X Factor (turkey) slaps Big Brother

Judges Desk MelbourneIt was a Reality battle that would mean all or nothing, as Seven and Nine launched their tentpole shows for the second half of the year -but The X Factor has come out on top.

Seven’s talent show pulled out an impressive 1.63m viewers over Nine’s Big Brother on 1.3m viewers, despite Nine having the half-hour jump with a 7pm start.

In the demos Big Brother was stronger with 16-39 and 18-49, but X Factor won in 25-54. X Factor also won in every city except Brisbane, although it was a fair split in Melbourne.

Seven network was 31.5% then Nine 29.1%, ABC 19.0%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 4.8%.

Also for Seven was Seven News (1.37m), Today Tonight (1.24m), Home and Away (954,000), Please Marry My Boy (861,000), Deal or No Deal (581,000) and Red Widow (244,000).

Nine News was best for Nine on 1.43m then Big Brother (1.3m), A Current Affair (1.19m), Big Bang Theory (761,000 / 625,000), Hot Seat (747,000), 2 Broke Girls (466,000) and Footy Classified (226,000 in 3 cities).

ABC News has previously risen whenever Big Brother is on air and last night it saw 1.03m viewers for ABC1, a trend that is likely to continue. Australian Story was 904,000 then Four Corners (822,000), 7:30 (816,000), Media Watch (752,000), Q & A (582,000), Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraption (536,000) and Restoration Man (349,000).

TEN was unable to rise above TEN News (744,000). MasterChef was caught in the Reality crossfire with 684,000 then The Project (596,000), Wanted (453,000). The Simpsons was 371,000 and The Americans was 241,000.

Pain Pus and Poison (309,000) led SBS ONE followed by Housos (259,000), Mythbusters (216,000), World News Australia (166,000) and Bogan Pride (136,000).

Another showdown saw Peter Rabbit and Shaun the Sheep both tie on a huge 377,000 for ABC2. ABC3’s Dance Academy was 87,000.

Today: 388,000
Sunrise: 334,000
ABC News Breakfast: 47,000 / 38,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 29 July 2013


  1. At mistaken 20 million viewers do not have your viewing habbits. We all pick a programme to watch and watch it . If thre are other programmes i am interested in i record them on my PVR and watch them at a later date. Which is what most pople do

  2. @kirk x factor is fantastic tv the talent is incredible this year and i love the back stories on each of the performers. And the ratings prove it ..the highest rating show each night its on

  3. @Karlos your starting to feel your age just like i am 😉

    good to see some real talent on X-Factor, so much better than the Voice this year

  4. Either I’m starting to feel my age, or Big Brother has completely gone downhill since the Gretel/TEN era. Nothing about this show is live. It’s heavily edited, and is it just me or does Sonia address the audience as though the average age is 9?

  5. Until a rating system is devised that accurately records the viewership of all households, ratings mean nothing. I flicked between BB and the NRL, watched Wanted & QandA whilst recording Masterchef, Dexter and Newsroom. But my viewing like 20 million other Australians means squat.

  6. Ratings don’t really mean anything any more. I watched Big brother and taped Masterchef and the X Factor since they were all on at the same time, but I like them all and will watch them all as I think many people will.

  7. Personally I am over Reality shows. I find the singing contestant contrived, the talent should speak for itself, but apparently viewers need the emotional backstory to engage and connect with the contestants.
    As for BB it can be an entertaining slice of life with humans locked in a house. However I did prefer Gretel as a host and perhaps as I age, this style of show is less appealing. It is almost as if Ch9 like challenge shows, Block and BB.
    Will be interesting to see how AGT goes on 9 up against X. Seem like the networks like to overload viewers with the same genre Reno, Talent and Cooking. Who will challenge/copy 7 when DWTS returns?

  8. mycreations

    Great start for both Big Brother and The X Factor. Much better start for BB this year than last hope it holds its ratings. I switched over to X Factor a few times but the back stories make me kinda sick just bloody sing.

  9. was a very competitive night in the ratings last night. The reality shows on Seven and Nine premiered with good numbers.

    ABC held up well against the competition.

    Ten’s post 8.30 slots (on Mondays) have been an issue the whole year. The numbers for Wanted started off well, but are going downwards quite quickly.

    the little gem of Housos on SBS did well in terms of sbs ratings wise. Wish it can crack the 300k mark though.

  10. carolemorrissey

    Damn, really wanted Big Brother to trounce X Factor. I really liked it, good mix of people. Sure to be dramas with the rich/poor bit. I don’t think those on the ‘rich’ side should get too comfortable there. Big Brother always has something up his sleeve and there is bound to be a swap at some stage. I’m wondering if they’ll do a Survivor style and have them in 2 teams for the tasks and the winner gets the rich side and the losers the poor side.

  11. Good start for both shows, but I suspect X Factor will sustain those big numbers and BB will settle on maybe 900k-1m and win demos.

    But there is no way that XF or BB would be rating half as good if they were on Ten – they currently have the added benefit of being backed by stronger network brands. Same goes for a rumoured Idol return.

  12. i would suggest both shows will get stronger as the series goes through… maybe dip for a short time… how long are both runs… do we know?

  13. harrypotter1994

    Wasn’t very impressed with X Factor last night all but 1 of the heavily promoted acts performed and thats probably why I didn’t get wowed by any of those….did like that girl that sung Hero by Mariah Carey though

  14. I and a lot of my friends went back & forth last night between X Factor & Big Brother.
    Does X Factor seriously think that 1 contestant every 10 mins will hold the audience? And will they ever dare to have a contestant on X Factor that can sing well without any (tragic) back story at all.

  15. jumpjakflash

    @David – X Factor is touting 2.5m viewers last night. must be national figures.
    Do you know what the national figures are for Big Brother?

  16. Looks like I’ll be enjoying the final season of Big Brother. :(

    I’m hoping it wont dip below the 1m mark anytime soon.

    Competing against X Factor was a stupid move.

  17. thedirtydigger

    Was it just me or was the opener/s to BB really crap? Looked like something out of the 90s. Lame bit with Sonia in dressing room off the top, then some BB history around the world, then some “twist” dancing in black and white…then finally the show. It just looked old fashioned and irrelevant to the targeted audience demos.

  18. @jono: Problem is, if Idol returned, we’d be further saturated with reality singing contests and the fatigue would definitely reflect in the attitude and probably the ratings.

  19. I’m surprised we haven’t seen any stories from a certain News Ltd journo about people deserting Sunrise because Mel’s returned and they’re not happy….joking of course, the ratings fluctuate, just goes to show how stupid hose articles were. Sunrise won and lost days with Monique, and its won and lost days with Mel

  20. Good numbers for both shows really. Big Brother will probably settle around the million mark, like last year. Not a huge hit but ok in this day and age, . Hard to believe that TEN dumped both of these shows. TEN should now bring Idol back. Even if they can get 1 million to watch, it would help rebuild the network and help bounce other shows off it.

  21. Magda Szubanski was great on Q&A last night. She was far more sophisticated than most other celebrity panellists. Her comment on K Rudd was spot on.

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