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  1. Daniel MacPherson has quit Dancing With the Stars to focus on his acting.
    According to the guide in the latest TV Week popular Canadian series Degrassi which airs on ABC3 is finishing on Thursday May 14.

  2. FTA viewers can finally catch the final ever season of Dexter on Eleven Monday week at 10.30pm. This was shown in US and on Foxtel almost two years ago.

    • Good news!
      I have been waiting for all 3 shows to return, especially since GO! has been advertising Gotham & Arrow as coming soon for what seems like months. Hopefully they will be screened uninterrupted.

  3. I wonder how many people cancelled their Netflix account before the free trial expired. I started to get bored with it after the first 2 weeks.

  4. Any stories about the American Today show filming in Sydney and interviewing Jessica Mauboy? A welcome message for Savannah Guthrie was projected on the Sydney Harbour Bridge last night. Apparently she was born in Melbourne.

    • Yay fantastic news. The Simpsons might not be as good as it use to be but I still love it and can’t imagine a world with no new Simpsons I have been watching it since I was born.

  5. 1.00am Monday week on Seven a little bit of history plays out. Do No Harm is the lowest rated in season drama on a major US network in modern history, axed by NBC after airing two eps over two years ago in US. The rest of the eps burnt off in summer non ratings. Timeslot appears to be about right, with 13 eps made

  6. Watched the Logies last night through Station NBN-Newcastle…. yawn! Predictable winners. Vehemently disagree with opening statement about “celebrating excellence” when the bulk of TV today across all stations can, at best be described as mediocre. The Dr. Blake Mysteries is one oasis of excellence in this sea of mediocrity, as was Young Talent Time Mk.2 in 2012 – but that show was not given a fair go, I daresay it was “sabotaged” by the timeslot change from Sundays at 7.30 to Fridays at a timeslot I forget. And I was disgusted to see the ultimate example of crap TV, “reality” shows getting their own category. Australian TV is definitely going down the toilet when reality TV gets recognition that it does not deserve.

    • By the time something gets moved to “Fridays at a timeslot I forgot” its all over and they are just burning off what they have.

    • Regional Viewer

      @Neil Forbes May 4, 2015 12:29 pm

      I didn’t know it was on but thankfully just as well as im not a big fan of Julia Morris but the one category out the whole lot is the hall of fame and I was wondering who was who got it

  7. So has Person of Interest been dumped from Ch.9 Monday night again? The Foxtel EPG doesn’t show it on but Ch.9’s own guide says its on at 10PM. What gives?

  8. Last Wednesday the chair of free tv Australia Harold Mitchell did an interview on a show called Switzer (never heard of before hearing about this interview). On this show he appeared to suggest that Netflix is a fad. I just had to shake my head. Doesn’t free to air get that the world is changing regarding the way people watch content. The video of this interview can be located by searching for the program Switzer on the Sky News Australia Website and by locating the video called Switzer Segment 3 Wednesday 29/4.

  9. Any news as to when The Late Late Show with James Corden is coming on? I’m pretty sure I read here that 11 was going to show it.

    • Copy from a FB post “The singer on love child is former “the Voice” contestant. Emma Birdsall. The singer on the promo who sounds like Adele is Audra Mae, who is a featured vocalist on Avicii’s album True. She is Judy Garland’s Great-great Niece.”

  10. Looks like The Amazing Race has moved from Thursday to Monday.

    Next ep called “Can I Get a Hot Tub!” is on after Revenge on Monday 4th.

  11. I may have missed it but is there any word on Madam Secretary and Scorpion. I thought they were rating OK and now nothing for 6 months. I did look back on posts but saw nothing. Thanks.

          • Ok thanks. So is America showing season two of Madame secretary now or are they still on season one?

          • Loz — They’re just finishing season 1 in the US, and then the show goes into hiatus, which usually means they’re debating whether to continue it or not. I hope there’s a 2nd season!

          • That’s great news, Loz. Madam Secretary’s renewal slipped by me. :-)

      • Thanks David,
        I hope they bring Scorpion back Sunday night too. It’s not like they have anything that seems to beat it ratings wise.

    • I’ve been wondering for a while when madam secretary would be re scheduled. Surely they could’ve found a place for it much earlier. Its not like their a lot of their programming is setting the world on fire. Not sure if I will watch scorpion though. It hasn’t been on for about six months and its not a strong enough show for this viewer to put up with a massive delay.

      • Madam Secretary didn’t resume regular episodes till March in US so there would have been breaks. Ten had Sun:NOLA, Mon:SVU & Elementary, Tue:NCIS & NCIS:LA, Wed: Wonderland & The Good Wife.

        If they Fast Tracked Madam Secretary and Scorpion as well that would leave Under The Dome and Extant as their only dramas to follow Masterchef, with no other new eps available until October. Scorpion rated OK on Sundays in Oct. & Nov. when it wasn’t up against MKR and The Block.

        • Its your choice to keep writing posts supportive of free to air networks not fast tracking. I will choose to write posts that are pro fast tracking. When shows aren’t fast tracked plotlines get spoiled. Prime example the unavoidable major spoiler of greys anatomy last week. The internet is global and only the commercial free to air networks don’t see it.

  12. Have you seen Thursday’s front page of The Age? It has Andrew Chan and his girlfriend getting married. I think the man in the middle looks like Ian Smith.

  13. Star Wars Rebels is absent from 7Mate today – however on Monday there is a marathon of the show from 11am to 5:30.
    May the fourth be with 7Mate.

  14. any idea when The Goldbergs will return? Seven have been playing Season 1 over and over again in late night slots since summer. as much as I love season 1 I would rather watch new eps, don’t wanna watch them through other means.

  15. Just finished de-topping and de-tailing PVR shows from the past few weeks and discovered 9 dropped last Sunday (April 26) ep of “The Following”. Does anyone know if this series is headed in the same direction of 9’s abysmal treatment of “Person of Interest”? Like – to Jupiter via the nearest Space Shuttle…?

      • The Following and Almost Human were dropped on the 26th for the Jenna interview.

        Thanks, was wondering if they would return after the Logies. The second episode of Almost Human wasn’t too bad and I’ve missed it.

    • The Following S2 is also airing on FX on Foxtel, and are up to episode 2 this week, so they may overtake Nine depending on how many more interuptions there are.

      • We ditched Foxtel after 15 years subscription when I asked wife what shows she’s watching on the PTV brand.
        She replied “none”.
        Turfed it the next day.

    • However that loss included the write-down of it’s network value..which in itself was $251M. So, remove that, and it’s not too bad. I think TEN could well win their battle with some good choices over the next months. I wonder what they made from IACGMOH given it’s supposed huge outlay.

  16. New episodes of Law and Order SVU move to its original slot of Thursdays at 8.30pm in two weeks time. It will do far better there than Mondays. The Millers returns with ep 10 of season 1 on One Thursday week at 8pm. This was shown in US 18 months ago.

  17. Maev....Sydney

    I just watched Agatha Raisin: The Quiche Of Death on iview….
    I am reading that it was 120 mins long…I wonder why it is only 90 mins on ABC iview??

    • The official running time of the DVD is 90m.

      120m could be wrong, or from when it was shown with ads or the promotional special on the cast, locations, translation from book to TV etc that is also on the DVD.

  18. The production company behind The Voice of China held auditions in Australia in the past few months looking for budding singers to compete for a spot in blind auditions for the 2015 season in China, with the grand final held in Sydney this week. Won’t this be in breach of Channel Nine’s exclusive rights to The Voice franchise in Australia?

  19. This Peter Jackson tribute on FB to Andrew Lesnie is certainly worth a read:

  20. I liked Peter Overton’s comments last night on the Shuttle Enterprise, that it was the first shuttle to orbit the Earth – okay, he would’ve been reading a teleprompter, so it was whoever prepared the script who didn’t do a single bit of research, because the Enterprise never orbited the Earth – in fact it never went into space.

  21. Channel 9 posted a promo for Forever on Facebook with the voice over I’m talking about if you want to check it out

  22. Hey, just wondering has the main voice over guy from channel ten moved to nine? The new ads for Reno Rumble (that says it starts Tuesday) and a new top gear ad has a different voice over that sounds exactly like the man from channel ten.

    • I don’t think so as he is still doing voice overs at Ten. I am sure he would have been gone effectively immediately if Nine poached him. That guy who does the voice overs for Reno Rumble has been there for like ages and it doesn’t sound like the man from 10 but the Forever promo does.

      • Shoudy Chen

        Yeah and I believe that the male voice over from Network ten had a stint on Channel 9. I’m not sure of the name of the person who did the voice over for The Voice 2015 on nine.

  23. Sad news boys and girls or girls and boys, poor ol’ Person of Interest has been dropped by 9, just got off the phone to 9 Brissie, they reckon it “might be back in the middle of May” You have to love Aussie teev doncha? .

    • I’ll still be watching Person of Interest – ended up buying the DVDs.
      Hooray – no ads!
      Best way to go to enjoy your favourite shows.

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