The Blacklist tops Monday, but Homeland sinks.

2013-09-23_2304Two fast-tracked US dramas went head to head last night but there was only one winner: The Blacklist. 

It topped the night with 1.56m viewers for Seven while Homeland sank to just 443,000 for TEN due to no lead in. Maybe its audience had already seen the leaked online premiere or took advantage of TEN’s generous live streaming yesterday afternoon? That’s being optimistic.

Seven network share won with 35.2% then Nine 25.7%, ABC 20.95, TEN 14.3% and SBS 3.9%.

Following The Blacklist for Seven was The X Factor (1.52m), Seven News (1.3m), Today Tonight (1.09m), Home and Away (958,000), Million Dollar Minute (629,000) and Scandal (605,000). Mistresses was 263,000.

Nine News (1.23m) led Nine then A Current Affair (1.04m), Big Brother (970,000), Hot Seat (614,000) and The Amazing 80s (465,000).

Clive Palmer on Australian Story (1.02m) was best for ABC1 followed by ABC News (947,000), 7:30 (879,000), Four Corners (697,000), Media Watch (676,000) and Q & A (446,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (665,000) was TEN’s best performer then The Project (571,000), Homeland was 443,000. The Simpsons 348,000 outranked A League of their Own (327,000) -both lower then The Bold and the Beautiful (423,000).

World News Australia (214,000) was best for SBS ONE. The Secret World of Pain was 153,000, Legally Brown was 145,000 and The Spin was 138,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with 342,000.

Sunrise: 360,000
Today: 293,000
ABC News Breakfast: 62,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 30 September 2013


  1. I’m sorry about the news about Homeland and Ten. I’m not totally shocked it didn’t go well on a Monday. Because it usually isn’t their night. Also moving a show can be very risky. Although I wonder if it’ll pick up. I fear not.

  2. i wonder if the blacklist last long when x factor finishes soon will the ratings last long ten & lets hope when they put back ncis & la back on wednesday to face up against agents of shield & hostages from 7 & 9

  3. Interesting that a few of you are complaining about Homeland’s timeslot considering last year most commented that they would prefer it fast-tracked on a Monday night.

  4. Homeland is a quality drama with terrific acting and deserved to rate better than it did. Was surprised that Damian Lewis wasn’t in the first episode but it didn’t lose anything because of that.

  5. If shows can be watched now on this new channel 10 Paly wouldn’t the ratings for that be added to the night time showing? Surely between the two of them it would be higher than what is was. Airing of a new show will also have an effect. Sometimes it takes a few episodes before you can really tell if its going to stay on top or not.

  6. carolemorrissey

    I had an early start today, so I taped everything last night. A bit disappointing that Homeland didn’t rate better. I agree with what others have said and 10 should air it on a Thursday night when not much is on the other channels. Blacklist just aired it’s 2nd ep in the US and judging by the Tweets I read, is even better than the first one.

  7. I liked both Homeland and The Blacklist, not sure if Blacklist has the legs to last. Will Nine be bringing Big Bang Theory back in the coming weeks at 8:30?

    Also wondering, did Nine only make 6 eps of The Amazing 80s? How much did they edit out considering the NatGeo original was 11 parts.

  8. “I enjoyed Homeland on TENPlay. Surprised the 8:30pm screening was so low.”
    “I watched Homeland on tenplay, just so I could watch The Blacklist on tv”
    “I loved yesterday’s Homeland! I watched it live on ten’s website…”
    Yeah. Perhaps therein lies the answer?

  9. Homeland was always going to do worse than Blacklist. First was that league is noit a good enough lead in & Second anyone interested would have watched on Tenplus. Most of my friends chose that option.
    Everyone is saying that there were no promos for Homeland but I hardly watch Ten but there were plenty across One, Ten & Eleven (I watch Eleven much more than Ten).I even received an email inviting me to watch Homeland live on Tenplus.

  10. I enjoyed Homeland on TENPlay. Surprised the 8:30pm screening was so low.

    A League of their Own was good fun as well last night. The show isn’t perfect, but compared with the dribble that Seven and Nine dish out on Monday nights it isn’t too bad. Good for a few laughs.

  11. Please Channel 10, make more homegrown drama. Start thinking outside the square and it might help. Forget soft, no direction crap like Wonderland, Reef Doctors, Mr and Mrs Murder and start thinking strong plot driven concepts that will put the audience on the edge of their seats and keep them there.

  12. i agree with @AllanPo. season s3 of homeland will flop because of season 2. did ten really think viewers would return to the show after the network appeared to give up on it last season?
    also the promotion was an issue, were there any promos for homeland before last week? ie. ten’s lowest rating week of the year. stark contrast to The Blacklist which has had a well planned promotion spanning over the last few months.

  13. Indeed @mistaken as it doesn’t give a true figure for the ratings. People including myself don’t know what is a ratings box but I watch everything via HDSTB

  14. what i really want to know what new american shows that ten got because it cant just be under the dome & sleepy hollow even though i like sleepy hollow because if thats it then ten will stay dead for years they need a great line in & not with a big reality show or sport just another great existing american program

  15. I didn’t watch Homeland because it was a 1 season premise for me. The Blacklist lasted 5 minutes because when all those cars and a helicopter came to pick her up for work it was too over the top. I get suspending belief but this isn’t trying to be Diehard it’s trying to be Silence of the Lambs.

  16. Ten can’t catch a break. Homeland is a far superior show to Blacklist. The ratings system needs a complete overhaul so that it actually includes data on what all households are watching, not just the few with a ratings box.

  17. jezza the first original one

    I would like to see ch10 taken over by Netflix and completely shift away from the current dinosaur mode of broadcast tv.

    So many companies that have been hit by the internet/digital age have folded. There is a long list. Move quickly, get ahead and stay there. 3 years ago Nokia was the dominant mobile worldwide, it now has less than 10 per cent of the market. I know its a different arena, but any previously successful company that is vunerable in these changing times can very easily and quickly fall by the wayside. A few dumb decisions and you are gone.

    Ch10s best hope is like sam434 said, try and win Thu-Sat and get a few more viewers…

  18. Ten either needs to make shows that can beat The X Factor, The Voice, MKR, The Block, House Rules. Or programme around them and live with 10-15% of the ad revenue.

    The Blacklist was exceptionally silly and Seven were right to claim James Spader owned it. But it is flashy and on the back of The X Factor it is going to win easily.

    They only had one interesting idea, Liz’s husband, which they saved for the end. Now you have the possibility that Reddington is really interested him. And that Liz is not whom she seems (FBI profilers aren’t trained to critically wound with pens) and they are both interested in her for that reason.

  19. Scandal is brilliant and did well, especially considering its timeslot and the fact that it’s being shown a full year after it aired in the US (they start Season 3 this week).

  20. Armchair Analyst

    I am inclined to disagree with some of the comments so far regarding the BlackList. I very much enjoyed this show. The Blacklist is different from Arrow, in Arrow a rich young man survives his boat capsising and decides that someone wanted him dead so he plots his revenge although uncovering more then he thought. The BlackList is different in a sense that Raymon Reddington is a fugutive and suddenly decides to give himself up in return for certain perks which are only known to him he has a alterior motive not quite known. Personally both shows are different. TEN’s problem is their brand is trashed and their scheduling is not that great, Tuesday would have been better. Seven had AFL and X Factor although personally as soon i found out about The BlackList i wanted to watch it, so as long as it was on FTA i didnt care who had it.

  21. Ten screwed up Homeland S2 with poor scheduling. Last night’s result should not be a surprise. They need at least one major sport, and another event reality show to turn things around.
    The Blacklist was entertaining. Q&A was very boring.

  22. Loved Homeland last night. What a shame it didn’t perform well. I’d have to agree with you David, programming is a big issue here. TEN should have played smart and launched A League Of Their Own on a Thursday night after SVU as a replacement for the footy show. And it probably wasn’t smart to place a light entertainment show when two others are doing so well. I love channel TEN. I hope it lifts it’s game soon.
    David, what are your thoughts on an Australian version of Jeopardy as a 6 pm option for TEN?

  23. Maybe this is a lesson for all networks..don’t put two major shows up against each other especially when one is following an existing ratings winner. Some nights you have to choose between 4 or 5 good shows – and other nights there is absolutely nothing on. If I were 10 I’d be putting shows on the dud nights and they’d win the time slot. ABC are doing just that on Friday and Saturday nights and it’s working.

  24. Loved The Black List, hope it holds up….it will bleed viewers but im hoping no more than 20% and then the week after that holds the same then it will be a success IMO

  25. Surprised to see The Blacklist at number 1, but I did enjoy the show and hope other episodes are as good, think you have to watch a few of the shows to find out who and what the characters are about but feel the ratings will decline of the next week or two.

  26. jezza the first original one

    Ch10s year ended last night. Tonight the truly dull and dreadful Sleepy Hollow will be up against a totally overlength DWTS and tomorrow The Bach takes on Shield & Gruen, plus whatever ch9 has on. However Thursday is open for business now the AFL footy show has gone

  27. Everyone, Homeland deserves much better numbers. Please watch and share this very simple and very good Homeland promo. It sets up the next few weeks…

  28. Really liked Homeland, had to record it before of X Factor running over time though (How long does it take 3 judges to make a decision, apparently very long)

    Shame it can’t match the ratings of S1 but can’t knock TEN for trying. A League Of Their Own is certainly not returning next year.

  29. No lead-in didn’t help Homeland. But it only averaged 614k ONs for S2. After two season on Sundays they moved it to Monday where viewers have established habits watching other shows. It was up against The X Factor and an exciting premiere of The Black List which was heavily promoted during the AFL and the ABC’s Monday night lineup was solid as usual.

    Then they gave viewers another options to watch Homeland allowing them to watch The Black List live. Fast-tracking won’t overcome other more important programming factors. Next week they face Nine’s lineup on the back of the NRL.

    It’s hard to see where Ten expected to suddenly get viewers for S3 of Homeland from.

  30. If Ten can only pull that figure for fasttracking Homeland, they are in serious trouble. Yes, ALotO is not a good lead in, but that wont be the main reason it was so low.

  31. Have been hanging out to see homeland, and it didn’t work on the iPad via tenplay yesterday, so had to see it on TV at 8.30.

    Unfortunately I missed that as well as it conflicted with big brother so now I hope to be able to catch it on tenplay now!

  32. I feel sorry for 10 actually, and i really don’t think it has much to do with “lead ins” frankly, i am amazed at 9 it shows nothing but reality shows and sport.

    I certainly didn’t watch The Blacklist because some mind numbing reality show was on before it.

  33. How many had already watched Homeland in the afternoon, thanks to TEN? My tweens did, apparently, at a friend’s house, so we watched “Blacklist” and I am yet to see “Homeland” off PVR. Typical or unusual?

  34. i thought the black list was good but i dont know how i feel when in 4 weeks the ratings wont be that big when x factor finishes up & with homeland i think its just on the wrong night it did better on a sunday but who knows it might pick itself up in later episodes

  35. Wow. The Black list didn’t appeal, as crime/political thriller seems like it has been done before. It reminded me of Arrow and White Collar.
    Funny how we get swamped with similar genres, since one is successful, they all jump on the band wagon.
    As for Homeland, shame viewers didn’t switch on, but then if people just watch 7 and 9 they will miss the 10 promos. Plus X factor was a high rating lead in.
    I honestly didn’t watch anything on offer last night, but home 10 can gain some viewers eventually if soon doesn’t happen.

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