Seven dumps Celebrity Splash Semi-Final 2

Heat 2EXCLUSIVE: It’s official. Celebrity Splash has belly-flopped in the eyes of the network.

Seven has backflipped and ditched Semi-Final 2, due to air next Monday night.

Instead it is skipping straight to the Grand Final, by burying it at the low-rent time of 8:45pm Thursday May 16 in all markets.

Next Monday night Seven will air Dynamo: Magician Impossible at 7:30pm, but also has AFL in some markets.

Updated: Contestants Denise Drysdale, Nick Bracks, Adam Richard and Koby Abberton who were due to qualify in Semi-Final 2 will now dive at the beginning of the show before a Grand Final dive.

Last night the show averaged 821,000 down from its premiere of 1.31m viewers. It was trounced by The Voice on 1.96m viewers.

The show is still advertising audience tickets for Monday May 20 four days after its now-rescheduled Grand Final.

The last time I can remember a Reality show of this scale having such a major backflip was Nine dumping Excess Baggage onto GO! at the top of last year and TEN fiddling with the The Hothouse and axing The Resort without any finale.

Celebrity Splash will now go down as one of the year’s biggest blunders.

A Seven spokesperson said, “The four remaining contestants will compete in a Semi Final dive in the first portion of the show and we proceed straight into the Grand Final.”


  1. The saddest thing about this whole debacle is that there are over 800,000 people in Australia who tuned in to this cheap, inane, pointless drivel. If there are viewers out there who will watch any old tripe with ‘Celebrity’ in the title then I’m seriously going to pitch my idea to the networks. Yes folks, coming soon to your screens; ‘Celebrity Chiropodist’ (in 3D)!

  2. @Danny
    What ever the Crap! it’s called, it’s going to Fail.
    Big Brother on the other hand, was a success, it won the demos on most days (which counts) and will continue to be a success. The only reason why it dropped a bit towards the end, was because of daylight savings, and it still managed to win the demos.
    So Nine are in a good position right now. Still the One! Looming!

  3. Unsure why Channel 7 saw the need to “tread water” with Celebrity Splash rather than launching House Rules in the MKR slots. I really find that puzzling.

  4. Gosh, talk about a knee-jerk reaction. 821K was still far more than anything 10 had on their schedule for the evening. How bizarre of Seven to do this, given that it is a show that only had a four week run, anyway. They may as well left it as is, it was never going to be competitive against The Voice.

  5. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this at all. The writing was on the wall as soon as the show was commissioned. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “celebrities” spent more time in pre-production and training than they did in the actual show itself…

  6. We all knew it wouldn’t work outside the ‘now’ and that’s exactly what’s happened. I’d say Seven knew it was not likely to be a long-term proposition hence their short episode order.

    The question now is how much the Grand Final will dive seeing as the viewers now know what Seven think of the program, especially since it is now out of that 7.30-8.30 family friendly timeslot.

  7. Was wondering where it went

    I dont care, I enjoyed it. Brainless tv at its best

    Would have been suited for Friday or Saturday night. Good family fun.

  8. What a knee jerk reaction. 821k viewers is not that bad when it’s pegged against the highest rating show of the week. Given it’s live they should just shorten and tighten the format and leave the second semi and GF as is. I’ve seen a lot worse shows than this.

    Why didn’t they launch House Rules straight after MKR to beat the Block? If House Rules is stripped people will either choose one or the other and they could have at least started theirs earlier to try and hook more viewers.

    At least we get to see Nick Bracks in speedos again – he is smoking hot!

  9. Carringbush

    Geez, they might as well keep it going now that they’ve buggered up the ratings for Revenge, tossed Grey’s Anatomy around like a cork in the ocean; and consigned Private Practice’s final episodes to the scrap heap.

  10. @ wwenrl, first of all it’s House Rules not “my house rules”.

    Secondly, do you truly believe those two tiring formats are enough for Nine to win the year? Not everything old is new again. Changing three of the four judges on AGT is certainly no anecdote. Let’s not forget Big Brother debuted at 1.7M viewers on August 13 2012 and shed 50% of its overall audience within four outings. It was modest at best in key demographics.

    Nine don’t have a reliable drama slate both local and international. Wait a minute, I may be wrong. Parade’s End was a ratings powerhouse. Actually it wasn’t. Nine only has ratings success with big ticket one-off specials like the Packer telemovies, State of Origin and the grand finale of their other “programs”.

    Nine will never be still the one.

  11. Yes, surely it is more damaging to their brand than to just air the remaining shows.

    They can then gracefully decline a 2nd season.

    Whats going on?

  12. @bettestreep2008 Probably not the best day to comment on 10 shows not rating past 821K in recent months considering NCIS was 876K last night.

    Not to mention Elementary consistently rating over 820K in consolidated numbers.

    If we’re purely comparing Ten reality shows though, you’re probably right.

  13. muscledude_oz

    This is a panic move by Seven. CS only had five episodes, it wasn’t as if it was a long-term proposition. And let’s face it, putting anything up against The Voice was giving that show a death wish. I hope the show will be revived at some stage down the line when Seven has clear air and does not have to battle the cult of The Voice and its zombie-like followers.

  14. What a load of crock. In this multi channel age 821k is not a flop especially up against a juggernaut like The Voice. Channel 10 could only dream of those numbers. How gutless of 7.

  15. I’d say they’ll combine the second semi-final and grand final, in the same show.
    The only way this show could have worked is if it wasn’t so padded out. They should have had all the contestants dive in this first show. The semi-final for the second show and the grand final for the third show. That’s it.

  16. This program is a shocker of gigantic proportions and we could all see it would it would flop. A bit like we thought we all thought Masterchef would flop some years ago.

    I remember our shock at the time that a competition cooking show was proposed for prime time amd stripped to 5 or 6 nights a week. Of course now we all knew it would be successful!!!

  17. bettestreep2008

    JB – this is why I love tvtonight and the great work that David does.

    Read his comments – and the many others – and you’ll realise that all of us have more expertise on how to pick a dud than the highly paid network executives do.

    The people posting here also have better ideas about programming and editing shows too.

    No wonder some media outlets sometimes use David’s tvtonight when reporting on what’s happening in our tv industry.

    I respect this blog more than I do the current state of Australian TV.

    But to be fair to Seven – I think Celebrity Splash was never meant to be anything but filler until House Rules was aired. And to bump it while it is still outrating TBL is a rather silly move. It was just two shows to go – they didn’t have to wait too much longer.

    Ten has the bigger problems – None of there shows have managed to rate 821K in recent months (the MCP finale squeaked past 1m).

  18. bettestreep2008

    David – you not only forgot Everybody dance now , but remember what happened to the finales of I will survive and the revamped YTT?

    Ten botched both of these as well. I don’t think either finale rated over 500K – but both ‘winners’ walked away with $250K prize money each.

    Ten also stuffed up the finales of So you think you can dance by putting it on at 8.45pm on a Wednesday night – the winner being revealed at a family friendly time of about midnight.

    And of course we all remember what Ten did to MC finale one year when they shoved an episode of Renovators in the middle of it.

    I think Seven should show the second SF – just because Denise Drysdale is a TV legend and is the only reason to watch this rubbish. They’ve already spent millions on the show and it is still outrating The Biggest Loser.

    I don’t see Ten worrying about the woeful ratings of that show. But then again…

  19. @randwick…..I am with you, i don’t do reality tv it is way passed its expiry date. 7 have so many half shown series, of scripted dramas they could show, its ridiculous.

  20. I have not watched it, but noticed the EPG last night it was missing for next week with Dynamo already listed in its place.
    I like the comment from Shaun Micallef on MaH last week when asked if he will watch Spash, his response being ‘Only if they drained the pool”

  21. It’s amazing how everyone on this site can pick a dud from a mile away, yet the people that are paid the big bucks at the networks can approve some of the absolute worst television shows. We all predicted Splash, Everybody Dance Now, I Will Survive, Lara Bingle would fail as soon as they were announced. I can’t understand how there’s people at networks who think these shows would be a good idea.

  22. I was waiting for a ‘belly-flopped’ comment LOL

    I don’t watch reality shows and this is the reason why, not because it flopped but it’s just mass TV pandering to the lowest common denominator. At least the singing and cooking shows lead to other things for those involved, what will a show like this lead to for the stars?

    I do understand the NBC version was a hit (for them) so maybe if this was on TEN it would have come back for more next year?

  23. robbie1979

    I think Seven is wrong for not screening Semi-Final 2 … why skip it, then go straight to the Grand Final? I doubt “Dynamo: Magician Impossible” will get better numbers, and do we really need another magic show? Apalling treatment of it’s viewers …

  24. Whilst I don’t watch the show and am not surprised it hasn’t spring boarded into success, 821,000 isn’t really disastrous numbers, surely? Dumping and burying with only a couple of episodes to go can only serve to cause Ten-like feelings of misfiring programming choices with audiences and critics alike, doing more harm than good. People still talk about shows they don’t watch!

  25. Celebrity Splash! would probably be better suited to run over summer, possibly on a Saturday or Sunday night at 7:30pm, also they could lengthen the series by reducing the ammount of dives per show. At the moment, it’s really shallow-I mean only 4 shows for a reality series, how ridiculous when you compare it to how long MKR dragged on…..

  26. @Bella I know it was played first after the AFL grand final in September. I watched it and I remember it had him walking on water/guessing ian’s brown lyrics(Stone Roses frontman).

  27. And another thing, if they have putted CS on Saturday at 6:30pm in the first place, then this would probably not have happened. It’s much more suited on a Saturday Night.

  28. I am surprised that they are moving it. I always thought that this shorter season of 5 eps was to test if an extended and more drawn out version of the format would be viable.

    Really Dynamo Again. Dynamo is to 7 as TBBT is to 9 (would rather watch Celebrity Splash then Dynamo again.)

  29. Hahaha!! How does it feel now to finally lose Ch7? Suck it up!!
    Now it’s your turn to feel the Pain! And it’s only just getting started, now The Voice is going to Crush! My House Rules and then, AGT and BB13 will Destroy! DWTS and X Factor.
    Looks like Nine’s soon going to be Still the One!

  30. House Rules should have been launched off the back of MKR and I reckon Seven will regret not doing that. I think the straw that broke the camels back was the fact it was bringing Revenge down with it. It would be pretty funny if it actually rated well on Thursday.

  31. I knew it was in trouble when my other half said the main tv in the nursing home they work for – which has no remote and a 7 watermark burned into the display was actually off! When your prime demographic turns off you know you’re in trouble!

  32. Actually, I’m quite surprised that Seven bit the bullet on this pile of **** so soon.

    Truth be known, it really should never have made it to air in the first place.

  33. I was enjoying this show, but it now seems like such a pointless waste of time for me and everyone involved in the show. I feel sorry for the celebs wasting their time.
    The judges scores, having a semi after one week, and skipping one ep of a 3 week series are all just ridiculous. The grand final will be a train wreck. why not show the last two eps on saturday @ 6.30, a more forgiving timeslot.

  34. I was watching the biggest loser why on earth they throughout that celebrity splash would be a good idea is beyond me but for the type of show it is coming second is not to bad and 800k isn’t to bad ether it only had 2 episodes to go they should have just stuck with it and as for the hothouse can’t understand why it didn’t rate it wasn’t a bad show

  35. Probably the most predicted flop before it even hit the airways. I watched a bit of it to see Nick in a speedo and then quickly got over it when surprise surprise people were getting hurt left right and centre

  36. Elizabeth C

    And we (TV Tonight followers) knew this before 7. Maybe we should do their scheduling? They seem to have no idea. The treatment of GA is appalling for starts. I’ve lost count of how many episodes have aired in the last 3 weeks…I’m guessing 7!! Perhaps if that had a decent time slot it might pull better than CS! Maybe, unless GA fans have had a gut-full & stopped watching. You move, delay and reschedule a show as much as GA & you lose viewers. My rant for the week about 7! Enough now.

  37. carolemorrissey

    Wow, what a surprise that is, ch 7 finally has a flop!!!!!

    Yeah, I remember that show Resort, some silly bimbo tottering about in high heels. How ridiculous she was, but the Hothouse, I didn’t mind that one.

  38. I really don’t know what Seven were thinking when they commissioned this… Also, they had the failed US ratings as well, so surprising they went ahead with this at all.

    But yes still not as big as a disaster as Everybody Dance Now… That was a clanga

  39. The “low” of 821,000 is still much higher than “Everybody Dance Now” ever did last year before being quickly cancelled.

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