other piece of excrement, A Current Affair. is simply used as a promotional vehicle or sawyer of opinion for Nine. Meanwhile, in the interest of balance, I must note how Nine News has also morphed into A Current Affair, with it’s style of investigative reporting and use of product placements like Smart TVs last night.

  3. I, not by design, tuned into seven news (regional WA) and saw the Charlotte Dawson story. It in no way in the world should have passed any “news test” by all means a TT story but this certainly continues trend of news coming up with gimmicks which they promote for days. Having come from Sydney ads on Saturday what’s on Monday’s news. Along with the oft commented on live crosses which add nothing. I want news that is just that news. Your pic does represent the worst of the story.
    On another point well done to ten for persisting with “I will survive” to the end. It was a brave show but crippled by wrong timeslot.

  4. @steviep – Seven were using that part of footage in their news updates through out last night.

    It made her appear to be screaming in tears at a guy in the street.

    Was not what happened in the story?

  5. Secret Squirrel

    “The things she should be closing are her “social media” accounts. ” – Kenny, exactly! Couldn’t have said it better. Had a quick look at her Twitter and she is certainly pretty active on there and clearly hasn’t read the sign about not feeding the trolls.

    Y’know, if Dawson really was very distressed by the trolling she received, and this exercise has brought her some closure, then I suppose it was worth doing, but it didn’t need to be televised and it certainly wasn’t news.

    Plus, I’m not sure that she achieved that much because I wouldn’t call a couple of effete and impudent snobs “trolls”, not real ones anyway. That’d be like referring to my cat as “the king of the jungle” or Seven News as “news”.

    Only Brisbane showed any significant bump in the ratings over the two previous Tuesdays. The other capitals were either about the same or less.

  6. Maybe there is a God after all.

    People are finally waking up to the reality that what Seven calls “news” is really nothing more than what has already been so accurately described by earlier postings.

    The figures are showing it – especially in Melbourne.

  7. Usually i find your choice of photos in good humour and entertaining but that photo is a miss representation of the story and its content. I believe you are doing a complete injustice towards Dawson by using that photo. Terrible.

  8. Seven News 1.1, ABC 1.03, and Nine 1million. The ABC is now close to catching Seven, and I suspect will overtake it soon. The ABC actually report the news, not try and make it. They leave the investigative reporting to the current affairs programmes and then report the results. All the commercial channels would benefit from understanding from a news report means. Long live the ABC news

  9. @Kenny:”The things she should be closing are her “social media” accounts.”
    Amen! No one needs toxic people posting to those accounts. My husband and I have blocked and deleted so-called “friends” who caused nothing but trouble in our lives, and we are much happier for it

  10. Was NCIS a new episode or a repeat? Either way those figures aren’t fantastic given its one of America’s highest ratings dramas yet seems to be ailing here. Third in its slot behind Winners and Losers and Chuck Lorre sitcoms

  11. bit off track, but did anyone see ACA’s analysis of tv’s biggest hits & misses of 2012? so wrong. making out that House Husbands was a massive hit and Masterchef and Packed to the rafters were massive flops, no mention of Tricky business i see. Andrew Mercado and Di Butler were so obviously taken out of context.

  12. 7 News Melbourne have tried everything!! They just can’t win.
    Change presenter’s and the way you report stories.
    9 News Melbourne has the class!!

  13. jezza the first original one

    So glad I rarely watch fta comm news. It is brain rotting mush. There should be a huge warning before every bulletin…something like…”what you are about to watch is a complete load of turgid trash, regular viewing of this programme will turn you into a brainless zombie with no will to live”

  14. “Dawson said she did the report for “closure””. Such a new buzzword word thesedays, “closure”. The things she should be closing are her “social media” accounts. Put the time-wasting to better use. How much was everyone paid by 7 in this little “news” exercise? Glad I didn’t see it, since I don’t watch 7 News anymore.

  15. @ David, Correct me if I am wrong but NCIS (632,000) and Ten News (596,000) rated higher than Modern Family, then why are they left out.

    @ J Bar, Today Tonight has always been a piece of excrement.

  16. Eh? I thought NCIS was best for TEN with 632,000? Then TEN News at 5

    I saw the ads for the “twitter trolls”, I rolled my eyes at the media and ignored it completely.

  17. I didn’t watch it because I have sense of taste. But from that screengrab I assume that since the ‘trolls’ she confronted allowed their faces to be shown, Channel 7 just paid these people to have Dawson yell at them for an awful piece of ‘news’.

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