Sudden death cook-off as Seven topples TEN

By David Knox on March 6, 2013 / Filed Under News 25

2013-03-06_0940A sudden death cook-off saw WA “food nerds” Kieran and Nastassia exit My Kitchen Rules last night with 1.9m viewers tuning in. Meanwhile on MasterChef: The Professionals only 451,000 saw Nick Whitehouse exit the building.

Seven network shares were 35.6% then Nine 27.2%, ABC 16.4%, TEN 16.3% and SBS 4.5%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 with 1.9m viewers. Seven’s other network shows were Packed to the Rafters (1.39m), Seven News (1.2m), Today Tonight (1.02m), Home and Away (987,000), Parenthood (556,000 / 381,000) and Deal or No Deal (461,000).

The Block was best for Nine with 1.37m followed by Nine News (1.15m), Big Bang (1.09m / 919,000),  A Current Affair (1.03m), 2 Broke Girls (707,000), Hot Seat (595,000) and The Hangover movie (421,000).

ABC News (949,000) topped ABC1 then New Tricks (757,000), 7:30 (696,000), Foreign Correspondent (644,000), At the Movies (444,000), Grand Designs (278,000) and The Book Club (261,000).

NCIS (655,000) was best for TEN followed by TEN News (642,000), NCIS: LA (574,000), The Project (462,000) and MasterChef: The Professionals (451,000). The Simpsons was 357,000.

Who Do You Think You Are?  was 235,000 on SBS ONE then World News Australia (155,000) but Dateline (148,000) and Insight (132,000) struggled.

Neighbours was best on multichannels with 266,000.

The Morning Show: 152,000
Mornings: 130,000
Judge Judy: 54,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 5 March 2013


  1. Secret Squirrel March 6, 2013 at 10:41 pm -

    @joey69 – I’m sorry but if you understood the mathematics you’d know that you are wrong. The sampling and statistical analyses are based on extremely rigorous and thoroughly tested principles which I’ve discussed before. I’m not going to repeat myself. If you are genuinely interested in finding out more, start with OzTAM’s website.

    As for inventing some magical system to accurately determine what each person in each household is watching at any moment, please go ahead. Are you even aware of how many petabytes of data would need to be stored? Who will pay for that?

  2. HeyHey_Variety March 6, 2013 at 8:35 pm -

    Are Seven showing repeats of the Australian version of Minute To Win It?

  3. ryan March 6, 2013 at 7:52 pm -

    LOL didn;t even know . Thanks dude:)

  4. David Knox March 6, 2013 at 7:38 pm -

    They have been added every day for weeks. Hover your mouse over Ratings in the top menu?

  5. ryan March 6, 2013 at 7:29 pm -

    Interesting story on time shifted figures for Ten today on App elementary is pulling in 21% extra viewers with time shift, Also says Mc added an extra 40-53% viewers and the goodwife up 32%. Could you show some timeshifted figures David?

  6. joey69 March 6, 2013 at 7:24 pm -

    @ Pertinax the cold hard reality is that a slight abnormal veiwing habit or a technical mistake will be multiplied in the final rating figure. how does 3500 get to 2.2 million?
    lf you call that accuracy of 1-2%, i am not here. it is a very dated system in getting true veiwing figures. again technology is way above this. “Accuracy” is a very kind word when you are talking about OZTAM figures. alot of other people agree.

  7. PDA March 6, 2013 at 7:21 pm -

    Given the numbers PTTR is pulling, I suggest 7 pay it a bit more respect and ensure at least its medium term future.

  8. Pertinax March 6, 2013 at 5:23 pm -

    3500 boxes is more than enough to measure the ratings with an accuracy of 1-2% sampling error.

    You could select a totally new panel every day, and as long as the sample is selected to accurately reflect the total population, it will give the same results for the ratings table.

    If the sample isn’t selected to accurately reflect the population you would get different results, but they would be meaningless.

    You get different results in the ratings when viewers start watching different shows, or the networks change the shows that are on.

  9. joey69 March 6, 2013 at 3:32 pm -

    @ Mr J I have always thought that 3846 set top boxes is not a true reflection of what people watch on tv. yes the figures are inaccurate and at best are a figure which is gained by mutiplying a smaller number to get a larger number. alot of guess work and assumption to me.

    @ Secret Squirrel, yes i am saying if you have the same sample being monitored every week you will get the same number and habits. does not sound like a accurate measure for me. we need a larger cross section of people on the panel and changing at monthly intervals.

    oztam could surely use the technology of i phones or mobile set top boxes that can be intregrated into the veiwing public at large and can be easily moved. gee! we are living in the 2013 are we not?

    i just think the numbers are so predictable and maybe with David,s blessing we should get sports-bet in to make it more interesting.

  10. GuanoLad March 6, 2013 at 3:21 pm -

    I hope TEN aren’t confused by Masterchef’s failure. The so-called Professionals are not very charismatic, and no George or Gary is a huge empty space nowhere near made up for with Marco Pierre White and the weird dainty thing he keeps doing with his fingers.

  11. ryan March 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm -

    @joey69: So true. It’s predictable as and is making these daily figures boring. Every 3 months boxes should be swapped

  12. smit0847 March 6, 2013 at 2:08 pm -

    David, if you managed to get an excluvie interview with Adam Boland about his plans for Morning TV at Ten that would be a huge coup and something I would be very interested in reading.

  13. Secret Squirrel March 6, 2013 at 12:37 pm -

    @joey69 – are you saying that people don’t tend to watch the same shows each week? And anyway, panel members can only remain on the panel for a maximum of 4 years and may leave at any time, after which they are replaced.

  14. jimbo k March 6, 2013 at 12:35 pm -

    @ wwenr: it’s Gourmet with Justine, not Christine (unless there was a new host into the new year….!). Im also interested in how daytime ratings are at the moment.

    @ joey69: it would be nice if oztam did change the way the ratings boxes are sent out.i agree that it is getting predictable/

    Good to see At The Movies getting better numbers than it was doing last year on Wednesdays (it was getting around 300-350k). Its not a huge increase, but a healthy one.

  15. alvar March 6, 2013 at 12:28 pm -

    Bizarre that Nine has burnt through most of the new Big Bang Theory episodes during the first few weeks of ratings. Back to repeats soon…

  16. Mac March 6, 2013 at 12:22 pm -

    @Joyey69: Completely agree!

  17. Mr. J March 6, 2013 at 12:04 pm -

    @Joey, just because ratings are predictable, doesn’t mean they are inaccurate. If anything it means the system is working the way it should.

    @Daniel, are you sure about that? Go check the ratings archive.

  18. joey69 March 6, 2013 at 11:38 am -

    Unless OZTAM changes the people who have the set to boxs to measure who is watching what each week. the figures that are coming out each day will be the same week in week out. there needs to be a better way. this is getting so predicitable. surely someone can do better than this old system.

  19. Daniel March 6, 2013 at 11:24 am -

    @Mr J – A new morning show would rate better. Even Breakfast hovered around 60k when it was axed.

  20. wwenrl March 6, 2013 at 11:23 am -

    David, can you please! also check what did Good Chef Bad Chef and Huey’s Kitchen rate in the morning. Thanks! I don’t really care about Gourmet with Christine, unless you would like to! But definately the first 2 shows. Thanks Heaps!!

  21. Sithra March 6, 2013 at 11:00 am -

    It’s a long time since Neighbours was produced for an Australian audience – without British & European audiences it would have died many years ago.

  22. steviem March 6, 2013 at 10:49 am -

    How does neighbours afford the production expenses when they only rate 250,000 odd.

    I know it is purchased overseas but still?

  23. Mr. J March 6, 2013 at 10:37 am -

    It appears judge Judy is the highest rating thing ten has put in its morning lineup in a long time. I’m not sure an expensive Adam Boland show would do better.

  24. Jake S March 6, 2013 at 10:35 am -

    The gap between the two 9am shows is growing closer than I remember, perhaps only because The Circle audience has had to go elsewhere.

  25. Jason March 6, 2013 at 10:15 am -

    It just looks like MKR has morphed into MChef, again. That kitchen looks very familiar.

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