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  1. Hi David

    Just wondering if y could find time to do an article about how studio output deals effect Australian TV.
    An example would be:
    We haven’t had any Star Wars movies on telly since Disney bought the company. Any idea why?
    Also, when Mr Nimoy passed away last week, TEN decided to repeat The Motionless Picture on eleven, then the 2009 reboot last night. Surely Voyage Home or Undiscovered Country were more respectful to Mr Nimoy.

    So, question.
    When a network makes a deal with overseas distributors, do they have a limited number of “licenses” to run the content? If so, how do TEN get away with endless repeats of Simpsons, Modern Family etc?
    And Nine with BBT?

    I would love it if you could do an article on how it all works, or at the very least direct me to a site than can explain the machinations.

  2. Eleven are airing The Simpsons episode featuring Leonard Nimoy tonight at 7pm…also on colour tv i was a kid when dad bought one in 1975,it was a 63cm AWA Deep Image Colour,huge wood grain unit with & cost about 800 bucks,tv in Aus back then had 625 lines resolution which was more than what the US or UK offered giving us a better quality broadcast.

    • UK introduced colour on BBC 2 for Wimbledon coverage on 1 July, 1967. The BBC 2 “full” commenced on 2 December, 1967. Australia adopted the British 625-lines-PAL analogue system so Australia and UK systems were the same. The USA 525-lines NTSC system was, and still is, noticeably inferior.
      One decision, about the only one, that the Austn. government got right regarding Austn. TV.
      Both NZ and PNG use MPEG-4 for digital, a superior system to Australia’s.

  3. Just read about MKR dad and his X-wife, why do people have to air their domestic problems on TV, if this guy hadn’t have been seen on a television show no one would know about it, now its basically front page news, wonder how much money the X was paid?

  4. Regional Viewer

    @ Neil Forbes February 24, 2015 1:21 am and to all the younger generations who were born who were born in the 1980’s and 1990’s want to know that moment in time although I don’t remember the day as my family still had Black and White as the new sets at the time cost an arm and leg to buy as for me colour never you could say struck me until around 1977 two years after it was introduced by world standards we made a late entry converting to colour when it was first announce in 1968 but anyway Happy 40th to Colour as patula Clark would say you have colour my world every each day

  5. There was a little thing on ONE last night at 6pm, GT Academy – this is a show where Gran Turismo players compete for the chance to become real race car drivers. The show focused on an Aussie team in the competition.

  6. Today is the most important milestone anniversary in Australian TV history. As I write this, it is 2.22am on Sunday, 1st March, 2015, the 40th anniversary of the commencement of full-time colour TV broadcasting. Australia had monochrome(B & W) TV for only 19 years, less than that actually. TV started in Australia with Station TCN-Sydney in September, 1956, Station GTV-Melbourne following soon after and the others following on in quick succession. In late October, 1974 the first colour test transmissions began and led to the finale, C-Day, 1-3-1975! We’ve had colour TV now for more than twice the period of monochrome broadcasting. But will the stations acknowledge this important milestone? I strongly doubt it! They’ll(commercial stations) just continue pumping out the same old garbage they normally do and totally ignore today’s significance.

    • Wrote that yesterday, 1st March. Here I sit on 2nd March, disgusted, but not surprised that all the TV stations wantonly ignored the most important milestone anniversary in Australian TV history! Watched NBN and ABC news all the way through and not even once did they mention the anniversary, by that I can safely extrapolate than none of the others, metro or regional, commercial or national, gave it a moment’s thought either. I said in that post: ” But will the stations acknowledge this important milestone? I strongly doubt it! They’ll(commercial stations) just continue pumping out the same old garbage they normally do and totally ignore today’s significance.” And they did! This was the most important anniversary as it marked 40 years since the massive leap forward from monochrome to colour and is of greater importance than the anniversary of TV itself! The conversion to digital will…

  7. a subject I’ve been thinking about.. movie companies/studios on FTA.

    how is it that channels can air movies across all channels? it seems like every few months the same movies are played on different channels. usually they stick to their own, Universal, Sony, WB, Paramount and so on. and Im not talking about movies that move from Ten to One to Eleven or Seven to 7mate.

    recently I’ve seen Sony and Universal movies played on Eleven and One (should be on 7), Paramount played on Seven, Ten, Eleven, One and GO (should be just Ten’s channels) Dreamworks on 7mate and Eleven. even Mirimax movies not too long ago seen on GO have been recently played on SBS 1&2. SBS played Apocalypse Now, which was played on Ten and now it’s on 7mate. Seven and 7mate have aired Scarface but I saw it was played on ONE. Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club have been played on 7/7two but Eleven recently…

    • Wilfred had been bumped forward to 9:27pm (in the middle of Empire!), presumably that’s gone.

      So that’s POI, The Mentalist, Wilfred and presumably White Collar that won’t be on this week.
      At least The Good Wife returns.

        • If you look closely at the ONE TV guide for the week, the shows (Robson Green Sun, Undercover Boss tonight, Attenborough Tues, White Collar Wed, Last Man Standing Thu) that air when I’m A Celebrity is on Ten run for exactly the same length as I’m A Celebrity. I’d say it’s a sneaky simulcast, why not just say you’re doing it?

  8. I remember him best from “Unsolved Mysteries” in the late 70’s… a kid this show scared the pants off me – but I HAD to watch it!!! As a late blooming Trek Nerd I can appreciate his talent even more. Sad to see him go.

    • “Unsolved Mysteries” was Robert Stack. Leonard Nimoy was “In Search of..” – usually before the 7 news on Saturdays. Also a regular, as Paris, in “Mission Impossible”.

      • MrsStepford

        You are right Robert…. I think that the Simpson’s episode (which starred Leonard Nimoy) made me mix it up – David Duchovny’s line “the unsolved mysteries of Unsolved Mysteries”. Just the lead in and opening music of “In Search Of…” still gives me the creeps yet, I am like a moth to a flame…One of the great Simpson’s episodes of all time btw….

  9. Leonard Nimoy best known as Star Trek’s Spock has passed away. ): He was 83. I remember him from guest appearances in The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory.

  10. When was the last time you rented a DVD from your local video shop? This is because the Blockbuster Closed Down, Now I use the HOYTS Kiosk and Video Ezy Express Rental Kiosk to hire DVD and Blurays .

    • harrypotter1994

      Yeah our last one closed down in December – had been around for 15 years since they had been open.

      Replaced by the Video Ezy Express Rental Kiosk that I haven’t used

    • The three closest to me closed down over a decade ago. There was a big one left two suburbs over that took all the business, but it was turned in to Yum Cha restaurant a few years ago. There’s a vending machine in a mall about 8km away. I’ve had cable for over a decade so can’t say I’ve need one. I’ve never managed to catch Requiem for a Dream or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington though.

      I used to work with a woman who ran a video store. I told her sell out while the going was good in the mid nineties. She scoffed at me. Ended up diversifying into under-the-counter porn DVDs, got busted by the police and ended up bankrupt.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        I don’t understand why she went out of business. It’s not as if people could download porn movies over the internet like they could with non-porn movies.

        Oh, wait…

  11. A shame there are no nab challenge matches on free to air. There’s a bunch of multichannels surely they could’ve aired some of the matches somewhere. Hopefully this will be rectified in the next rights agreement as well as all free to air matches being live instead of on delay on Saturday afternoon into Melbourne.

  12. sad to see channel 7 has gone back to showing the same program early Thursday morning , on all 3 channels, the last few weeks we had different program , it was great being a night owl,

  13. The ad campaign Ten are running for Empire is awful. The promotion is centred around the fact it is the ‘New American Hit series with 15 million viewers’ and that Lucius Lyon is stepping down and someone will claim his ‘empire’. In contrast FOX’s ad campaign focussed on the actual music, performances and soapy storylines. You can tell barely anything about the actual content of the show from Ten’s promos – let alone that hip hop and music are the centre of the show

    They’ve really bungled the promotion on this. I am quite passionate about this show so it is a shame to see it being marketed so poorly.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      A whole bunch of people are going to tune in to the first ep and it’s not going to be what they’ve assumed from Ten’s promo. Ten seems to go for this angle that the program they’re promoting is a hit show and that everybody (or “Australia”) is talking about it. I’m unclear as to whether this naïve approach has a net positive or negative effect.

    • I don’t see the point of ten promoting empire based on the US viewership. Doesn’t mean the show will work here. I’ve heard some of the music from empire and that’s why I plan to give it a try. If I hadn’t heard some of the music and read about it on this site I would’ve given it a miss based on ten’s promo’s.

  14. Maev....Sydney

    I have just watched episode 1 of Forever….yes, it is fanciful and out there….but I love it….and that will probably kill it….*sigh*…many things I like…don’t last….and the good doctor….nice!!!!!!!….. :)

    • You mean Horatio Hornblower? It’s not a bad show, but like many other American ones, it takes what could be a *really* interesting premise and proceeds to drag it out interminably, all the while watering it down. It’s not a bad yarn at all, but I wouldn’t get attached to it…

  15. David,

    I thought it a little remiss that no reference was made to the new season of Silent Witness that started last night on BBC First.

    Excellent season opener (IMO at least) for this very long running series.

  16. David, love the new feature where i have set up for new items that you publish to come to my e mail inbox. Saves me always visiting your site as my e mail account is always active. Thanks so much

  17. A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad on GO! saying The Last Ship is “Coming Soon”. This TV series, starring Eric Dane, aired in the US last year. Basically, the plot is: the crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth’s population.

    There’s no sign of the show in any upcoming TV programs.

    Does anyone have any idea when it might be starting? Thanks.

  18. After htgawm seven showed a promo saying that the show was available on “all screens” to view on plus 7. This is an inaccurate statement as its well known that 7 does not provide apps for all devices therefore can’t claim it can be viewed on “all screens”. Stretching the truth much.

    • where they repeats that were shown, if so they aren’t available as they have to be new episodes. Seven also like with every other show/network have to pay for catch up. If they haven’t then they can’t put the show up after it airs. Maybe Seven couldn’t afford it

  19. Well, 7 must have 4 episodes stockpiled of my favourite show Blacklist now it’s back on air in the US… are there any rumblings that it might suddenly turn up in the schedule as yet please?

  20. David, I’m not sure if it would be possible (or permissable by OzTam for you to do), but could you sample a top 10/20 of shows ranked according to their rating in the 18-49 demo for any single day or across a week, similar to how the US media reports ratings sometime?

    I’ve been looking at the US ratings of late, and the demo numbers VS total people numbers can really flip things around. The Good Wife for example gets big total people, but relatively week demos. Would be interesting to see what it would do to Australian numbers.

    • That would be interesting and would explain some programming decisions like APTCH moving to cable.
      But Oztam will only allow the publication of data in their formats it can’t be fiddled with or rearranged. It’s owned by the commercial networks and they prefer top n lists (and split their successful shows occupy more slots). This is so that the discussion is about how well their top performers are doing. It is possible to report on individual figures though.

      You can get some of what you want from the daily top 5 lists for the younger demographics. You can look the US breakdowns for US network shows.

      It’s not that surprising. MKR, The Block and the TBBT are at the top because they have large audiences and are watched by younger viewers. TBBT rpts, FF, Revenge, How To…, I’m A… and weekend moves make the top 5s for younger viewers, despite having lower total numbers. Shows…

    • Jake the info is already published here, albeit not in the fashion you are suggesting. 18-49 demo is published every day so with a few clicks you can see how top shows performed across a week. What you are suggesting would require more work to write as a weekly wrap in editorial (the only way it would be allowed) and frankly I would be going back over the very posts I am pointing you towards in order to do it. The site has always sought to be self service friendly, thanks!

  21. Through Facebook trending feed, I found out that Ben Woolf who played ‘Meep’ in the latest season of American Horror Story has died followed a car accident where he was hit in the head by an SUV side mirror.

  22. Does anyone know when the Ellen show is taped? I’m watching it on Nine now, and it’s about last nights Academy Awards. It says online that’s it’s filmed at 5pm LA time, which is midday Melbourne Time, which is when it airs on Nine. I always assumed it was 2 days behind so would it have been filmed last Friday but they just add the red carpet features in? Thanks in advance

    • We are usually a day behind.
      So there friday’s ep will be our mondays ep.
      Channel 9 didn’t have an ep yesterday due to the awards but it was on gem.

  23. Eleven are replaying the second season on American Horror Story again – why not replay one of the other seasons or maybe a different show?
    Also with this 4 week gap for Supernatural I hope Eleven does something besides air episodes of The Simpsons in its place.

  24. This coming Sunday, 1st March, 2015 marks an important, nay very important milestone in Australian TV history. It is the 40th Anniversary of the commencement of full-time colour TV broadcasting, but I sorely doubt the TV stations will even give it any thought whatsoever. September, next year will mark 60 years of Australian TV overall but the real highlights of our TV history dried up in the 1990s. TV today is a veritable wasteland with only Auntie ABC offering any worthy content at all.

  25. Africa is taking over our screens tomorrow night with a the South African team having an African themed restaurant, The Block promos with showing African animal prints in their designs and I’m A Celeb still in South Africa, of course. :)

  26. I mostly have taken to playing cards and board games now. What I will never stand is mostly commercial channels treating its viewers as though they have attention spans of a gnat. Who reads a book then flicks back ten pages to re-read a few further pages and then repeat that process over and over and over….
    I bore very easily, have to turn off, in fact perhaps someone with time on their hands could tape only the original input. I think we might find they expect viewers to sit through an hour to actually take in just 15 minutes of raw footage.
    Not good enough, cards far more stimulating.

  27. Maev....Sydney

    I dont watch The Block…but read early hours of this morning….that the footballer guy is in hospital with pneumonia….worked through all of last week with the flu…I only know him from being with the Swans….
    Hope he is doing ok…

  28. I see that according to promos on E!, they have picked up The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It starts 10.30pm Monday March 2nd. Not sure why they insist on airing something that is already on express on free to air. Why not one of the other shows that we don’t get?

    • Its not express on abc2 its 2 day delay…Comedy channel used to be express, same day, so maybe E will show it express…But i agree id rather see Late Late Show with James Corben when it starts

  29. Apart from live tv, is there a timeline cut off point in rescheduling a TV show? How close to the original scheduled broadcast time can stations make an alteration to the scheduled time, a couple of days, hours, minutes, seconds?

  30. What’s the deal with, every morning they have a fresh article about I’m a Celebrity…. Are they being paid to write a new story each day in order to help gain viewers, or have they got a team of staff who are just obsessed with low grade reality to the point that they can’t stop writing about it?

    • I noted the same thing but yes, it appears they were flown over, not just on a junket though, but potentially for the entire shoot. The writers of the pieces are finally saying “flown over as a guest by Channel Ten” or similar. I also noticed that one writer commenced an article about the great ole time the production crew were having on this series. Helicopter rides to champagne dinners?? Something along those lines. The article disappeared within a day and hasn’t come back but certainly they were implying funds are being used generously on the crew etc.

  31. Hey David, Any idea when we will get the new season of The Middle….. I see 9 is messing around with The Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly and Two Broke Girls……. I really want The Middle Back….. Please have good news… Cheers

  32. A new show the AU networks could produce locally its Syfy – Total Blackout Eddie brown nose show. its a little crude, but very funny.
    You tube it if you dare.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Getting sick lately of SBS sticking double eps of some of their dramas in their schedule. Was having difficulty finding time for the one ep of Lost Girl a week so I think I’ll be letting it go.

      • You say that as if there’s plenty of stuff to watch on Aussie TV.
        To be clear these are the final 2 eps of season two, so after tonight it probably won’t be on SBS2 again until next Summer.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          Yeah, I’m watching more stuff regularly online these days. Thanks for the info about them being the last 2 eps of S2. That does make two eps in a row more palatable even if they’re not actually a double-ep. Just realised that SBS On Demand has been leaving the eps up for longer so I’ll make an effort to catch up on the 2 or 3 I prev missed.

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