James Brayshaw: It’s not about the mon-ay, mon-ay, mon-ay…

Former Footy Show presenter James Brayshaw has spoken about his exit from the network following speculation that contract negotiations over salary could not be resolved.

He told Fairfax he wanted to spend more time with family and was setting new priorities to be a better father.

“I’ve never once argued with Nine about money in the whole time I was there,” he said. “None of this dispute had anything to do with money. The money was absolutely fine, right from the start.

“I wanted to have some flexibility to do other things. Nine were clear they weren’t comfortable with that. I understood their position. I don’t leave with any bitterness or resentment. I have enormous regard for the place, great friends and great memories. I wished them well on departure, as they did me.”

News Corp has previously speculated that Nine agreed to salary demands but baulked over dual network conversations with FOX Sports.

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