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  1. According to the article on today “Zoo starts a rush of major new American TV shows set to hit Aussie screens in coming months” Supergirl doesn’t actually have a home yet and due to changes with the WB deal 9 doesn’t automatically get the rights. Well if its not on 9 viewers might actually have a chance to watch it. Let’s hope this show doesn’t end up on foxtel. It should be on free to air. Hopefully whichever network gets the rights they make use of the buzz about the show and fast track it. Also nine’s program chief commented on the same article that US shows don’t rate as well as they used to. Of course that’s what happens when viewers are treated poorly and you don’t fast track, when you delay shows like arrow for 6 months and burn in doubles, keep chopping and changing timeslots, have shows air and disappear never to return and have drama air at late timeslots…

  2. Does anyone know what’s happening with The Crazy Ones? It disappeared a couple of weeks ago with no news from Eleven about a return.

  3. Loved Miss Fisher Mysteries. I do hope there is a season 4. There seasons are too short also. I am also hoping that The Dr Blake Mysteries comes back on now…any news about that David?

  4. Couple of slow tracked series return in two weeks time. House of Lies season 3 starts Sunday week around 10.30pm on Eleven shown 18 months ago in US and The Glades fourth and final season starts Sunday week at 11.30pm on One.

  5. Currently bingeing through Love Child and, boy, was episode three a complete knockout! Writing, directing, acting – the lot.
    Full marks to all the talent (my word, haven’t they reversed the Matron’s character?) involved with the production..
    Damned fine show – makes me proud to be an Aussie when we produce quality TV like that episode.

  6. easygoing777

    Quick question any one heard anything about the TV show Longmuir is it back has it been picked up at the other mob dumped it thanks

  7. Season 2 of Hannibal starts on 7 Monday week at 10.30pm while season 3 has just started on Foxtel. Then the single season of Zero Hour starts at 11.30pm shown in US two years ago.

  8. Maev....Sydney

    ‘Liberal MP Steven Ciobo believes the ABC could find savings in its 24-hour news channel because a similar service exists on pay TV. ‘..on.Channel Ten’s Bolt Report……….source….
    I am fed up with this gov….they live in ‘ivory towers’………Not everyone has, wants or can afford pay TV….and I personally prefer the straight forward news on ABC24….
    I am seriously concerned about the state of our ABC by the time they have finished with it!

    • Well Liberal MP Steven Ciobo is right as there is already Sky News and FOX Sports News. I think ABC can start cutting down their services which means getting rid of ABC News 24 and radio networks for a start. There is something called the internet to get your 24/7 news. The taxpayers pay like $1b to the ABC which I think is deeply unfair and not worthy enough to pay all that much. Your complaining about the state of the ABC? What about SBS and Ten. They need the help not the ABC who already gets enough cash funds. ABC and SBS should follow suit of the big 3 networks rather then all these stations, which is main channel and 2 multi channels plus datacasting channels. One would think that Foxtel and Ten would combine the newsrooms and content

      • Are you suggesting taxpayer funds should be used to support Ten? Ten is a commercial network and shouldn’t be receiving taxpayer support.

        We live in a world of a variety of different people and its too simplistic to suggest that everyone should get their news from the internet or foxtel. Many people can’t afford or don’t want foxtel. Many people don’t get their news from the internet either by choice or because they don’t know how to use the internet. Many people live in areas of poor internet reception or can’t afford a high data caps.

          • Great, just what Australia needs, an even more concentrated media landscape! Taxpayers supporting Ten? Oh please, it’s a commercial organisation. We subsidise 7, 9 and 10 shareholders quite enough as it is, thanks.

            Also, you’re living on another planet if you think cutting ABC would fly with anyone, least of all the LNP. ABC Radio is a lifeline in the bush. The National Party would have a complete hissy fit.

      • Most TV viewers don’t have Foxtel and don’t particularly want it, therefore they do not have access to Sky News. By “datacasting” presumably you mean endless-commercials channels flogging steam mops and blenders all day. Not aware of the internet carrying press conferences and extended news coverage live, except of course ABC24.

      • So William if we follow your idea to its logical conclusion the fact that there are multiple sports channels on Foxtel “already existing” you will also be calling on CH7 and CH9 to shutdown their sports departments.

      • I lik the ABC everything, especially the news. I don’t want to have to scour the internet for news, its too inconvenient for that, and I don’t have Sky News and Foxtell.

  9. Haven’t seen every episode of masterchef so I can’t say how each individual is progressing overall. I watched tonights episode and the way it played out I thought Georgia would be in the bottom three and was kind of surprised when she wasn’t. The ending really missed an explanation as to why rose was bottom 3 and Georgia wasn’t.

  10. What’s everyone ratings predictions.

    I feel like Marsterchef will be down slightly (1.1 mil), Voice will debut at a solid 1.2 mill, House Rules will be down to 800k.

  11. I missed what I believed was the last episode aired on AB3 of Heartland . So I decided to catch up and watch on Iview and it said it was the first episode of a new season. This was shown mid June. No episodes have been screened on ABC3 since. And now they are no longer on Iview either. Can you help me understand whats going on?

  12. My DVR updated for 78 yesterday (after updating twice for no apparent reason caused by Ten the day before).

    On my new TV the picture quality and sound quality aren’t great. But on my old DVR the it’s unwatchable. The picture is jerky and freezes and the sound is so clipped it’s completely garbled. They must really be pushing the limits of DVB technology with it.

  13. I see stalker is not on again tonight on nine but replaced with episode of jail house girls.
    I’m really tired of nine changing this programme around. Why not change it to gem?
    Same with how to get get away with murder on seven? Does anyone know if these two programmes with be returning to tv? Very frustrating……..

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