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  1. Has the British game show Pointless been taken off? At the end of last nights episode a voice-over came on saying from next week Antiques Roadshow will be replacing it.

    • yep. It was only Summer filler and the ABC was running out of eps that weren’t full of obscure British questions.

      Back to The Drum and Antiques Roadshow next week. Hopefully the Drum with a balanced panel of good guests and not the old left wing talkfest it reverted to on ABC24.

  2. Has Sky News Business axed their MediaWeek program which previously aired on Thursday arvos? It hasn’t returned to the lineup after the summer break, like all of the other daytime shows. I quite enjoyed the business view on the media.

  3. David-is the ‘Clark and Dawe’ segment returning to the ABC this year? Was being shown just before the Thursday 7.00 pm news but no sign of it so far.

  4. Does anyone know why Google play store is so slow to upload the current season of Shameless? Episode 4 from last week still isn’t available, yet new Real Housewives is available the next day. However it is up on iTunes. I would ask Google, but they want you to leave a telephone number for a callback.

  5. Did the now axed series Pan-Am ever get a locai airing on australian tv or foxtel? I can’t remember seeing it on either – also, has it shown up on one of the streaming services like netflix or stan in the past?

  6. I am enjoying the reruns of Dr Quinn and MASH. They don’t make shows like they use to.
    Enjoying NCIS. It celebrates its 13th season, 300th episode in the States today. (9th to them) The Habibs don’t interest me, I don’t find them that funny. Just a mob of yahoo fools, but thats my opinion.

  7. Congratulations to CH 7 for finding the formula that allows shows to be broadcast as per their advertised time slots as you did with MKR last night. It started at 1900 and was done smack on 2030 by my watch. Now that you have found the magic potion, lets hope it is used on all episodes going forward. Unfortunately, I am not going to hold my breath and expect a 13-17 minute over run tonight, just like we have unnecessarily come accustomed to. I just hope not too many people missed the start of Molly last night due to you finally getting it right ……

    • i was shocked they actually started & finished on time, expecting Molly to start about 10 mins late, i also wonder how long it will last, not holding my breath on that one…

  8. It used to be just “Special”, now pretty much anything is labelled an “Event”. Last night’s “X-Files Event” was worse than any of the original series. Now we have Event Series, to be followed no doubt by Special Event Series, and other terms the Americans can dream up for us to copy.

    • Foxtel said they had no plans to buy it last year, and I haven’t seen it.

      In the Seven vault with a lot of other ABC shows most likely. Maybe one day they will have a clean out for 7flixs.

      • Assuming it’s in Seven’s vault, surely they could sent it to Presto.
        Nice to know it wasn’t on Foxtel and there’s a chance I’ll get to watch it sometime.

  9. Seven’s new channel will be 7Flix – a mix of movies and other shows – most notably Shonda Rhines shows based on the ad (I forget who but a few readers have suggested they have a Shonda night!)

    Thank goodness it is not a lifestyle or food channel like Nine and SBS!!!

    • Most of these new channels are not worth the trouble . All the shows are old. Sbs food network are the shows new? Foxtel is the best . Where else wld u get the awards shows n red carpets?

  10. What gives TEN – three episodes of X Files in a row have started 2-3 minutes before EPG. We’re all used to shows starting later so program accordingly – but earlier? Apart from the first episode where I expected an overrun of I’m a Celeb and recorded accordingly, the next two I have not – therefore have missed the start of eps 2 & 3. I’m a Celeb i supposedly live – so how hard would it be for producers to say add a little more fluff to make up a few minutes – even though there is already too much fluff to start with. Or do what Seven do – add in a 2 minute sneak peak of something in between shows to make up time… given the amount of TV to record / watch tonight – we can’t just record massive overruns / early start potentials to cover everything without missing out on something…

    • Yeah, 10 was even worse than last week – Foxtel EPG had X-Files starting at 8.40, but it actually started at 8.34. In this TV era you expect overrun especially on nights with reality shows, but not starting significantly earlier.

  11. ABC2 are replaying Doctor Who again (the modern one) starting Wednesday – guess it’s an annual thing now. It’d be nice if they could replay the original sometime, although I’ve heard that’s expensive for them

    • @Mr_AJ probably the dalek episodes would be the costly ones(not sure if this still the case), I thought the estate of Terry Nation had some rights issues with these dr.who episodes(the classic era ones).

  12. After ep 1 of Doctor Blake I wonder where this series is heading;for instance it seems the Doctor is running the police investigation into the unusually high murder rate instead of being depicted as interfering,also the on again off again superintendent is off again.Maybe they intend to bring him back again with him & the doctor single handedly solving crime.I also thought it was pretty lame with the producers attempt at depicting gelignite Jack Murray & the Redex trials Lastly back in 1960 I don’t think women were so headstrong.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I think these type of shows require some suspension of disbelief as standard. The command structure at the regional police station is completely wrong, being run by a Chief Super and with no intervening ranks betw him and the Sergeants. And it’s only in TV land where such senior ranks routinely attend crime scenes.

      Have to disagree with you regarding “headstrong women”. They have existed throughout history, and motorsport and medical professions are exactly where you would expect to find them.

      I would take issue with the way the writers have darkened Blake’s character. You wouldn’t have seen him threaten a suspect with a lit stick of gelignite in earlier series.

  13. This question isn’t meant to be a joke, but any clue if 7 will fast track the second half of current seasons of Greys Anatomy and How to get away with Murder?

  14. Maev....Sydney

    Tens minutes to go….Free view guide still says TBA for TEN….
    Ice TV says 2 hours of I’m A Celeb….When is The Living Room returning? (I know…I will do a search…*G*)

    • Maev....Sydney

      That will teach me…practice what I preach…should have searched first….mouthed off afterwards….*sigh*
      Friday February 12th
      7:30pm The Living Room S5E1

  15. I am curious about how Get Me Out Of Here NOW! is performing over on 11. David, do you know whether TEN are happy with it / have you heard any feedback? Obviously there wouldn’t be too much pressure given its on a multichannel. I must admit to watching some of it this week, as a catch up on the main show (when there is less competition for my viewing at 9.30 vs. 7.30). They usually replay the ‘Tucker Trials’, so you can watch the highlight of each show without the other fuss.

  16. Secret Squïrrel

    More goodies in the TVT Newsletter. Are you not going to tell us a little more about giving out actual TVT trophies?

    And, yes, having been enjoying the Programmers’ Wraps (even from networks I no longer watch), Appreciate the time and effort required to put these together.

    Pleased, but not entirely surprised, to hear that ABC and Seven agreed to not put similar-appealing content against each other. Now, if only Seven and Nine could both swallow their hubris and do the same, we’d all be winners.

  17. Seven pulled a switcheroo last night with The Goldbergs and the encore of First Dates. I only noticed when I checked the online guides, the EPGs weren’t updated.

      • just went to watch it (as my TiVo taped it) to see First Dates instead, why must they do that?! this is what multichannels are for, put all encores on 7two! that channel probably doesn’t get too many viewers anyway, might as well use it!

        Goldbergs isn’t on this week, Avengers is on Thursday. we’ll have to wait longer now. :(

  18. How I Met Your Mother repeats will be airing weeknights at 7:30 on Eleven from Feb 15th. good to see more variety on the channel. they need to air My Name is Earl which also used to be on 7.

    • I’ve noticed both One and Eleven have heavily altered their daytime schedules from Mon 15 Feb too. One has Walker Texas Ranger, Jake and the Fatman and Stargate Voyager. Eleven is more a moving around of shows but still heavily altered.

      • Stargate Voyager?-if you mean Startrek Voyager, that was shown as a daytime filler several years ago along with Next Gen and DS 9 on a rotational basis.

        • Yeah, Star Trek Voyager sorry.
          One’s new daytime lineup as of 15 Feb
          10am MASH
          11am Hogans Heroes
          Noon TBL USA
          2pm Walker Texas Ranger
          3pm Jake and the Fatman
          4pm Diagnosis Murder
          5pm Star Trek Voyager

      • JAG is still on at 1pm, been there for 5 years now. Charmed is gone the rest are just shuffled around.

        The big change is they have bought all the eps of How I Met Your Mother to anchor the evening at 7:30pm for a year.

  19. After several months, we have finally gotten our channel 7 signal back. I was wondering How long have 7 News had the new rendition of ‘the mission’ because it’s awful.

  20. First Dates … last viewing for me. It looked like it was filmed under the MCG lights. No romantic ambience. I’m interested in what others think of it.

  21. Does anyone know if Ch7 will be showing Suits again? Didn’t see it in the wrap but guess it is just filler for late night slots – but very good filler.

    • If Seven only sold the exclusive first run rights to Universal, it would make sense to use Suits as filler after they are over (as they do with Chicago Fire). If they sold or relinquished all rights then they wouldn’t buy any rights back.

      Seven aren’t going to say either way. Either it appears late at night a year or so after Universal airs it, or it doesn’t.

  22. ok i’ve started playing ‘i’m a Celebrity’ episode 2 in the web browser, it shows the 2 ads first, starts playing a bit then just goes black. Any idea how to fix it? I’m using a Samsung UA40J6200AW smart tv.

      • thanks David, plays smoothly on Internet Explorer, not in Firefox (on win7). Tried cleaning cookies/cache on tv, its in the browser menu same as computer browsers, & still the same problem.The browser is made by Samsung, so maybe their issue, system software on tv is up to date, i can’t see any option to update the browser separately Screen mirroring from the laptop is my next try, i can’t seem to get it to work from my Samsung Nexus tablet :(

  23. why oh why can’t i get Tenplay on my Samsung smart TV?? anyone else managed to get it working on a smart tv? i can’t even find it when i search for the app

  24. Just noticed that SBS have slipped in ‘Blue Is the Warmest Colour’ very late night tonight-must be heavily edited as it’s a pretty hard ‘R’ film even for them!

    • many years ago(might of been 2000 or 2002) I remember SBS screening the cult french film, Betty Blue on sbs, can’t remember if it was cut, did have some explicit sex scenes in it, and was shown late at night.

      • ‘Betty’ is Playschool compared to ‘Blue Is..’-SBS has a long and proud history of bringing us the best of international humping but I was surprised to see it appear on FTA TV.

  25. So 9Life Masters of Flip, Kortney was “talking on the phone” to Dave, yet you could clearly see her iPhone was lit up on the home screen during the conversation.

  26. Few new shows on One. The Comedians starring Billy Crystal only lasted one season and was shown in US last April starts Monday week at 10.50pm. Sirens is back for season 2 Wednesday week at 10.30pm shown in US a year ago. And Ripper Street season 3 starts Saturday week at 9.30pm shown in UK last July.

    • One, Eleven and SBS2 seem to be the home of new content lately. The Comedians sounds good, not sure about The McCarthys (Tues 8pm) though. Good to see a change from the same programming ad nauseam on One though.

      • I agree. Go, Gem and 7Two in particular offer virtually no new product. I assume there must be many shows attached to Seven and Nine Network output deals that simply don’t get shown or move to Stan or Presto.

        • Agree with all that. I’m happier to give a show on a multichannel a go because I figure its less likely to be shunted around. Beats multichannels being mainly movies, irks me because they all seem to have a very limited movie collection!

  27. A missed opportunity for Ten tonight not to show I’m A Celeb live to all markets given the anticipation and social media attention of who all the celebs would be….sure WA would be out of prime time altogether but QLD only for the first half hour.

  28. Was quite strange having the movie Limitless on Channel Nine last night, with the return of the TV series Limitless (based on the movie) on Ten tonight. How helpful of Nine to promote a Ten series!

  29. Interesting that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is moving for Eleven to Ten from tomorrow night & sometimes clash with The Late Late Show. Shame as it will split some viewers who don’t record it.

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