1. I see BH90210 is back on Monday, did they cut short the 2 week break? Anyway, happy its back to how it was. BH90210 restores some normality to life and i don’t care how sad that sounds!

  2. Grant seems a lot more comfortable hosting Feud.
    I always felt he looked a bit awkward on Minute.
    Hope FF does well for his sake and Ten’s.
    I always support the underdog.

  3. Family Feud is doing much better than i thought it would. It actually rose from night one which is a great sign. Smart move by TEN. I must say i had my doubts. Obviously we will see how it goes in a few weeks time and where its standing but right now its a good move.

    The X Factor is amazing this year. Where has all this talent been hiding? So many great singers. The figures are down a bit on last season but i think they will only rise from here as word of mouth gets out about the quality of the contestants.

  4. @Pertinax – keep up… It’s 90210 on ELEVEN at 6pm.. and ppl who leave their meter on and head off to their ironing room don’t count

    @Jock – Perhaps Seven News should – they could add the 15k for Homes under the Hammer

  5. oztvheritage

    OK FF is on three channels…but really – What are the numbers normally for ONE and Eleven at 6pm anyway. 100K combined?

    Take that away from last nights figure…and it is still a step in the right direction for Ten. Doubling it’s 6pm audience a week ago. And it is having a positive effect on News and the Project.

    Many people will now stick with Ten for the evening. Something that has not been the case for a long time!!!

  6. @ Daveyboy Lucky I recorded from 9:30 for 2.5 hours. Nearly missed the end! Atrocious programming!
    @Michael Oz I agree. I am always damaged when people want shows to fail. I do not like cooking, singing, dating or fashion reality shows. But acknowledge it employs people in the struggling TV industry!

    People can watch what they like and accept reality is a preferred live TV experience with advertising clout bigger than dramas.

  7. My god, I hate it when I read “I hope “A” kills “B” in the ratings or “can’t wait until “so and so” gets axed”…
    We’re talking about people’s creativity, careers and livelihoods here.
    Stand up for a show, or don’t choose to watch a certain show. Sure.

    But to wish for it’s failure? I just don’t get that.

  8. @ditto – I’m sure that 7 News would have raked in an extra couple of hundred thousand if it were simulcast across multiple channels as well.

    Most of the audience on 11/One are passive viewers. They are only there while they wait for their shows at 6:30 to start rather than actively seeking to watch FF (otherwise they would surely be doing so on Ten itself?). I’m sure that a few will follow the show to Ten next week, but it certainly won’t be enough to maintain these figures.

    Let’s see what happens on Monday, on a channel vs channel basis before we start declaring this move a victory for Ten.

  9. jezza the first original one

    at least ch10 is finally putting up some sort of competition

    there is a degree of (fake) reality tv fatigue, all the contrived spontaneity has become a little formulaic.

    Dome is dead, another drawn out mystery US tv series dragged out over too many eps.

    Good to see MC get its mojo back, don’t watch the voice and determined not to get sucked in by XF this year

  10. @ditto
    People who prefer say Everybody Loves Raymond rpt first and FF second would stay with FF but switch away next week.

    Some viewers with a people meter will have left their TV on Eleven while waiting for something at 6:30pm, or while they are ironing or cooking. They don’t have a preference for FF.

  11. David – I always admire your impartiality.

    We respect some people don’t like trash TV but the ratings say otherwise. There’s a bit of everything for all types of people to watch. Some people seems to exercise elitism around here.

  12. but the playing field is even?? I don’t pay that excuse.
    If the oneHD viewers and eleven viewers didn’t want to watch Feud… wouldn’t they flick to 7 news? or go or gem or Spree? or switch it off? There’s options to choose from!
    719,000 people watched Family Feud.. that’s the number…
    Also the playing field is open for all channels to simulcast.. not that I’m advocating that.

  13. @reesieboi

    I wouldn’t smile just because an Australian show fails because there are people’s jobs involved here but we respect your opinion. For the record, both X Factor and Voice numbers are down this year.

  14. For a tired old fashion game show on a broken down network to beat 7 news in Sydney on its 2nd night on air is truly astonishing. Welcome back Channel 10.

    • Guys the tone today is a bit extreme for what is Reality TV ratings across a much bigger calendar year. While I get that people have favourites, it is only TV after all.

      Ditto: I wouldn’t write about FF toppling Seven News until the playing field is even, but I have acknowledged its increase.

  15. @reesieboi. Haha I’m smiling as well.
    The reason that I don like x-factor is because I hate talent shows with a passion and that includes the voice. Hopefully this will be the last year for either one of those shows or both and we the viewers can get something a little more original from 7 and 9 next year. Although I won’t be holding my breath on that one

  16. credit where credits due maybe…?
    at the risk of sound like the broken down record… X Factor is down hundreds of thousands on last year and it still gets the lead headline???
    Family Feud is up ridiculously in its timeslot, beat 7 News in Sydney and as per @Josh777 i think Project’s boost in numbers show it’s working just on the main channel… but it gets an indirect put down in this story… boring

  17. Perhaps channel 7 should reschedule its programming next year and pit MKR against the voice! Hopefully it will destroy the voice’s already diminshing ratings and leave X factor as our one and only talent show. Just a thought!

  18. Good to see Inside Story bomb last night.

    Another lazy attempt by Nine to fill one hour of TV – all clips were shown in the 6pm news or have been seen before – exception being Karl standing near a darkened ditch and a blatant plug for a Sixty Minutes interview this Sunday night.

  19. Although Family Feud is across 3 channels I think it’s safe to say it’s helping the primary channel’s timeslot given the 6:30pm half of The Project increased last night (the majority of the time it barely exceeds 450k off the top of my head). Here’s hoping this will have a knock on effect on the 8:30pm timeslot which obviously needs help (500k for Under The Dome is disappointing not to mention the 300k for 24 on Mondays).

  20. I would have liked to compare Under The Dome to Arrow in the same timeslot… But I doubt that will ever happen with the way 9 goes about their programming.

    Arrow went from 8:30 to 9:30, and then to 10:00… For its season opener!

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