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2016-09-25_2234The TV Lounge is an Open Forum for you to add comments or ask questions on TV that you can’t see anywhere else on the site.

So if there’s something TV-related you’ve been meaning to get off your chest, or a TV question that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else, here is where it goes! Please check Programming & Calendar before duplicating programming info.

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  1. We may be entering the final weeks of 2016, but it’s still not too late to deliver a jaw dropping gut punch from a TV Show. What I just witnessed in Please Like Me was nothing short of sublime. It will go down in the Top 3 TV moments of 2016 for me. Wow… just… wow.

          • I don’t mean to dwell on it… but having reflected on it, I seriously think the episode is a very important one, as the issue that comes to the fore deserves a much wider conversation. It’s spectacular (for lack of a better word) re-watching last week’s phenomenal episode and piecing together just how sad this latest episode is… no one had any idea of it coming, yet the signs were there in hindsight… just like in real life… it’s a deeply personal issue for me so it certainly struck me right between the eyes with a giant thud…
            I’m sorry, I’m getting into spoiler territory…

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