Howzat! GEM beats TEN, breaks multichannel records.

2013-07-12_1021Break out the record books.

GEM has hit a new high with a staggering 15% share last night -the highest ever number for a multichannel.

The Ashes scored 665,000 for its first session and 467,000 for its second.

GEM’s 15% share managed to topple all of TEN’s channels combined (another first), ABC1 and all of SBS. It almost bettered all four of ABC’s channels. A massive success for Nine.

Nine Network stormed the night with a whopping 42% share then Seven 22.2%, ABC 15.3%, TEN 14.8% and SBS 5.7%.

Nine News (1.33m) topped the night for Nine then The Block (1.27m / 992,000), A Current Affair (1.08m), The Footy Show (864,000) and Hot Seat (761,000).

Seven News (1.13m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (998,000), Home and Away (835,000), Border Security International (612,000), Movie: Red (576,000), and Deal or No Deal (530,000).

ABC News (880,000) topped ABC1 followed by 7:30 (675,000), Catalyst (615,000), Wonders of Life (540,000), and The Grumpy Guide to School Days (307,000).

TEN’s best was TEN News (666,000) then Law and Order: SVU (558,000 / 466,000), The Project (524,000), MasterClass Australia (500,000). The Simpsons was 353,000.

On SBS ONE it was Food Factory: Supersized (234,000), Luke Hguyen’s Greater Mekong (206,000), World News Australia (186,000), Heston’s Feasts (172,000) and Tour de France (138,000 race).

Today: 319,000
Sunrise: 307,000
ABC News Breakfast: 63,000 / 42,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday July 11 2013


  1. Thank you to Eleven for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I loved it plus seeing some of the ads including the ones I mentioned previously.

    Also congratulations to Nine including the excellent use of GEM with The Ashes.

  2. @stilesy – Do you really think anyone expects it to?

    @ryan – Why would they want a 1.5m when they can have a win by 20%. People that don’t like Cricket can watch the Block etc. and the people that do like it can watch the Cricket. Best of both worlds!

  3. Who says test cricket is dead and boring. The last 2 days has been great to watch and watching last night that last wicket stand was great viewing.

    The downside is you dont end up going to bed until very late and pay for it the next day.

    Its good to have test cricket back on the tv.

  4. Yeah let’s just see if GEM can get a 15% share again with just their normal primetime programming without the cricket, I don’t think so!.

  5. @jezza…you know you’re right.this is a tv blog and what the cricket did for Nine got us all talking ratings numbers and network firsts,and we kind of forget about what actually happened on the field. And for those of us who love sport,why we love it.What Ashton Agar did yesterday will be remembered for a long was really something.

  6. jezza the first original one

    The first 2 epic days of the Ashes has had more natural twists and turns/ebbs and flows/tension than a full season of faked/over produced so called reality shows.

    If The Ashes were a reality show, by now most folk would be whinging about how unrealistic it was and there is no way a kid (Ashton Agar), aged just 19 would ever bat at number 11 and score 98 to bring Aussie right back in to it. People would just laugh at how desperate networks are for viewing numbers…

    Real reality is far more compelling than some of the garbage turned out

  7. When will this reference to “multichannels” end?
    There are only TV channels, and that is it!

    Yes, I do understand why they are called a multichannel, but IMO it’s wrong.

  8. @Secret Squirrel – I think One will have Moto GP and F1 on the channel because everyone will have HD TV’s. It will be a bit of surprise if Ten and One don’t simulcast 2014 Sochi and 2014 Glasgow

  9. Secret Squirrel

    Not a fan of cricket but I’m glad that Nine is being rewarded for putting it on a multichannel (and in HD, even if upscaled). The cynic in me thinks that they didn’t broadcast it on their main channel because they knew that they could get higher ratings with The Block and The Footy Show but still, good on them.

    @MHA – I wouldn’t bet on the main channels changing to HD as soon as the switch-over is complete. Networks are really nervous about losing the eyeballs of people who only have SD STBs.

    @William – One is not full HD (1920×1080). It’s 1080i (1440×1080). And the sport that it does show is never going to be as popular as either of the two main football codes or cricket.

  10. @jumpingbean
    I suspect they are going to watch the BBL or Women’s T20 Domestic final on Ten. I personally think that Agar won’t do it again and England will run away with the match like they are doing now

  11. Ladies in my office were ranting how boring cricket was before, now I over heard some of them saying it was great watching it with their partners and understanding the game. I think they will continue watching through out the Ashes now, can’t believe how much an impact a game of cricket can be to lithe ladies i work with. Go Aussie :)

  12. I flipped over to see the score & got hooked on Agar’s innings & watched until he was caught out. Nill will be excited that there is so much interest in Test Cricket again. It looks great in HD too.

  13. Screen it in HD and the punters will flock to it. If only the networks would screen more live sport and premiere content in HD and deny the likes of Foxtel their only advantage. Surely the main channels will be HD from next year when analogue is finally switched off and multi-channel restrictions are relaxed with a low bit rate SD simulcast of the main channel for those who don’t have a HD STB?

  14. I think Nine is giving GEM a bit more bandwidth to give the maximum wow factor and its working. Looking at Fox HD picture GEM is almost on par,now why not all sports Nine??

  15. This may be(excepting one offs like Origin,and I guess The Voice),the single best night for Nine against Seven I can remember.It was all their way.Besides those historic Gem numbers for cricket,they swept everything else also.News,a current affair/today tonight,today/sunrise,and hot seat/deal at a 231,000 rout…repeat ..231,000…yikes.

  16. Fantastic numbers – lets hope Nine learn so if they get the Olympics again they broadcast alternative content on their two (or even three) channels.

  17. And imagine Gem’s ratings if there hadn’t been an alternative cricket feed available on Fox Sports 2. Assuming all of Fox’s audience watched Gem it could’ve cracked a million!

  18. As a casual cricket watcher myself, I was drawn to watching the Ashes and boy oh boy was it exciting. I lost 2 hours of sleep but it was well worth it. The ratings on GEM are flipping fantastic 9 must be extatic with those figures.

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