What show would the Programmers revive?

AIFiWe’ve had The Block, Big Brother, The Price is Right, Young Talent Time, It’s a Knockout, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Spicks and Specks is on the way.

But what other show would networks like to revive?

TV Tonight recently asked network Programmers, if they could wave their magic wand what show would they most like to bring back?

There were some surprising answers….

ABC: Brendan Dahill

“I would love to try and find a way of merging Sports and Entertainment in a way that The Fat used to. I’d love to find a way of doing The Fat.

“Sport is still a national obsession in this country and I don’t think anyone has managed to find a way of eventing their sporting love outside of Before the Game or The Footy Show which is pretty much just straight up and down chat. We have to find an entertaining way of embracing Australia’s love of sport. I lay awake at night thinking ‘How do I crack Sport and Entertainment?'”

Seven: Angus Ross

“This is a favourite with a number of us in at Channel Seven. A variety of factors contributed to its underperformance but it’s a great format nonetheless.”

TEN: Beverley McGarvey

“I think it’s fairly obvious from our crowded schedule that we do miss our Idol days. It was the grandfather of those shows that are doing everywhere right now.

“Idol was such a brand defining show with the Sydney Opera House finales, they were fantastic TV. It was sort of the beginning of Event Television for us.”

NINE: Andrew Backwell

“When Nine had both the NRL and AFL (plus the Cricket) we essentially owned football (sport) on television… sport is also almost guaranteed to perform consistently… out of the two codes however, I’m very happy to have the NRL as it makes far more commercial sense for our company.”

SBS: Tony Iffland

“It represents great Australia creativity, that resonated around the world as bold and innovative. I really want SBS to reclaim that space in comedy for daring and risk taking and of course humour. I guess broadcasting Tropfest this year and Wilfred being a Tropfest finalist also aligns beautifully with where I am taking SBS1.”


  1. @Secret Squirrel
    Maybe they could cross live to James Allen, Tom Clarkson or Steve Parrish for the latest F1 news and MotoGP news as I think it will be better suited for it on a Sunday just an hour before the coverage starts

  2. Bring back Agro, have him replace Kochie on Sunrise. Make the change happen so subtly that one day people realise they’re watching Agro’s Cartoon Connection

  3. harrypotter1994

    I’d love the return of some game shows The Rich List-with Andrew O’Keefe again, The Weakest Link-has to be with Cornelia she makes it so much fun, Berts Family Fued (or whoever wants to host…)

    Also would like to see the return of a chat style show in primetime..someone needs to interview the stars in Aus or visiting as the 10 second X Factor interviews don’t cut it..Would love to see 9 do one with Fuzzy and Richard Wilkins (and I’m pro 7 so there u go)

  4. I agree, I think Hey Hey its Saturday should come back as random specials through out the year. Also why dont the networks bring back lunch time tv like Midday? That would fill in the spots left by showing movies all the time.
    I also strongly agree that we need more game shows back on air again, I would like to see Sale of the Century and Family Feud back on and of course Wheel of Fortune. I would like to see Jeopardy back on, it was a short lived show but a goodie in its time. I hope the networks conisder these.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    @William – RPM, yes. Was surprised when it was cancelled as I don’t think that it would cost a lot to produce. If they cut down on visits to local tracks (altho’ I liked some of those) and concentrated on news it would be even cheaper.

  6. Good News Week!!!
    Mcleods Daughters, always greener, stingers .
    I had to do the shouty capitals for gnw because I still have hope that they might bring it back .

  7. I don’t know if this was meant to become ” What The Viewers Would Like To See Come Back” ?
    I’d like to see Andrew Denton’s Live & Sweaty and Thank God You’re Here.

    Is Beverley McGarvey testing the waters for a return of Aus Idol ?

  8. Sunday with Jim Waley, Helen Daly etc. Great show that should never have been dropped and the quality of which hasn’t been equalled. All current affairs shows have gone decidedly down market since Sunday.

  9. ONE should bring back RPM as I watched every ep in 2011 and I was ashamed that it got axed last year. They should bring it back after they lost the V8s

  10. I like to them to bring back Programming that ended on time somewhere along the line it disappeared and it would be nice if that brought that practice back.

  11. Maev....Sydney

    ~Lee-Roy February 7, 2013 at 12:26 pm –
    Fishcam (Channel 31)~
    Love this one…something to have on when there is nothing else to watch…and easy to look after…*G*….
    Also The Panel….but not a copycat version.

  12. Since the ABC seems to have the Middle Upper Bogan Australian comedy covered I’d love to see SBS take a few more narrative comedy risks like Wilfred too = dark, edgy, interesting, dangerous.

  13. SBS top gear. The rich list. Ten late news with Sandra Sally. Full frontal. Sale of the century. Big brother up late and uncut. Good news week.

  14. @Pedro

    You nailed it. Shows that have been off air for more than 5 years are off air for a reason; they are no longer relevant.

    I also concur that the level of investigative journalism (and news reporting for that matter) has reached abysmal depths. By 1805hrs, the FTA channels news programs are into “stunning video” of an alpaca race held in New Jersey or an ‘expose’ of how you can save on power bills by harnessing heat generated during sex.

    Television is going to hell in a handbag, and it ain’t a Prada.

  15. HardcorePrawn

    @chasingvegas – TV Burp was an Australian version of the UK original. It didn’t stray too far from its origins though, right down to Ed Kavalee mimicking the manners, and wearing much the same style of bizarre clothing, as those of (comedian and original presenter) Harry Hill.

    I really like Ed Kavalee and hope that one day he’ll get a role in a show that isn’t scrapped after a few weeks, but anyone who had seen the original TV Burp, then tuned into the Australian version would be wondering why the presenter was doing a very poor Harry Hill impression.
    If 7 wanted an Australian Harry Hill they should have got Sam Simmons to present it instead.

  16. Think it is fair to say given the answers the programmers gave that it is obvious why TV is in decline. The question was what shows would you like to revive and nines answer was AFL. As for the others, the reason those shows are no longer around is they had seen their day and rather recently when you think about it. Maybe a time frame of prior to 1990 could have been put to them to make them think about an answer and possibly show they know a little about TV.

  17. I would be happy if The Fat returns. Apart from the underrated Offsiders program, i don’t think we’ve got a general Sports Program atm on fta. I’d say bring back Roy and HG (either after a big event aka Olympics, or bring the weekly Monday Dump program) and also Sports Tonight.

    Also happy to see The Panel return.

    As for game shows, bring back Letters and Numbers, and Temptation (Sale of the Century)

  18. I would be happy if The Fat had returned. Apart from the underrated Offsiders program, i don’t think we’ve got a general Sports Program atm on fta. I’d say bring back Roy and HG (either after a big event aka Olympics, or bring the T

  19. @oztvheritage Would like a live audience interview show, Aust should try the European Style of it, with all guests out at once. I know Adam Hills did keep the guests out after the initial interview, but I’d like to see them all at the beginning. That sort of Graham Norton style would be great for Shaun Micallef (to give him yet more work) having multiple guests to bounce off.

    Also I forgot before to say, as an overseas one to revive, wouldn’t mind seeing Dark Skies brought back. In the light of the Alien presence in American Horror Story: Asylum, I’ve been thinking about that show lately and how it would make a good fit or even Alien Nation with it’s story based around Asylum Seeking Aliens who are in society working and living (but then V failed…so).

  20. I agree with Angus Ross at Ch7 TV Burp was a good show, although a complete rip off of The Soup on E! If re hashed, i would suggest a new name & new host, that guy was not funny & just plain annoying.

  21. Secret Squirrel

    Frontline… with Shaun Micallef.
    The Aunty Jack Show… with Shaun Micallef.
    Mr Squiggle… with Shaun Micallef.
    Double the Fist… with Shaun Micallef.
    1956 Olympic Games… hosted by Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart especdially for Alex.
    Alvin Purple… with the original cast (and Shaun Micallef). Filmed in 3D

  22. The Panel was a great show….Under-produced but a great team…Would love to see it returned. Perfect for TEN, but only if Working Dog produced it. Other networks tried to copy it – but it failed as the on air team was not right. Problem is I very much doubt Working Dork would want to go back there.

    Other one is Enough Rope….But Andrew will not want to do it.

    Australia needs an live audience interview program!

  23. Sunday, especially the investigative stories they used to do, very much missed. Plus would be great to have L.Oakes back to doing the regular agenda setting interview as well. Sunday was one of the best things Nine did during the Packer era. The trashy tabloid Today show does not do it for me.

    Also, The Times, one of the most innovative current affairs programs this country ever saw, loved the editing style.

    Blankety Blanks with Shaun Micallef would be a great idea, have Bob Downe as a regular panelist.

    And a low budget trashy camp soap opera, much in the vein as the original Prisoner, Chances, etc. Where you could see there was not much of a budget with cheap sets, with the onus put on the script writers to be as creative as possible with no boundaries. For late night of course, like 9.30pm or 10.30pm. The new upcoming Prisnoner looks like it will be too polished and over produced, time will tell.

    And midnight to dawn movies, back in a time before the infomercials took over. I would rather test pattern instead of infomercials if the neetworks can’t afford to run programs on the mid-dawns.

    And rage without the watermark would be nice! It is rather unwatchable with it on there. Come to think of it, why do we need those watermarks anyway? The UK grew up a few years ago and took them off their main channels. If the networks must have them, please only put them on your news and sporting programs only.

    And lastly, when analogue finally gets switched off, can the main channels be switched back to HD please? HD set top boxes can be bought for less than $20, there is no excuse anymore.

  24. @par3182 Ch 10 tried to bring back Countdown-eque show – The House Of Hits. Hosted by Molly and Leah McLeod, in 2000. It sank – amazingly – nothing is on Wikipedia about it.

  25. Ah yes Good Guys Bad Guys was an awesome show. Stingers, Sale of the Century, Sports Fever, The Panel, The Fat.
    We really could do with a good panel show.

  26. “Full Frontal”, “Fast Forward”, “Acropolis Now” “Hey Dad! (produced by anyone other than Screentime), “Who Dares Wins”, “The Weakest Link”, “It Takes Two”, Burgo’s “Wheel of Fortune”, So You Can Think You Can Dance: Australia (on Channel Seven, produced by anyone other than Fremantle), “Saturday Disney” back on the main Seven channel.

  27. Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever was a brilliant show, a perfect complement to SBS’ coverage of the 2010 World Cup.
    Increasing its scope to cover all sports once the World Cup was over should have been a surefire hit once the lads crossed over to 7.
    Instead it lost its mojo (perhaps so as to not offend sponsors or the all-powerful AFL, CA, and NRL), and was shunted around the schedules before its ignoble end.
    I’d like to see it given another go, perhaps back on SBS, and with the lads allowed to return to the irreverent humour that made the original show so enjoyable.

  28. Club Buggery with Roy And HG (or a variant there of).

    Wouldn’t mind Blankety Blanks either, though with Bob Downe hosting (like how the UK did it with Lily Savage hosting).

    Would love to see some Australian Network delve into making average TV again, by that I mean like New Zealand do with Co Girls, Outrageous Fortune, The Cult, Almighty Johnsons etc. The days of Number 96, The Box, Pacific Drive, Chances, need to be revived, we need some take the brain out and just enjoy a show for it’s quirkiness time.

    @nicks I agree would love to see Twin Peaks come back as has been speculated about lately by NBC, think it is time for that sort of show to surface again (we’ll be in a take a fantasy story and update it overload next year), so time to step outside the box again. I loved the times of Picket Fences, Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure, would love to see the quirky come back to TV again.

  29. Definately “Sale of the Century” or some sort of nightly Variety show.

    If they were to bring back Hey Hey, it should be a short 6-8 episode series, airing every few weeks: “Hey Hey it’s Easter!”, “Hey Hey it’s the Grand Prix”, “Hey Hey it’s Winter!”… Etc.

    We really don’t have an avenue for established musical acts etc..

  30. There’s quite a few shows that could be revisited: Mr Squiggle, All Together Now, Grass Roots, Sunday, Blankety Blanks, Sale of The Century, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, Australian Idol, Micallef Tonight, The Fat, Secret Life of Us, Wildside, Club Buggery, Recovery, Ronnie Johns, The Panel.

    Micallef could host Blankety Blanks, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush and Micallef Tonight as well as acting in Mr & Mrs Murder. I’d put Micallef Tonight on 5 nights a week to ensure Micallef never leaves our TV screens.

  31. HeyHey_Variety

    AFL isn’t a show! 9 should revive Hey Hey as a few specials and bring back Sack of the century! We need more game shows, not just at 5.30.

  32. Good to see that even TEN want Australian Idol back. I would add So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Good News Week, Your Gen and Amazing Race Australia.

  33. carolemorrissey

    Wow, if some of you have you way, Shaun Micallef will be a busy boy!!!!! Great choice though.

    Oh yes, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, that was a great show. The Big Gig was another great show, would be great to see that come back.

    Despite the criticism, I enjoyed the Australian version of Survivor. Loved The Weakest Link too, used to find some expressions of contestants faces hilarious when they were told to go, especially that guy who had a dummy in his mouth and spat it out. The look on Cornelia’s face was priceless.

    Another thing I’ve missed at the last few Olympics & Commonwealth Games was Roy & HG’s show afterwards.

    Forget Idol, we have enough ‘talent’ shows already, don’t need another one.

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