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  1. Anyone else with fetch tv via Optus have issue with the TV guide for the FTA channel that are not HD , I have restarted and reset but it did not bring the guide back

  2. Seems Pyne & Marles on Sky News has been given a timeslot bump, now Friday lunchtime according to Foxtel guide. Not sure if that’s an upgrade or downgrade from Saturday mornings?

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Great night on SBS…Great Continental Railway Journeys…Insight…Dateline…News…Crimes of Passion….My Favourite Wallander….and a few episodes of The Dales…Great viewing…well for me…*G*

  4. When is Rage having the Recovery special? This weekend the ABC’s popular long running music program will be showing footage from Splendour which was held in Byron Bay last weekend.

  5. During the movie-length episode of Love Child on 9, Monday 26th they advertised that the next episode would be on Sunday at 8pm with the finale on Monday night. Checking several program guides all I can see is “David Attenborough’s The Hunt”. Does 9 just decide to re-program stuff on the fly or do they want to get Love Child finished and off the air asap? There must be something big looming on Monday nights!

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