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  1. I’m enjoying ‘Hispters’ on SBS2, we need more programs like this, educational, relevant and funny. Samuel was a good fit as host.

    • Yes, and it was clear from media reports it was a delightfully funny memorial and of course evocative. The jar on the shelf joke was his classic witty style.

  2. Series 4 of Call the Midwife. I am a real believer in show don’t tell and series 4 really excels. The word “thalidomide” – just that word – spoke volumes to those of us who knew the outcomes over time. A brilliant storyline about a married man with sexual inclinations towards other men – and what was considered reasonable and fair treatment in the late 50’s. A love affair between two women, and the profound sadness when that relationship can’t be made public. Helen George’s portrayal of a young woman who realises she is an alcoholic deserves a BAFTA at the very least. I love great drama.

  3. Was interested to see the season final of The Walking Dead advertised as a 90 minute special.
    Since the ad breaks on FX (in particular) often exceed 4 minutes, I now copy affected programs to a PVR and remove the ads before watching. Makes for much better viewing!
    (I have become very good at it – and can do it quickly and without seeing spoilers!)
    The final length of The Walking Dead program from FX yesterday was 62 minutes.
    I was interested enough to look and find that a copy on an online site was listed as 64 minutes.
    Were we dudded by 2 minutes?

  4. Influence of Streaming? According to ICE TV, SBS and showing Season 6 of Man Men (which I don’t believe they have shown yet) from midnight Good Friday. 5 episodes in the early hours of Friday; 4 episodes in the early hours of Saturday; 2 espisodes in the early hours of Sunday. I assume the remaining espisodes with air Monday morning.

    • She turns up in a lot of TV, particularly Canadian shot stuff-was in a repeat ep of The Glades a few weeks ago (in a bikini, no less!).

  5. The on again off again screening of season 5 of Cougar Town returns to Seven Sunday week at 11.30pm with episode 9. It was shown in US a year ago.

  6. ABC2 is starting another replay of Doctor Who (the modern one) starting Monday at 7:30 – it appears to be replacing The Tonight Show, if anyone was watching that.

    • Fallon is moving to later in the night, yes I watch it.

      But it’s cool DW is starting from the 2005 reboot pilot “Rose”, still miss Chris and wish he could have been part of the 50th anv show.

    • Also, might need to check my math, but it looks like the nightly reruns from Series 1 to 8 will end up in August – just in time for the Series 9 premiere the week after.
      ABC did the exact same thing last year.

  7. spectrum warrior

    We have had the same networks controlling the spectrum for many years. They have been protected. They have been given free spectrum. The viewer has changed. The government of the day has been to gutless, and just bow to the networks demands. My question, would it be so bad to open up the media landscape and allow anyone to enter the world of broadcast ( for a price)? Spectrum is a resource, it’s not for free! Networks need to give back.

    • The spectrum is not free. The fee is currently 4.5% of revenue, half what it was. They tried to lobby for it to be free but the government rightly ignored them.

      Changing ownerships isn’t going to change anything. And Murdoch buying Ten would just result in Ten and Foxsports establishing a monopoly on sports broadcasting.

      Competition will come from internet TV, where there are no broadcast licence fees anyway.

  8. For (radid) fans of Longmire, like me, production of series 4 commenced on Thursday 19MAR15 and has its own hashtag #LongmireS4 and it will air on Netflix sometime this year. No question now whether I will be getting Netflix or not, can’t wait! Apologies to all if these facts have been publishd in these pages in the past

  9. I don’t usually watch Go! but caught an ad promoting Season 3 of Arrow “coming soon” whilst wiping the ads from Survivor on the PVR. Having already seen it via other means, I’m trying to seriously comprehend anybody with a brain could’ve actually thought that the best way to promote a series where one of the key storylines of the first half season is who did something, is to practically tell the viewer the answer in the promo.

    • Its a wrong and very poor of 9 to spend all this time promoting a show that’s well into its season in the US. Just another way 9 shows disdain for viewers.

      • Also if you go into jumpin and look up arrow its still saying 9.30pm Tuesday on nine. No mention of being moved to go. Clearly 9 are also clueless at updating jumpin to match the promos on their network. Also Footy classified states 9.50pm Monday on jumpin and that’s not accurate based on 8pm in Melbourne next tuesday. AFL footy show says returning soon on 9 yet two episodes have gone to air this year. If nine’s own website doesn’t have accurate start times for their shows how are viewers meant to know.

    • Because they figure the promo will get more people watching than it deters from watching. They’ve already given up on it and moved it to Go!, so people not noticing its on or caring is their main problem.

      If its the storyline I think it is it was already spoiled by The Flash and counter-spoiled by casting news for the next spin-off.

      • I disagree. Its season 3 people know about it by now its their delaying tactics that simply annoy existing viewers. The fact that the series is well into season 3 means that is not easy to avoid spoilers.

    • So, hang on, is S3E1 on this coming Tuesday on Go?

      And I have no idea what the plot point is. I intentionally didn’t watch the cross-promotion show with The Flash. And that next spin-off just seems like one too many imo.

  10. Footy classified is returning next Tuesday at 8pm in Melbourne. Not sure about other states. Suspect the good timeslot is due to it being non ratings and unfortunately due to Essendon rubbish. Is it asking too much for 9 to find a regular, consistent, non late night timeslot this year for footy classified?

  11. Did anyone else last to the end of Mammon which concluded on SBS last Tuesday night? I did but still don’t feel much the wiser as to exactly what it was all about. There did seem to be an excellent storyline buried in there somewhere … pity the whole thing was so darn impenetrable.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Yep. I thought it was good not great, and it was certainly dense (as in difficult to penetrate not stupid). During the last 2 eps I was hoping that they weren’t going to kill all of the good guys off.

      I don’t require that all loose ends are tied up at the end but I could have done with a little more clarity.

    • I don’t watch the middle but still waiting to hear when GO will air Arrow or when GEM will return Step Dave? So many shows from 9 that people are waiting for them to air.

  12. Secret Squïrrel

    Just got my copy of the Weekly Newsletter. More good stuff, altho’ it’d be nice if sometimes we were told the answer to the teases. Hopefully it wasn’t you that Fremantle didn’t invite to the Neighbours bash.

    In response to your Q “Why does Nine bother having a media preview site if all it can offer is 97 episodes of The Block and not much else?” – do they not also have 97 episodes of TBBT but 70 of them are just repeats of the other 27?

  13. For anyone who is interested: seven will be programming the second season of mistressess after easter break. Finally! Its been 15 months coming.

  14. Top Gear – David is there any news on when ch9 will be airing the ‘final’ series? Last year it started around this time, after airing on BBCK. As you know they have the 2 part Patagonia special and now 7 eps from S22. I would have thought they would want to capitalize on the recent news and show it ASAP. Or maybe they don’t want to be associated with the brand any more?

  15. Star Wars Rebels is back on 7Mate tonight at 5:45, it appears they’ll keep doing the previous episode following by the new episode pattern they’ve been doing.

  16. Just curious. . .

    Does anyone know whether Channel Seven are releasing the “Australia – A Story of Us” on DVD?

    and why, on earth move it along with Downton on a Thursday night against the Footie show?

  17. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows when State of Affairs is on next? I thought it was on tonight, but notice it seems to have been replaced with Pretty Woman… :-(

  18. The abc were too lazy to get off their backside and create a windows phone abc iview app. A developer did their job for them and created a 3rd party abc iview app that was very good. Unfortunately abc have now requested the removal of the app and left windows phone users without an iview option. ABC why don’t you go to the whirlpool forums windows phone 8 apps-part 3 thread and read the comments from the developer and multiple windows phone users and see how bad you look.

  19. I got my IQ3 and had a few issues with it . It seems its not picking up a signal for the free to air tuner so I guess its using the channels off the sat like my old IQHD . It had the parental lock on it when I first launched it so all the epg info was not showing up or pictures so I had to go into settings and change them took me two hours on the phone with no help from foxtel to work it out and then I just hung up while waiting to speak to someone. Hate the remote Lucky enough the Old IQ remote works awesome with it and lucky I bought one for a spare a while back so I still have a remote to return with the box. The infrared remote response to seems to be faster then the bluetooth remote and the ease of use of the old one is 1000% better then new. The play and pause button has me annoyed on the new remote. Also the remote feels cheap and isn’t comfortable to hold for myself. I found…

  20. Guess it had to happen. We started to binge Revenge last night with the first episode of the current season.

    By the 35 minute mark, we looked at each other and said simultaneously “this is shit!”. Clichéd writing and phrasing that don’t even belong in a Mills and Boon paperback! Jack’s now a policeman? Oh, spare us.

    All episodes were then deleted leaving the PVR free for other shows.

  21. Late change tonight.
    Sirens is out on One, replaced by an ‘encore’ of The Odd Couple (8.30-9.30), it’s being followed by an ‘encore’ of the MICF Gala (9.30-11.45).

  22. HI David, could you explain Million Dollar Minute, I have a horrible fascination as my wife watches it. We have a new morality in quiz shows. As Andrew is evidently very smart he can get through the qualifying round every night, so he can keep coming back until he wins $1m? Or do CH7 control it with impossible final questions? Have they created a monster, and is it working for ratings?

    • It’s definitely working for ratings. Whether it is being loaded with hard questions or not is in the eye of the beholder. By now producers would know his weak spots in terms of subject area. But in my experience they also want the money to go off, as it is good for the show’s reputation. So I can’t answer categorically what’s going on behind the scenes.

    • Seven have probably used an insurance company that does that sort of stuff to hedge the prizes. In which case they will be bound by a contract and not able to game the results.

      To me it looks like the jackpot questions are harder for the Million than for other levels. There are a lot more guessing from similar years and less stuff that people will just know. I usually get 4 or 5 of them, but for the million (this time and last time that women went for it) I am getting only 2 or 3.

      Can Andrew bail or is he locked in until he wins $1m or loses?

        • Andrew should be able to quit and take the $750,000 if he doesn’t feel like playing anymore. I don’t see him getting beaten as he’s really good in the double points. If he is successful in winning the million tonight will you still be reporting on it David? Is the show no longer in production? I ask as according to Google it finished on February the 27th.

  23. It had to happen someday… For the 1st time since visiting this website, I’ve been let down by the lack of notice for a returning show. Apparently, ‘Bates Motel’ (Season 3) snuck back on tonight. I had absolutely no idea. It didn’t help that it appears to have slotted on to a new channel (SoHo instead of Fox 8) and Foxtel don’t even refer to it on their new ad stating all the new & returning series on their drama package.

    • You do realise that Foxtel has a website, and Bates Motel is in ‘whats on’ and a simple title search on your epg is possible. David does a great job!

      • (a) yes. I’ve used Foxtel’s tv guide, but that’s about it. Only 24 hours in the day. (b) Why would I search the epg for a show that hasn’t been on for over 6 months? (c) David does indeed do a great job. I never said anything different. In fact, even the readers of the site do a great job in notifying people of returning shows.

  24. The 1st semi-final is on GEM now, had no idea. Proteas did quite well, however it appears that the old Duckworth-lewis is going to disadvantage the Kiwis.

    • SA were disadvantaged more by the rain due their their tactic of cruising to keep wickets in hand for 35 overs then exploding. They only got 5 overs to slog after the reduction to 43 overs. Without the rain NZ would have been chasing 350+. NZ only had to chase 18 more runs than SA, and knew what their target was from outset.

      A great game though, even with the rain disruption.

  25. Pretty good for Sky News that Paul Murray Live has been picked up by US cable channel MHz Worldview. Is that the first Australian program to air on the channel?

  26. Just wondering why none of the Googlebox Aus eps are available for viewing on Ten’s catchup site??
    Missed Thursday night’s ep and went to watch it via Tenplay on Sunday but there are no eps up, not even the latest one.
    Normally most catchup tv episodes are available for at least a week after they air.

    Really disappointing as I love this show.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I don’t know but it might be due to licensing (or lack of) for any program clips on the show, esp for programs not on the Ten network. These days, on-line/streaming is often licensed separately from traditional broadcast.

      • Thanks guys.
        Don’t have Foxtel so guess I have missed out on catching up on this ep.
        I did notice it there on the Tenplay site on Saturday but thought it would still be there for a while after that, as all the other catchup shows seem to be up for a few weeks.- but apparently not !.
        Obviously it’s the quick or the dead for Gogglebox catchup..

        • harrypotter1994

          Hi Angela

          Just had a look at the latest episode and Gogglebox has a 1 day expiry attached to it so you will have to get in majorly quick smart if you need to catch any of the others

  27. I think its great that the Daily Pick is expanding to streaming services. A good way to encompass all mediums and remind free to air and foxtel that there are other options available now.

    • Don’t get too excited. It will be back at 9pm when ratings return after Easter. I’m predicting MKR is taking a two week break!
      And surprising to see Revenge is being shown in non-ratings time because those who watch Downton Abbey have complained it’s off the menu during this time (pardon the pun)!

    • Eleven initially said no. Then they said they wouldn’t be showing the rest of Late Late Show with guest hosts but would be showing the new show with Corden in March.

      It starts today but Eleven aren’t showing it.

      • I was hoping it had changed, but look how long TEN took to show us Ferguson.

        So dumb question but is there any legal source to watch ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ here in Australia?

        • No network, FTA or pay, bought the rights to The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson for best years, when he sort of gave a bit of crap. Eleven bought them to fill out their lineup when they started up.

  28. as much as i dislike channe 7 and only watch 1 show on there, I must say i kinda like how they use their channels 2 show the afl. if they show afl games on 7 they show some of the other games on either 7two or 7mate.
    channel 9 need to do that with their cricket and nrl coverage. if the nrl and channel 9 want more people invested in the game they need to utilize their channels. have some games on win/9 and show the other games on go and gem- that why more people will watch and the ratings for those channels will go up, not everybody in the country has foxtel. plus with their cricket world cup its been okay- but they should show all the cricket games show some of it on the main channel and show the other games on go and gem.
    utilize all of your networks for sporting coverage that way more people will watch and your ratings will b up as well

  29. British media has reported that Jackie Trent, who co-wrote the Neighbours theme with her then-husband Tony Hatch, has died in Spain at the age of 74, three days after the show’s 30th anniversary. Very sad. I hope there will be a tribute to her at the end of Monday’s episode on Eleven.

      • I know its non ratings but there are only a few eps left and as a viewer I want to watch it. 7 took to long to start airing it. This is a negative against 7.

          • If 7 were concerned about downton ratings than it should’ve been fast tracked last year. I don’t know what networks expect when they delay, delay, delay and then expect viewers to chase programs around the schedule. Downton has always aired on sundays and I suspect a ratings decline with a move to Thursday cause that’s what usually happens when shows are played around with.

      • Wonder what 7s plans are for Sunday now? Seven screwed up when they didn’t fast track downton, then the didn’t start it at the beginning of ratings this year. Now they are mucking around with viewers. Who knows if 7 will finish off state of affairs either. Don’t like having to chase shows. Very poor 7.

    • There is a 2 week non-ratings period over Easter, starting Sun 29th. I’m going to need it to stop my DVR overflowing.

      Seven have also been planning a rejigging of their line-up for when ratings resume and nights are longer. They have already marked new Criminal Minds eps for then and now DA to Thursdays when it resumes for the last few episodes of the season.

      Interesting what they do with Sunday Nights (Nine has been close, especially with the younger demographics, with movies). Or the Blacklist, which they hinted was returning soon.

    • This appears to be a short-term fix for their Thursday night woes, when what they really need is a proper long-term solution for Thursdays – don’t ask me what that’d be, though.

  30. Hi David, sorry if this is a silly question but I unfortunately missed about 9 days worth of news and with the layout of the new site and not having a previous/next article button on each story, I cannot go back to about last Friday/Saturday 13th/14th March to see the stories. I’ve tried the all stories feed but it only takes me down to about Tuesday/Wednesday and has no previous page link. Could you please advise how I can track back to the stories i’ve missed please? I love the new site layout but it’s still really needing an all stories option for mobile (pretty please with cherries on top!?) Thanks Dave!, Dak (loooong time reader/fan)

    • Hi Dakota, thanks for feedback. All Stories feed is for RSS, so it’s not the best way to search for what you are looking for. If you are on a desktop or mobile version of the site click on News then look to the page numbers at the bottom of the category. You can link back through all the site’s News stories. Same for Programming, Pay TV etc.

      I would also recommend signing up for the weekly e-newsletter, which features the week’s best stories every Friday (plus some extra goodness). There is a tab at the top of the home page to sign up.

    • New Tricks and Grantchester are not on in Sydney this Saturday because of the NSW Election Coverage.
      They have a repeat of the Sunday afternoon New Tricks and a new Grantchester still listed for Melbourne and Brisbane at the moment.

      They haven’t published a schedule for Easter yet.

  31. Maev....Sydney

    Just watched Dr Blake on iView….what a terrific episode…I was holding my breath through half of it…and still at the end…sitting on the edge of my seat….brilliantly put together package….

    • I totally agree! I watched it on iView earlier today & loved it. Especially the end! (Being a fan of that particular actor) I think this is one of the best Australian series I’ve ever watched! I really hope there’s a series 4, 5, 6, … Everyone connected with this show is Brilliant! :)

  32. I’ve been watching News Corp across the past 12 months and their increasing entry into online broadcast multimedia. What I think may be of particular interest is potential copycatting of formats and backdrops used by Sky (one of their partners) and other FTA broadcasters. There is a ‘superfood’ video today that resembles the typical morning show food segments. I suspect that in the future, there may be a need for the ACMA to develop some general rules of engagement for online media adopting televised style services.

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