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  1. More problems with fetch.
    Hgtv epg seems to be about an hour out from the actual programming. Day light savings changed last weekend. Surely things like tho should’ve been adjusted already.
    Can’t set a series tag for empire. When you go to set the tag it says show starts 9pm and finishes 9.35pm. So apparently the episode goes for 5 mins.
    Not sure what they are doing at fetch but these are just silly errors that don’t reflect well on their brand.

  2. Finally watched the first episode of Season 2 of The Affair, and in contrast to Empire (obviously very different shows), it returned to the same high quality as the stellar first season. Top acting, writing, direction and now with Helen’s point of view also! The intrigue of the flash forwards (similar to season 1) only add to this excellent production. Plaudits all round.

    • Season 2 is not as good as the first season. I do think the 2nd ep was slightly better than the first. It at least began to tell you the direction the series is taking.

  3. Mr game show fan

    Just saw Sunrise’s special segments on The Chase.
    It was clear that they were time constrained because the format was poorly executed.

    Instead of one cash builder and one individual chase per contestant, Kochie had a cash builder only, Sam had an individual chase only, Nat had a cash builder and Beretta had an individual chase only.

    This made it really easy for all four contestants to make it to the final chase.
    And because the money was for charity, of course the questions were easier.
    That is why the Sunrise team won.

  4. watching the Celebrity Apprentice again, Mel Greig is discussing the impact of the Royal radio prank on her life etc. I really don’t feel this is appropriate, shes making it all about her. It seems a bit weird seeing as you had said David she tweeted she didn’t know until broadcast about her being labelled the ‘Royal Prank DJ’, but then now this. Not saying she shouldn’t be able to get on with her life but to truly do so while also being respectful to the woman who died it would be better not to discuss this on tv imho.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I just tried to watch Peaky Blinders….should have realised when it showed MA15+ rating at the start….
    I like the idea of the story….but just got too graphic for me…shame….but that is just me….
    Also after reading about Nine network changes…here….I finally did yet another scan….and after all the issues I have had with GEM….now…perfect….clear pic…no pixelating….all good.

  6. I just tried rewatching Community on Stan I put it on medium quality pressed play and tried to watch it straight away and it kept pausing every 20 to 30 seconds so I paused the video for over 5 minutes and tried again it played for just over 2 minutes and it started pausing again my computer is only 3 weeks old. Is this normal or is there a problem with my internet?

  7. Just voted in your poll about fast tracking. After thought though… If Canada has same night broadcast as the US, then why can’t our networks do following day broadcast? Foxtel managed for Australia to have Wayward Pines before anyone else as it was globally on Thursdays. They even have GoT before the US West Coast.
    I don’t expect that for all FTA shows, but if it airs on a Wednesday in the US, we should have it Thursday night. Networks can then schedule their shows in advance like the US does. With the amount of content they have available from their output deals, they should have enough new content for all their multichannels too, and not rely on cheap reruns. Specials and reruns should be used as filler for hiatus weeks in the US.

  8. @david knox With A Place to Call Home and how its on Pay Tv with the low ratings compared to when it was on 7 that would have to be a huge loss on pay tv cause I do remember when 7 was producing it wasn’t it around million dollars an episode to produce and if thats the same wouldn’t that be at a huge loss and not enough gain to continue at that much?

    • No we don’t measure STV ratings alongside FTA, any more than we do multichannels / primary channels. These are different platforms so they have to be looked at on their own merits. APTCH is one of the highest rating series on Foxtel at the moment on its first run screening. But remember STV does not judge success based on one screening because they have multiple playouts and most subscribers have an IQ. Further to this, their key titles (GoT, Wentworth, Real Housewives, Selling Houses etc) are about branding and luring new subscriptions. APTCH also skews old, which is also the reason why Foxtel Arts channel launched. They bring in seniors with money, something FTA shuns too easily. Hope this helps.

      • My 82-year-old grandmother (who lives in a flat attached to our house) demanded I organise foxtel for her purely for A Place To Call Home. She wants Foxtel taken off once it finishes… I explained to her that you are basically paying approx $150 (over roughly three months) to watch a single show and she pretty much just threw the money at me. In my household, Foxtel’s acquisition of APTCH has been a resounding success.

    • Foxtel channels also have to spend 10% of their budget on local productions, it may as well be on something that gets watched, brings in subscriptions and which they can promote other shows during. It also sells overseas to its target audience. Foxtel are probably happy with APTCH as a Marque show, but you can’t know for sure without seeing their books.

    • Preach brother or sister. I want something decent to watch and currently the only programming we watch and are committed to on F2A in our house are Bacholor, Survivor and Googlebox and Chase (and 800 words which I watch to support local drama and because it’s so cheesy and cliché, good fun to watch it ironically)

  9. If I may, can I ask if anyone noticed the EBExpo getting some coverage on any of the Nightly news’s – or at least some of those morning shows?

  10. I read some comment on Facebook about apps being in the final stages and they said Yes – stay tuned for some news on more apps for consoles and smart TVs very very soon! A few final tweaks and we will be starting to roll them out

    Also there is a 3 month promo offer starting from Thursday in the BIG W catalogue and Target as well when you spend 30 dollars or more on any Playstation Game, accessory or console .

    Apps on 8th ?

  11. I liked Fear The Walking Dead’s finale yesterday. Much better than the pointless previous two episodes. I’m still a little disappointed in how we didn’t really see the collapse of the city like, I think I recall, the show had promised. I’ll hang in for season two though, partly because how good the mother show is, has made me willing to stick it out further with this one.

    • Hawaii Five 0 rested this week for a International Comedy Festival Gala. Returning next week (14/10) at 10.40ish after TBL, and the new seasons of Madam Secretary and Good Wife.

      • Then Wednesdays are shaping up as the Big TV Night for this family:
        2 = Gruen – SBS = Fargo 2 (from Oct 21) – 7 = Blacklist / The Player – 9 = just the normal silly trash – 10 = Madam Secretary / The Good Wife / Hawaii 5-0 (from Oct 14).
        I think the PVR’s will cope.

  12. At EBExpo on the weekend and one noticed at the PS4 section the Stan logo – this be curious because as yet there isn’t a Stan app for the PS4

  13. I’ve tried but I just can’t seem to like Graeme from Screen. I totally understand that it’s not trying to be At The Movies, but the chemistry between him and Margaret is awkward and feels forced. He constantly talks over Margaret and I really don’t like the way he speaks in general, he talks in a pretentious kind of way… I don’t know. He reminds me of Harold from neighbours in his speaking mannerisms at times… I’ve given Screen more than enough of my time to grow on me but it still seems disjointed and awkward to watch.
    Plus they give out stars like candy!

  14. Couldn’t see this elsewhere, so posting here.
    My telly box suddenly has channel 90 as GEM as well as 92, also GEM.
    93 and now 94 have been added – both GO!
    Are 9 rolling out new content, or is it just a shift to new id’s?

  15. 9 appeared to be having video issues toward the end of the footy show AFL broadcast last Thursday. When back to just watch the player revue towards the end and the picture quality was so bad it was almost unwatchable. Had a quick check of random parts of the ep as didn’t want to watch anymore and video seemed ok earlier on. Often find video quality on 9 is worse than other networks. In terms of the player revue I think it sums up the footy show these days a fragment of its former self.

  16. The “HD” broadcast of The AFL Grand Final on 7mate was nowhere near the HD quality of AFL games on Fox Footy. It was definitely better than the live and blurry on Seven itself but still not near Foxtel’s HD.

  17. Just watched a few minutes of Googlebox Australia and I must say it is one of the most ridiculous shows I have ever seen it was not a bit funny it is just rubbish.

    • It’s either a love or hate show, but there’s not much in between. I’m in the former camp, so is Fairfax I see. Remember where there is a relevant article on the front of the site, better to direct the comment there. TV Lounge is for other TV topics, cheers.

    • This wasn’t one of the better episodes of gogglebox. I found most of the episode quite boring especially while they were reviewing reality and they did 3 reality shows. This episode of gogglebox showed how crap free to air is at the moment. Its better when they cover better shows but they can’t cover better shows when their is nothing to watch on free to air at the moment.

  18. It looks like we are going to have a ridiculous situation with TBBT airing on 7mate and GO! at 7pm next week. Surely it won’t last. Wouldn’t put it past Nine to continually repeat Season 8 and 9 over and over again.

  19. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows when 7Mate are going to screen season 14 of Family Guy? I know they are screening new episodes but they are season 13 episodes. Thanks.

  20. For those who like old school sitcoms, Who’s the Boss & Married with Children are on 7mate in the arvo.I may be showing my age but I still have VHS tapes of those shows & many others I recorded back in the day!

  21. Channel 9 has just opened casting for a new renovation show. Does anyone know what it is? Is it the second series of Reno Rumble? Maybe using new couples rather than contestants from previous renovation shows?

  22. GEM is showing about 15 of the 23 matches of the cricket Matador Cup games, which is essentially one match on each day of the competition, except for the opening day (Monday Oct 5).

    There are 3 matches to choose from, including one at a venue that will be used for following TV matches.

    Does anyone know why they are not showing any matches on the opening day?

  23. Hmmm, so Richard Wilkins was shilling his “exclusive” interview with Drew Barrymore on Today this morning.
    Except she has now been interviewed on just about every show that runs an entertainment segment. It was less than an hour later when Ms Barrymore was interviewed on Mornings.
    Not very exclusive…

    • But his interview was exclusive to Nine/Today, maybe there needs to be a better definition on word ‘exclusive’ just like they need to stop using fast tracking or same time/day as the US when it clearly isn’t.

    • harrypotter1994

      Thats funny – Sam interviewed her and Toni on Sunrise and they were on the project panel…I always thought Richard was one of the better ones…

  24. harrypotter1994

    Just looking at an online TV Guide and 7/9 Networks only give you their schedule up to next Wednesday. Network 10 however all the way up to October 15th (could be more but that’s as far forward as the website goes)

  25. harrypotter1994

    So The Blacklist is going into the Wednesday 8.30pm timeslot next week before The Player. Heroes Reborn might go into The Blacklist’s Thursday slot then

  26. Hi David, re my last post re channel 9 ,new channels , maybe time shift and a HD channel? LCN 91,92,93 , can not see any info on the web? Does anyone else see these channels in Sydney region?

    • Do you mean added, rather than retuned? I’ve seen a lot of sets around the Gold Coast add new LCNs for the Nine streams, but the old ones remained. Only on devices which auto-tune or auto/alert. Essentially you end up with two copies of each stream, Nine on 9 and 91, Gem on 90 and 92, etc.

      • I believe they’re simply re-ordering their LCNs to be consecutive (e.g. 9, 90, 91, etc.). Some sets will automatically adjust & drop the old LCNs, some will automatically adjust but end up with duplicates in odd ways, and some will need to be re-scanned.

        (The Aus. standards for TV receivers are a little hazy and non-mandatory in that respect.)

  27. Further to you story about Season 2 of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ on FX David, this obviously means SBS don’t have first run rights for it like Season 1? Not that I’m complaining but I find it interesting…

    • It took some checking but I see SBS had premiere in July, then FX in August. So yes it seems to be FX for S2. Remember it’s best to leave a comment on the relevant post if there is one available, thanks.

  28. I can deal with Channel 9 saying 7 O’Block for the Block. but now Seven are saying The Big Bang Theory will start at 7 O’Bang.

    Nine are also over exaggerating the season premiere of TBBT, a lot of people found it quite bland and the wedding wasn’t exciting.

    • Yep 7’O’Bang!

      From what I’ve heard the new season (now 2 eps have aired) is bland and boring and is even more dumbed-down now than ever (loved the earlier seasons with alot more scientific / nerdy references – now its more pop culture based)

      • I’m not sure it was possible to dumb-down this already mindnumbingly dumb show… but alas, I must stand corrected. And to think some of my friends think I act a little like Sheldon in some of my mannerisms… an insult of the highest order! :p

  29. Don’t know why TEN on Sundays don’t do new fast tracked Modern Family at 6.30pm, then Loser at 7pm, finish at 8.30 and onto other shows. Then maybe only the one additional ep of Loser on Mondays that’s it.

    Annoying thing about Loser is it seems half an hour out of whack – episodes finish half way through a challenge, half way through elimination etc – wish they’d just keep everything to the one episode.

    The “suspense” they are trying to create is more annoying than anything – you don’t feel fulfilled seeing a challenge unfinished then having to wait for the next ep to see it conclude.

    Shows like Survivor for example would never end an episode half way through an immunity challenge – each episode is complete – tribal council at the end, someone goes home – done, onto the next one…

    • There’s been a few very minor graphics changes rolled out over the last few weeks. A month or two ago Paul Murray and David Speers said on air that Sky News would be going HD by the end of the year.

  30. Tuned in to GO! 7pm(cst) to watch Mike & Molly New(which epg is currently showing) but a repeat of Big Bang Theory is airing instead. I’m disappointed with Nine.

  31. i have just ‘caught up’ with an episode of Celebrity Apprentice & see that they are calling Mel Greig as ‘Royal Prank DJ’, was like WTF were you thinking 9?! And what is she thinking letting them do that as though its something to be proud of. Ok she deserves forgiveness & it was largely the fault of the radio shows producers for letting it go so far but she did a big song & dance about being sorry etc, this makes her seem non genuine & its just in really bad taste.

  32. with all this fast tracking going on, I’m surprised Ten aren’t fast tracking Modern Family.

    7,10, 11 and even SBS are fast tracking shows, but what about 9?

      • In the first ad break in the 1st qtr of the north vs west coast match on Saturday 7 chose to promote getting repeats for 7 and 7mate of big bang. With all the shows that are supposedly being fast tracked on 7 I thought it was surprising 7 chose to promote a show that has been rerun a ridiculous amount of times on another network during an afl final where viewers are forced to watch ads.

  33. Tv hits has scheduled the 1st episode of season 3 a place to call home at 8.30pm. So set the fetch box to record and was happy to at least see the first episode. Not to be because the internet is down and fetch is down cause its internet based then I miss out cause there is only one airing. Don’t get fetch cause its a useless peice of junk.

      • I have finished season 2 of a place to call home. I was really disappointed with Anna and Gino’s wedding. We followed their love story for almost 2 seasons and they couldn’t dedicate an episode to their wedding. There was no reception. So disappointing!

  34. If the networks want to keep airing shows like World’s biggest this, world’s longest that, [insert animal here] that makes you laugh out loud, truth about [insert food here] etc in prime time on main channels, and have their realities finishing at random times, then can they please start putting their US dramas on their secondary channels for those of us screaming for them? Just a thought…

    • I’ve been saying that for months. For example they could have a shonda night on 7two and air greys, htgawm and scandal and viewers who watch any of those shows would finally get to see them.

      • What a brilliant idea@tvf. I’m sure I read GA & HTGAWM were being fast tracked but maybe I was wrong. 7two would be a great place for these shows back to back. There are still loyal fans of GA after 10 seasons. I’d love to commence season 11 at the same time as the U.S. Being a fan of their Facebook page I was unable to avoid the big spoiler last year. When will 7 catch up to what viewers want?

  35. Geez – and all QLD NRL Grand Final – cue the calls for the Grand Final to play at Suncorp or the Gabba…

    Nine would be nuts not to simulcast on GEM in QLD – as almost noone in QLD will be watching anything else on TV next Sunday night!

    • If they have a clause in the NBC deal where they don’t have to pay if its unaired here and gets yanked before 8 eps. But US network don’t make replacement shows like they used to so that rarely happens no matter how bad a show does.

      They can always just start it at 9:30pm on Seven and bump it to Mate for ep 2.

      • See that’s smart programming, but they won’t. They could have played Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on 7mate instead of 10:30, 10:40, 10:45 or whatever time it kept getting bumped to.

        • Networks stuff around with timeslots and then blame “ratings” when viewers give up chasing a show.

          Saw an awful coming soon promo for Quantico during the bad umpiring last night. That show hasn’t got a chance on that promo.

          • Networks bump a show when it isn’t rating well. That may finish it off but they couldn’t afford the low revenue, poor lead-in and make-ups it was causing.

            7 has to fill its late night slots and SHIELD would make more money there than in primetime on Mate in prime-time, up against big shows and if it would take younger viewers away from MKR.

            That is changing though as the market continues to fragment and late night ratings drop even more.

          • @pertinax
            You’ve watched tv long enough to know shows are played around and bumped for all sorts of reasons not just ratings.

  36. What???….ABC News 24 did it again….half of the speech by The Pope to the UN…
    Why do they even bother….I have just turned the TV off in disgust….

  37. Following the great news about season 2 of The Knick being scheduled by showcase, I was wondering about The Leftovers… I find it curious that showcase no longer have the show on their website… Am I reading too much into it?

  38. Also just read my newsletter….love all the info in Behind the scenes section….tidbits we do not see in here….
    Danni’s flights….she pay…7 pay….or maybe because she is in the sponsored ads?…a lot of $$$….yes, I watched Gruen…. :)
    Bit of a mess for you with that network promo….*sigh*

    • Seven would not have paid. Etihad clearly a TXF sponsor so it would be in their interests to film in that suite. I presume if the suite was not booked they were able to enjoy it for the flight, but I can only speculate. And yes to your other notes!

  39. Secret Squïrrel

    Just read my Weekly TV Tonight newsletter. Bit odd that an article about Miss Fisher from back in June should make the Top 5 most read articles this week. Possibly link-posted on one of those news-scraper sites overseas?

  40. Channel 10 listening?
    We want variety…..
    Just watched Best time ever with Neil Patrick Harris which is based on Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway and it was very entertaining. Not the typical American cheesy variety show, ( think night time Ellen…..does Neil dance like Ellen or is it just me?) but light funny entertainment. Good to see Ant and Dec at the bar at the end as well
    Now the Aussie version…Sunday night live at 6:30……..Joel Creasy as host maybe with Nat Bassingthwaite as a side kick….. Or how bout Lady Julia Morris hosting with sidekick Tim Campbell
    Channel 10. Channel 10. Channel 10. Channel 10. Channel 10

    • David congratulations on your 40,000th post! Can you please find out why the Rage playlists for this weekend aren’t up yet? I am a big fan of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.

    • harrypotter1994

      I love the idea of Joel Creasy and Nat Bass as hosts…quite like both of them as long as Joel doesn’t go off track too much. Although i’m sure a network would prefer Joel and Julia Morris as they already have the chemistry.

  41. Not happy ABC News 24…..
    I was watching The Popes speech to congress…and it was cut off…for The Drum??
    A momentous moment in history….and you could not let it run it’s course….

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