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  1. Bit of late scheduling courtesy of my Foxtel Guide:
    Tonight on Eleven- Jane the Virgin, HIMYM 10.30, and Corden are all out. Replaced by another encore of both Survivor eps, which were both already encored Tuesday night on One from 7.30.
    Also, The Great Australian Spelling Bee appears to have moved to 6.30 Sat on Eleven.

  2. Very annoyed I missed most of Mega Truckers tonight on 7mate – only caught it while flicking around 8.50. Buried on 7mate at 8.30pm on Tuesday with no single repeat for the whole week and no promotion other than one ad I saw during the Olympics. Have to see if its on catch up. While I bet Zumbo gets 3-4 repeats during the week and had 235,678 ads for it during the Olympics.

  3. Just got my email from ABC….Looking forward to Birds Of A Feather,
    Friday 8pm and series 5 of Vera, Sunday 8.30pm…
    I already had Vera checked from the Calendar on this blog

  4. I’m disappointed with 10. Last night I recorded the finale eps of the current season of NCIS:NO. I even added an extra 25 minutes to the season finally, still I had to go over to TENPLAY to watch the last 20 or so minutes.

    So frustrating because, unlike a PVR record, where you can FF the adverts, you have to watch the ads on TENPLAY. I can skip the file at five minute intervals, but if there’s an ad, you have to watch the whole thing. A positive, both eps were enjoyable.

  5. Still finding this season of zoo good. Still annoyed at channel 10 for picking a timeslot where they would sometimes have to show car racing highlights and disrupt the airing of zoo. Not happy to have no episode of zoo airing this week and don’t know who in channels 10 programming department thought it was a good idea to put zoo on 8.30pm Saturday night timeslot on one when they also had plans to air car racing highlights that would disrupt the flow. This is the second times its happened and its sucks.

      • So if what you say is correct, the car highlights finish at 9.30pm this Saturday yet ten decides to skip a week and move it to 9.30pm the following Saturday. Again who the fark is running the scheduling department at channel 10 and repeatedly making poor decisions.

    • Agree though again the editing left a fair bit to be desired especially the post-challenge section – that end portion lacked subtlety.

      Having established the dual narrative there was an easy cut point where the US would’ve gone to tribal, instead after that point Endemol/Oz editors decided to cram in not only a conversation where the entire tribe are told to vote one way, a theoretical send-off for that character, before virtually ignoring them at tribal whilst seemingly including every question posed (in the 30-60min tribal) to the alternate boot – its like they were so giddy at the end result, that all restraint went out the window and they brought out the sledgehammer.

  6. David, do you know if the ABC will be allowed to fast track the Last Leg series at the Paralympics in Rio, be forced to delay the broadcast until after the Paralympics, or even Seven broadcast that series?

      • I’m curious because last week I watched the final episode of the current episode of the Last Leg, which featured the song that is going to be used by Channel Four(?) for the British telecast. I saw that song on Seven’s Olympics broadcast on Sunday night at Sydney airport. That begged the questions as whether Seven was taking the British feed, and also because The Last Leg would be commenting on the Paralympics in Rio, (and presumably also reviewing replays of various events) whether The Last Leg would break Seven’s exclusivity for the event.

  7. US animated sitcom Rick and Morty finally arrives on Go Thursday week at 8.30pm. These eps aired in the US almost three years ago and are part of the Adult Swim deal.

  8. Wondering why Channel 7 is including an old repeat episode in “The Chase” most weeks? You can tell which one is the repeat, “The Beast” is missing from the intro and the first commercial break is in a different place.

  9. Anyone else find the Channel Ten voice over guy particularly painful? You know the one, stretches each word with an incredilous tone. A big turn off!!!

  10. How food is Australian Survivor!! But does it have to be an hour and 45 minutes long? The US do it is just over half the time. In a situation tonight where can only watch live free to air and despite how much I am loving Australian Survivor, I feel my night being taken away with how long it is going for…

    • I think it was great. I didn’t mind it was that long, could have been longer!! It’s got three tribes, I’m sure when the numbers go down so will how long it’s on for.

    • Yes Aus Survivor was excellent….brilliantly filmed, La Paglia was very good, the casting is excellent……shame the painful Des went home, a cringeworthy character worthy of a few more nights. Just the right amount of time for an intro episode so we get to know the three teams a bit better.

    • The US show tends to do 90 minute first eps and they only have 18-20 players. We have 24. The show needed every minute (of the show tonight to set up most of the players ahead of a hopefully great season ahead.

      That was an amazing first Ep. I consider myself a Survivor aficionado and the downfall of (insert tonight’s evictee here) was among the best first eps I have ever seen.

  11. The one off telemovie Agatha Raisin, already shown on ABC, now has its series premiere Saturday week 7.30pm on ABC. These were shown in the UK in June.

  12. SBS2 has a couple of marathons this week, first on Wednesday at 8:25 is 5 episodes of the second season of From Dusk till Dawn and on Thursday night is about 6 episodes of South Park.
    In addition, SBS2 begins the 4th season of Lost Girl Saturday at 11:10pm

  13. For John Oliver fans, looks like Comedy has randomly decided to change Last Week Tonight’s timeslot to the very easy to remember 9:08pm – no idea what was wrong with the 7pm timeslot it has occupied since it started.

    • Very annoying timeslot change. I liked it earlier in the night. I dare say the cancellation of The Nightly Show in the US has caused a schedule shakeup for them.

  14. I see on Thursday night at 9.30pm on SBS. The tv series Versailles starts. I recommend it to fans of shows such as Vikings, The Last Kingdom and perhaps Game of Thrones.

  15. Watching an old 1966 movie on GEM…Grand Prix…the old cigar shaped racers…going around Monaco…my favourite series F1 cars…favourite track…
    Long….three and half hours…wow.

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