Breathtaking routine brings So You Think You Can Dance to a standstill

By David Knox on April 25, 2014 / Filed Under News 17

photo-5If you missed the semi-final of So You Think You Can Dance Australia last night, you missed a television moment, as 18 year old Michael Dameski put on an exemplary display of dance talent.

In the show’s “Dance for Your Life” where dancers choreograph their own routine to avoid elimination, his routine brought the judges and audience to its feet -while it was still underway. Before long he was trending on Twitter.

Judge Paula Abdul told TV Tonight, it was the most amazing routine she had seen on any version of the show.

“Professionally, I’ve never witnessed anything as special as this. You can’t even articulate it. I can’t begin to tell you, it was that awesome,” she said.

“It prompted an emotional response. I jumped up. The rest of the judges jumped up and the entire studio audience was on their feet, screaming and teary-eyed.”

The applause went on for so long the show had to drastically edit it down and re-introduce the remaining male dancers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.01.52 pmMichael was one of four contestants to graduate to the Grand Final next week, joining Lauren Seymour, Renelle Jones, and Jay Johns.

Meanwhile Ashleigh Tavares, NSW, 20, and Sam Malseed, SA, 18 were both eliminated last night.

Next week’s Grand Final includes Live elements with all Top 20 dancers returning plus Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo and Sam Smith.

“All of these finalists we are so pleased with. No matter which way the votes go, we are thrilled,” said Abdul.

“You can’t ask for anything more than that.”

7:30pm Thursday on TEN.



  1. Den April 27, 2014 at 7:29 pm -

    Having just caught up with the last 6 episode. I am so overjoyed with the top 4, and the top 20 as a whole this year.

    The level of talent from the contestants and the local and international choreography is superb, best season by far.

    It makes me terribly sad we won’t see another season.

  2. Brekkie April 27, 2014 at 3:55 am -

    Probably won the show for him as the result of the final will be based on the votes from the semi-final.

  3. Maev....Sydney April 26, 2014 at 1:32 pm -

    @ David Knox …Yes…I know you did many stories on this…but as I am not into dance and reality shows on the whole…I am afraid I missed or skimmed over them…My bad!

  4. catherine April 26, 2014 at 12:06 pm -

    I watched the replay yesterday and what a beautiful performance. Just flawless.

  5. benita_419 April 26, 2014 at 2:14 am -

    Amazing! Thankyou for posting about this David

  6. tvaddict April 25, 2014 at 11:40 pm -

    i missed this, not a regular viewer of the show, i was watching the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala that was hidden away on One. Really cannot understand how they could be so stupid as i really think they could have put it on say Sat night on Ten & it would rate well, light entertainment is what people want. Even though i don’t watch i don’t know why SYTYCD is getting such low ratings, i do have some conspiracy theories that the ratings system has been corrupted by higher powers that may somehow benefit from it.

  7. David Knox April 25, 2014 at 11:16 pm -

    Yes, I filed from week one on the level of talent, including a major set visit story and interviews.

  8. Maev....Sydney April 25, 2014 at 11:11 pm -

    @ Neil…thanks for the link….I am watching the whole show…I am amazed at the professional level of the dancers and choreography….I never knew it was like this…Wow!
    I am not a dancer or really into dance…but what is not to like…even just the opening number was awesome…
    Shame TEN does not draw a lot of eyes…we all missed out with this one.

  9. Sydney2K April 25, 2014 at 7:29 pm -

    There always has to be someone who damns with faint praise. Forget the politics of ratings or scheduling and enjoy the performance.

  10. once-upon-a-time April 25, 2014 at 12:31 pm -

    Considering I was one of those born with two left feet and not an ounce of gracefulness, I can only comment by saying and on behalf of Network Ten and this talented young dancer Micheal ‘thank heavens for the twitter sphere’ because the events of standing ovations by judges and audience, probably reached many more the eyes and ears amid the tweeters, if compared across all viewer rating demos.

    So I suppose now that Lochy has gone home to daddy, it will up to Hamish to get daddy to include a new ratings numbers classification, possibly something like ‘ Twiatings’ (open for suggestions), when daddy is telling Malcolm when/what he has to do, but the ‘when’ will depend entirely on who is in control of Network Ten.

  11. Justsaying.. April 25, 2014 at 12:14 pm -

    This is such a good show it’s a shame that dancing is not up there like singing in Australia, hopefully they bring SYTYCD back nexy year too?…

  12. mason April 25, 2014 at 11:49 am -

    Yeah, that was awesome in the true sense.

  13. Kirk April 25, 2014 at 8:43 am -

    I agree with Paula, it was the best example of dance I have ever seen. Truly extraordinary.

  14. TasTVcameraman April 25, 2014 at 8:24 am -

    Great show! Probably would have had more viewers if it had been on a little bit earlier say 7.00pm.

    Great production, shame very few watch it. Real talent and not contrived.

    But it appears that the LCD want contrived stuff.

  15. Brendan April 25, 2014 at 7:53 am -

    It really was a privilege to be able to be in the audience to see the performance live. The energy and applause for Michael was completely overwhelming. The biggest highlight of the show so far.

  16. Neil April 25, 2014 at 7:48 am -

    It was one of those moments when you bear witness to something absolutely awesome and a person at the top of their craft.

    For those who missed it, you can watch it here

    This should be Ten’s ad on high rotation for all this week to promote the final. Maybe unfair for the other contestants, but what a performance and what a star this young lad will be.

    Would love to see some footage taken from other cameras that got close ups. It is his character that he takes on that adds punch to his routine.

    I for one salute you Michael. I wish you well for for future career and thank you for allowing me to see that routine.

  17. ryan April 25, 2014 at 5:17 am -

    Holly crap balls when I saw that tonight my jaw dropped I got shivers! That guy can do some kool dance moves.

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