Another 2.1 million for My Kitchen Rules

2013-02-14_0904There’s just no stopping My Kitchen Rules which last night topped 2.1million viewers, the fourth time over the 2 million barrier.

It also saw Sydney personal trainers Luke and Scott become the first team in the show’s history to walk away with four perfect scores.

Seven won the network shares with 36.6% then Nine 28.9%, ABC 15.3%, TEN 14.5% and SBS 4.6%.

Following MKR for Seven was Seven News (1.05m), Home and Away (950,000), Today Tonight (908,000), Movie: The Proposal (892,000) and Deal or No Deal (433,000).

Nine News scored 1.09m for Nine then Cricket (953,000), The Block (842,000 in 4 cities), ACA (824,000), Hot Seat (553,000) and a Top Gear repeat (381,000 in 4 cities).

ABC News (942,000) was best on ABC1 followed by 7:30 (594,000), Qi (576,000), Shock Horror Aunty (558,000), The Agony of Life (539,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (380,000) and Would I Lie to You? (254,000).

TEN was unable to rise beyond TEN News (629,000) with The Project (493,000), The Simpsons (389,000), Movie: Little Fockers (372,000), and Glee (363,000).

On SBS ONE it was Tropic of Capricorn (222,000), Wildest Latin America (218,000), Masters of Money (177,000) and World News Australia (136,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 239,000.

Wednesday 13 February 2013


  1. How ’bout the fact a movie did so well against the cricket!? Evidence about how important a lead-in is for a network & why much of the population are zombie morons.

  2. bettestreep2008

    ryan – you make some good suggestions.

    Ten seems to be focusing on just one night – ‘Super Sunday’ where they manage to come in 2nd and maybe one day – win the night.

    However they seem to be sacrificing the rest of the week as a result. So far they have been fourth every single night except Sundays. Once popular shows like Glee, NCIS and L&O SVU are being massacred.

    Ten management must rearrange their schedule and make drastic changes to MCP ASAP.

    I suggest they axe The Project because after all the second and third chances it has been given it is failing to deliver. Put Neighbours back on the main channel at 6.30pm. A show that was rating over 1m a few years ago is now struggling to reach 300K.

    At 7pm – put a 45 minute edition of MCP on. Let’s be serious – shows like MKR, MCP and Block are really 15 minute shows stretched to 75 or 90 minutes.By having MKR and MCP compete for only 15 minutes every night – instead of 75 – the latter might rate over 800K rather than the 520K it has recently rated.

    And if this is not possible – just invite a couple of bitchy asian women to MCP to ‘spice’ things up. Just make sure they cannot cook.

  3. bettestreep2008

    Moops – totally agree with you.

    Seven has discovered what is making MKR the blockbuster it is and is milking it for all it’s worth.

    Two bitchy asian women in group 1 – 2m+ ratings.
    Two bitchy women in group 2 – 2m+ ratings.

    and next week we get 2 bitchy asian women to gatecrash – guaranteed 2.5m+ viewers.

    And when these 2 women cook and fail – 3m+ viewers.

    As long as MKR keeps having bitchy women who can’t cook it’ll rate through the roof.

    Can you imagine the eventual episode where all three bitchy female duos reappear? I’m predicting it’ll rate over 4m!

  4. I think Ten would have faired better if they didnt pust Mc to 7.30 going head to head with another cooking show, if @ 7 atleast 40 mins without another cooking show on. Cut project to 30 mins, it;s not helping ten at all.

  5. cynical old codger

    @David Knox Feb 14 5-10pm

    I’m torn between “you started it” and “what happens if the rest of the MKR nearly 2 million viewers find ‘ Tv Tonight’s Blog ‘ ?

    But regardless as to causes of your ‘brain pain’ there is always ‘doctor google’ or the many restorative supplement Guru’s now looking for new customers.
    But always remember to check with “ACCACMAASADA” before using any supplements they offer at closing down special prices.
    And as every little bit helps, so COC signing off.

  6. Glee can’t survive a prime time spot with figures like that, it will be punted to a secondary channel soon, it’s over.

    It appears that there is now no stopping MKR, it has built enormous momentum. I think next week’s episode with the gatecrashers will easily eclipse 2.5M, no problem. It will bury Block All Stars (this year’s Excess Baggage) and Ten may as well go off the air for an hour and a half each night. @Jennome, nobody will switch off MKR because of the addition of two new bitches. It will probably attract viewers, not decrease them.

  7. I must say I’m surprised by MKR’s ratings. I love the show but I never thought this season would see its best figures yet.

    This is off topic David, but I just wanted to let those who like Ron Wilson to know his next venture is an on-air gig at Smooth 95.3FM Sydney, which ironically is a stone’s throw away from his former employer.

  8. The ABC will be shattered. They had a solid line-up and it was creamed!
    New (yes, new) Qi getting only 576k must be a worry. It seems they may have overexposed the franchise over the past year (particularly over summer). New Qi should be a 750-800k show, imho.

  9. @David Knox: AdelaideNow’s Breaking News is way behind the times and their normal stories are not that with it either, so I am not suprised that you’ve already noted the use of other houses way before they did. I’m sure it wont be long until AdelaideNow report the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  10. The judges would just make up a second fake score for each dish and they film both scores.

    So if Team A got a 9 for their main and Team B got a 8, they just film the judges giving out an 8 and a 9 to both teams so they don’t know which one won.

    So Team A won but they don’t know that. And Team B can’t go to ACA with the result before the episode airs if they are pissed of at losing.

  11. cynical old codger

    @ David Knox 12-31pm…..@ tomothyd…12-29pm
    There in lies the crux of my several comments, and my expectations of, and between MKR and MCP with the “Key Word” here being “professional”
    After aprox. 60years of experience, using, repairing, designing and constructing electro/mechanical electro/hyd. and sophisticated controlling and measuring equipment,in a wide range industries and locations, mining,rural and quality controlled workshops etc.
    I have found with the exception of sophisticated medical and electronics(microchips, computers, etc. ) and or unless it is Top Shelf/Top Dollar equipment, performance and results can vary considerably, even between similar model manufacturers appliances, compounded by time of day ‘power in’ fluctuations and age of appliances etc… We used contact sensors, heat colour charts and heat indicating crayon’s, where today there is some very reasonably priced accurate hand held Non Contact Infra Red Units to establish hot and cold temp.variations.

    • They declined to detail how. It happened last year too. Presumably they film where Team A wins, then again where Team B wins, but only air one. It’s shaky ground… a fish dish can’t really be worth 10 in one take then 9 in another.

  12. Maev....Sydney

    People remarking on the actual lack of good cooking on MKR,,,,suddenly they come up with ‘perfect’ cooks…they sure do know how to manipulate a crowd.

  13. cynical old codger

    @ Jennome

    “and put me right off “…”totally exasperated and switching off ”

    Strange that you are referring to MKR, but over 2 million viewers are doing exactly that to MCP?

    ” Masterchef is looking better by the day”

    With exception of so many under cooked plated presentations by professional chefs who no doubt would be aware of this fact( or if not, Professional??), and are blustered into satisfying Marco Marco Marco, chosen time factor, instead of variable cooking time factors resulting in diner dissatisfaction
    I doubt there would be many viewers choosing to shun MCP. because of what we see, but instead I wonder how many are choosing MKR’s menu over MCP’s because of what we ‘hear’ ‘hear’ ‘hear’ ?.

    With MKR we have the choice to form our own individual opinions of all contestants and venue’s etc. ( regardless of, or because of, the Promo’s and Hype etc)…..But with Marco’s Marco’s Marco’s “Incessant and Annoying” repetitious rantings we have no choice but to ‘ Listen’ ‘Listen’ ‘Listen’.

  14. @Jason: I read the other day on AdelaideNow that the reason contestants get so flustered, burn things and cannot find utensils, is because they are not always cooking in their own kitchen. If the producers feel the space is not right for filming due to size, and there is not enough space to seat all the guests, then the producers will ask the contestants to find a more suitable relatives house. In some instances when that is not an option, the producers will scout a location for the evening.
    I think this should be said on the episode, as it is somewhat unfair to be cooking in an environment which is not yours, when the previous night a team cooked in their own home.

    • Yes I have written about them having to use the houses of friends and family before (two weeks ago, and last year), it’s often why they aren’t familiar with the kitchens / ovens. Apparently Adelaide Now has only stumbled onto this revelation. I’ve also written that two endings were recorded for this year. Just getting in early.

  15. bettestreep2008

    Lets see. Ten promotes MCP by emphasising what a nasty man Marco Pierre White is. He even made Gordon Ramsay cry!

    In reality it is what MC has always been – a cooking show with loads of constructive criticism and good sportsmanship.

    And what is thrashing it at the moment? A reality show that devotes a majority of its time on bitching and bitching and bitching. There’s something called ‘cooking’ but that’s not important.

    I suggest if Ten wants to compete with MKR – it better get Marco to start making the contestants cry and have them start bitching about one another.

    Its working beautifully for MKR.

  16. About MKR I’m sorry but to me this is not a cooking show it concentrates more on personalities- who is stronger who is meaner etc…and the fact that contestants judge contestants in a game show to me doesn’t make sense & how many mistakes can you have in the kitchen? I bet it’s just about scripted, I know it brings the ratings etc but I am sure people will start to get sick of the show soon. I prefer Masterchef instead.

  17. MKR looks in danger of jumping the shark, judging by the promos being run last night. Two new super-bitches being introduced, who I feel may be from the very first series, which I didn’t watch. But the nonsense they were spouting was cringeworthy, and put me right off.

    I think the nastiness factor will kill this series – there’s just so much of this crap we can watch without becoming totally exasperated and switching off.

    Masterchef is looking better by the day.

  18. How can people still manage to burn things in the oven? Ovens with timers with alarms. Kitchen timers? $3 from Go-Lo? Still, it was excellent entertainment. Our audience is 17-70, which perhaps explains the large numbers/wide demographic appeal.

  19. MKR is addictive!
    Good to see the NSW boys doing so well last night: genuine nice guys.
    Hoping too that the WA mother/daughter team are eliminated shortly.

    Channel 10? The damage was done to their brand last year.
    Some of their programming choices this year are still crazy, liking putting up most of MC against MKR.

  20. Those figures for Ten and pretty hard to comprehend. I wonder what the impact is on their revenue and what that means for James Warbuton. So tough to launch new shows in that environment and build a schedule.

  21. Wow, they are massive numbers considering the cricket was on.

    Hopefully the next two teams will perform well so that the WA beauty queens can follow the Spice Girls out the door.

  22. Enjoyed last nights episode because it focused more on the food, highlighting the fact that these guys wanted to produce a healthier menu whereas previous episodes were less about the cooking and more about the negative words of contestants. It would be a better show without so much hostility.

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