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  1. Jesus I’m sweating like a bull at a gate after those incredibly intense final 10 minutes of Wentworth. I am honest to God so proud of Australia and Foxtel for producing what I believe is the finest drama in the world right now!

  2. David I have just see an advert saying Eleven will be broadcasting through Channel 82 Down here in Tasmania which is the Channel where Gem is currently broadcasting

  3. David – The Last Leg – is ABC skipping ep 2 of the new series in light of events in the UK. I noticed on the ABC site they have ep3 listed for this week when ep1 was last week?

  4. DK, is there any news on 7flix commencing in regional areas? I was reading the TV Week and noticed 7flix is now listed with the following note: “At the time of going to press, 7flix programming was temporarily unavailable in some regions. Programs listed below are available for viewing on…”

  5. Constantine starts in Sydney on Sunday 3 July at midnight on channel 9. It was shown in the U.S. two years ago and only lasted 1 season.

  6. Why is SCTEN (NSW) promoting The Living Room so much, especially during MasterChef on Sunday night. Come Friday it will then be on WIN. Doh!

  7. I got a promo email from Stan.

    It states that from July 14th they will have Seasons 1 to 4 of Episodes (I did request his show 🙂 )

    Reign Season 1 from 21st of July

    Extant Season 1 from 28th of July.

    Funny though because ABC2 returns Episodes back the same day Stan premieres it.

  8. I just want to congratulate SBS on showing the FEI Classic series on at Saturday 2pm. Its hard to find free to air Equestrian events. This gives us a great lead up to Rio games

  9. LOL it’s pretty sad, this time last year the Wimbledon tennis carnival Motive series 2 was airing on a 7 network channel ,it had 2 or 3 eps to go, the series came back six+ months later, the final two+ eps were aired and one episode of series 3, then it disappeared, never to be seen again. Now Murdoch Mysteries has disappeared and probably get the same treatment Motive. But fortunately there are DVD’s which have been ordered through friends in the UK and US. For every action there is an equal and opposite action, Apologies to Isaac Newton (1643 – 1727) for the mutilation of his 3rd Law. Zero tolerance for Australian commercial TV, there are no more 3 strikes and you’re out

  10. Jason Dundas has been revealed as the new host of TXF. Interesting choice given the last thing he hosted on Seven was the massive flop known as The Big Adventure.

    • I believe it is a specialist genere channel, Movies More, the first bunch for that week is the Fast and the Furious films, and will do other genere’s like Sci-fi, Action films etc.

  11. I thought MA programs could be screened from 8.30.So what gives with ABC rescheduling Silent Witness to 9.30 last night at the last moment & replacing with a repeat of New Tricks,at least on Foxtel one can watch MA programs any time of the day

  12. Not happy with Channel Ten today. The Living Room repeat is not on (The Talk is)!
    I can’t always watch Friday nights, so usually watch Saturdays 11am.
    At the moment I can’t access online, so good one channel 10! Not!

    • Maev....Sydney

      2 episodes of The Talk?….Tenplay is never good for me…never any issues with Iview or SBS On Demand….Seven is mostly okay.

  13. Mr game show fan

    David, do you think that Hot Seat will be coming back next year? Channel 9 surely can’t be happy that the second half of The Chase Australia is beating Hot Seat almost every weekday.

    If you think it will be axed next year, what show could replace it? My suggestions for Channel 9 are Wheel of Fortune or Price Is Right with a brand new host because Larry is with 7.

  14. Does anyone know which of WIN’s channels will have Family Feud from July 1?
    Obviously not 8/80, the line up for which has been announced. So likely to be their former GEM/GO! channels 82/83 to be renamed ONE and Eleven?
    And at what time, still 6.00 pm? I can’t find this information at all. Probably will have to wait until next week’s program guides kick in.

      • Listings from July 1 are starting to appear on EPGs and the only place I can find Family Feud is early mornings on Channel 8, 6.00/8.00 am. Surely not. Perhaps everything isn’t locked in yet.

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