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  1. Just back from the US where we caught the season half-final of The Blacklist.
    The series resumes in the States on January 7.
    Knowing 7’s about 6 or 7 weeks behind, we wonder if they’ll continue to screen the series with just a few days delay, or shelve it for months the way they foolishly did last year.
    ‘Twas a good cliff hanger finale too.

  2. Mr game show fan

    Anyone notice The Chase Australia promo for 2016? I would give you a link but I am obeying the comments policy.
    Looks like they will get Mark “The Beast” Labbett from the UK to be a 5th chaser.
    Because Mark also does the US version, that must mean he is increasing his frequent flier miles really fast.

  3. So now the ratings year has ended, one wonders will be see shows promised for 2015 air in 2016 or if they’ll be dropped for good. Gold Coast Medical, The Muppets, American Odyssey & Battle Creek just some of the titles Seven showcased for 2015.

  4. The Mentalist returns to Nine next Sunday at 9pm with the last ever season. It starts where it left off when Nine pulled it earlier this year with ep 5 shown almost a year ago in US.

    • yay! finally.

      Waiting for non-ratings but it looks like Nine have left it so long their exclusive rights have expired. TV Hits is stripping S7 from 6:30pm tonight, and have #7.5 The Silver Brief Case listed for Friday. I’ll spool those and watch them at Christmas.

    • Thanks Pete! I keep checking to see what episode 9 are playing, been waiting what seems like forever for them to catch up to where they stopped showing it.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    If you’re that one person who hasn’t seen Lethal Weapon yet, tonight’s your chance. Better grab it while you can ‘cos you never know when Nine will trot it out again. It could be weeks.

  6. Maev....Sydney

    What the heck have ‘they’ done to Iview?!?!?………
    Use to be you could pause/stop and come back ..even a week later…and it would start from where you left off….
    Now …pause to go to the bathroom…get coffee etc…and it starts all over…from the beginning…
    What is that!!!…I was watching New Tricks….3 times it happened…

      • I have tried watching a missed episode of Please Like Me on Iveiw, no matter what episode I tried watching, it kept showing episode one. So I gave up in the end and will have to wait until they show repeats now as I have missed the last two.

  7. I just noticed the new zealand series, step dave, which Gem aired for one episode in January this year, is back, sunday night, 10:35pm, on 9Gem, they are airing episode 2 of season 1. I wonder if they will at least play out all of season 1 this time, last time it was 1 episode before being yanked from schedule.

    • They replayed episode 1 late last Monday Night. The episode is available on jumpin if your wanted to rewatch it. If your read further down in the tv lounge there has been other comments about its return.

      • Many thanks @tvf, probably should of read the earlier comments re the return of step dave, further down the colum, and might refresh myself the first episode on jumpin. Lets hope nine show all of season 1 this time around, and season 2 if possible.

  8. I know in the U.S., only a man and his dog are watching the Leftovers, but I’ve brought it up in the lounge a few times and I’ll say it again. It’s my favourite tv show on right now. No other show currently makes me feel or think the way it does and if the show doesn’t get some sort of recognition come awards time I’m gonna be pissed!

    Thursday nights episode was bats**t crazy so no one use that as an entry point, u need to build to that sort of hour of television to really understand and appreciate it. It was glorious!

  9. Did anyone else notice that after tonight’s movie on 7, The Lone Ranger, they showed the wrong credits?

    At least half the credits were from Captain Phillips.

    It is one thing to scrunch the credits up, but it is entirely another to not even have the right credits at the end of a movie and not give the artists their deserved credit. Pure disrespect from 7.

  10. did anyone watch the final season of Nurse a Jackie on 11? I am catching up with it now and just finished episode 4 when I noticed something odd, at the end of Ep 4 I noticed the swearing was edited out and replaced. looked like the F word had been dubbed over and replaced with heck and or frick, you could tell that’s not what they were saying. at was slightly frequent which made it noticeable, and they haven’t done this before. anyone watching notice this? wouldn’t imaging 11 would do that, was it Showtime? what’s the meaning of this?

      • the editing of swearing is strange, things like “flipping punk” “what the heck” “freaking” and such were said in the very end scene with Jackie’s old friend in the car garage. it’s very noticeable. not even sure why Showtime would do that, it was dubbed by the actors or someone else. looked like one of those edits you would see on an airline.

    • You are in for a treat! The final season is terrific and stacks up against the previous 6 in quality. The ending got me and my mother arguing whether it was good or not, for me it was a perfect way to end it… And a big thanks to Eleven for actually sticking with it (even if it was on at ungodly hours)!

    • They did the same thing with an episode of House of Lies a few weeks ago. Normally there is nothing censored but one week they has certain swear words replaced. That show contains a lot of swearing sometimes and it was really noticeable.

      • I was about to post the same thing. I wondered if they had accidently bought the wrong version (ie like an edited for airlines) with all the good bits cut out. That episode also ran a few minutes short too!

  11. Oddly, but normal for Nine, Life is starting Hotel Imposisible from S06E08, which in aired in the US a few weeks ago. However the episode title on the EPG and online is the title of S06E12. Why not start from season one, or at least the start of season 6? I know it’s not a show that must be seen in order, but it’s good to know what episodes are coming up each week, not left guessing with out of order and wrong episode names as your only guess. Thankfully I have seen all seasons.

  12. A heads up that Rage is having a Recovery special this weekend showing live performances and episodes of the popular 90s youth program. Playlists are available on the show’s Facebook page.

  13. Extremely lazy programming on ‘Life’ tomorrow night, with 8 back-to-back episodes of House Hunters (in various iterations) from 7.30pm to 12.30am. This must be ‘Life’s’ version of The Big Bang Theory.

    • They do multiple episodes of house hunters in a row on hgtv and house hunters international on travel channel through fetch. You kind of used to seeing that multiple episode of the same show programming style on a paytv channel but its weird seeing it on a f.t.a. multichannel. I’m curious about seeing house hunters off the grid cause that version isn’t available through fetch.

  14. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan from The Bold And The Beautiful) has just filmed a guest appearance on Neighbours as herself in the new year. Part of it was shown during her guest appearance on The Project tonight.

  15. The Agony Of… – I swear earlier in the week I checked the online guides and this week was meant to be The Agony Of God but tuned in a The Agony Of School is on. Hoping more from the series is shown over the summer. I see a few more are lined up on different days over the next 2 weeks.

    • Ellen is on Nine in Syd/Mel 12pm today (Fri) – but probably not anywhere else though with the cricket..

      I record the GEM airing for my wife in case she misses it or its not on Nine. The move to 9Life will mean I have to change the season pass on TIVO again – the other day swapped from ch 90 to 92, now will have to swap to 94…

  16. When step dave aired for a couple of episodes on gem before being removed, those episodes were available on jumpin. I just checked jumpin (pc site) and curiously step dave is not available after airing late last night. I wouldn’t have known about the show if someone didn’t post it on the tv lounge yesterday and now they are not even offering viewers jumpin as a back up for those who missed it or may have parts chopped off in the future due to nine playing around with their schedule?

  17. Always a rush of NZ TV shows during non ratings. Agent Anna back with second and final season shown in NZ 18 months ago now on 7Two next Tuesday at 10.30pm.

  18. Pretty poor form by the Lifestyle channel on Saturday night. During the last ad break of the 1st ep of Hells Kitchen, they played a highlight promo for the final episode, spoiling the outcome of the ep everyone was watching.

  19. StarTalk – what happened to the show, NatGeo showed the first series pretty much when it aired in the US, a week later if I remember right. Well S2 started last month but still nothing on local NatGeo, what gives?

  20. Non ratings can be a funny time with random product airing. As noted by glennc we have Step Dave back tonight on Gem and next Monday at 11.30pm is the short lived ten ep Missing shown three and half years ago in US. Then 10.30pm next Wednesday Gem has the prequel to Outrageous Fortune called Westside shown in NZ six months ago. And a three part mini series with John Hannah The Widower Thursday week at 8.30pm shown last year in UK. Just need to pick the eyes out of the schedule for some new offerings.

    • Come Dine With Me (UK version) 4.30pm weekdays also.
      Missing is Mon/Thurs, which is pretty pointless!
      Coverband is back on One Thu 3/12 9.30pm
      I agree though, this time of the year is when you can pick the eyes out of multichannels.
      Really shouldn’t have to be this way but it is at the moment unfortunately.

    • Mr game show fan

      This must be just the state you live in because I live in Adelaide and still only get the one episode a weeknight.

      I am sorry Ed, but Hot Seat needs to improve big time in order for it to win me back as a loyal viewer.
      Failure to do so will make me stick on The Chase Australia.

        • Mr game show fan

          Here are 3 options in which Channel 9 can choose one or more. (I am struggling too much for a good D option)

          A. Have a $1,000,000 question at least asked. There has not been one asked since May 2013 and no $1,000,000 winner in the Hot Seat format. You have to go back to November 2005 for the last WWTBAM $1,000,000 winner in Australia.

          B. Ditch the Hot Seat format and have Classic WWTBAM on 5:00 – 6:00 pm week nights. You would have 50:50, Phone-A-Friend and Ask the Audience like the old days. I concede that this option is not likely but I like this idea.

          C. Have a progressive jackpot to win if you answer the $1,000,000 correctly.
          Start the jackpot at $1,000,000 and increase it by $10,000 every episode until the jackpot is won. This did happen in USA over 10 years ago which a contestant $2,180,000.

          What do you think of my ideas? Do you have your own ideas?

  21. WIN have dropped their hideous pink win/gem and win/go watermarks. What does this mean? Will they be dropping gem and go all together on Thursday? Nothing would surprise me with WIN.

  22. For those playing at home, NZ comedy Step Dave is returning to GEM at 10.30 tonight (Mon 23/11). They’re starting from episode 1 (the one they aired) then continuing the series next week on Sun/Mon nights at 10.30pm.

  23. OMG TEN, do we have to suffer that hideously large bright ARIAs graphic (not a “watermark”) on every program 24/7 until Thursday night? A real turn-off.

    • It’s about the time of year when all stations start upping the size, translucency, and colour of their wartmarks, and throw in a kitchen sink of promos, slogans, and other advertising around it was well. I watch very little commercial TV, but I noticed that one last night, and the same on 9 (flogging The Block – 3 times as wide, and twice as high as the usual logo) and 7 (can’t remember what) earlier in the weekend/late last week.

      Going on their behaviour in previous years, they’ll reduce it somewhat in January – but not _quite_ back to the level of the previous year. That way they look like they’re responsive to viewer complaints, but still have managed to gradually ramp up the obtrusiveness year after year…

  24. So I was all set to complain about TENs use of ‘season final’ for Scorpion tonight, but then realized they are only now finishing off season 1. So now complaining they have taken so long to finish the first season, and once again Australia is half a season behind the US with S1 ending in April.

  25. Just saw the Daily Pick for Nurse Jackie, thanks for making sure people are aware of it’s finale. Such a shame that it has been shoved to such a terrible time on the secondary channel, and months after airing in the US. It was a decent final season and I enjoyed the final episode, although I am still in two minds about the actual ending.

  26. Finally given up on Fargo Season 2, I found the pace really slow and none of the characters grabbed my attention unlike season 1. I have also given up on AHS Hotel, Lady Gaga can’t act she should stick to singing, oh wait she can’t do that either. Also the plot was pretty terrible.

    • Although I’m not giving up on either, I have to agree that Fargo hasn’t been as good as season 1, and AHS feels again like its treading water over a bloated 13-episode season.
      However I disagree with GaGa, the role requires minimal acting and is perfect for her obvious limitations as an actor.
      Plus her first two albums were phenomenal…

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Agree, S2 of Fargo is not up to S1. I suspect it’s because the first season eps were all written by Noah Hawley whereas other writers have been brought in for S2. However, S1 was so great that S2 is still sufficiently good for me to stick with, especially as there’s not a lot else to hold my attention right now.

      • S1 wasn’t well written. The plot was driven by unbelievable coincidence, senseless violence every few minutes that had little effect on the story, and characters who written as complete imbeciles will little depth (compare Marge with Molly who could have ended story half way through episode 2 if she could run a crime scene with even basic competence). A low budget Coens and Tarantino pastiche. What is had going for it was Thornton’s performance conveying menace and some direction to cover the flaws.

        The best TV adaptation of the film is Happy Valley. Wainwright move the basic plot to West Yorkshire, expanded it into a tight 6 episode story by adding backstory with a person vendetta angle.

        S2 has a bigger budget and Hawley has tried to plot out a proper story with good characters, and brought in some writers to help do that. It’s slower paced but more detailed and better…

  27. Midway through season 2 of The Fall, I believe a 3rd season is happening/or been filmed and aired possibly overseas, any ideas on when it might be aired(I guess foxtel’s BBC drama channel would show it first)? Supposedly going to be the final season as well, which is probably a good thing, particulary for shows like this.

  28. While flicking channels, the most bizarre thing just happened with the Saturday morning repeats.
    There was an interview with Rob Thomas on The Morning Show, Mornings and Studio 10, on all three channels, at the same time, asking all the same questions. Same, same, same. 😆

  29. Woops, just found out that the episode CAS807 Castle – Mr & Mrs Castle has been scratched for Captain Phillips.

    Two strikes for Castle in our rule “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, (Isaac Newton), we will order the DVD when it comes up.

        • Still undecided but pretty close to giving up Quantico. It feels like where getting more questions then answers and that can get a bit tiresome. So much is happening within the show that it needs a regular schedule to keep up. Since its not getting that from 7 it might be time to give it up then to put up with their shenanigans.

    • I’ve got 3 weeks spooled, but wasn’t last week’s promo for the Slaughter ep? Making it #8.6 Cool Boys that got preempted?

      The announcement that Quantico would be remaining on through December didn’t even hold for 3 days. From Seven’s new “fasttracked” lineup Heroes Reborn and The Player got bumped straight away to late at night, The Blacklist got bumped to 9:30pm, Blindspot was held back for a few weeks but remains on at 8:30pm Wednesday, Quanitco and Castle have been dumped, and The Muppets never even made it to air.

      • In Sydney, #8.7 Last Seduction was scheduled and dumped mid week, it aired in the US on the 16th of November. Seven started Castle late (despite all the screams about it not fast tracking the show in the same week) and thus could cover the fortnight’s production break in October.

        Castle isn’t on tonight because it and Quantico are rating badly, so Seven decided to put the first run of Captain Philips on the last Sunday of ratings to get maximum value from the purchase.

        • Quantico is tentatively scheduled next Sun night as a double ep (8.30-10.30), Castle (last one that aired is s08e06) is out currently. There’s only 2 eps of Castle left for the year, so no major hassle there surely?

      • I’m well aware that there is no episode scheduled in the USA this Sunday. That doesn’t change the fact that there are 2 episodes that have already aired in the USA that are unaired in Australia.

        I don’t particularly care that Quantico is returning the following Sunday in a double episode. When I see a show being played with by 7, its a sign that’s it time to consider whether or not to continue watching that show before I get too invested.

  30. Just wondering why Channel 7 Brisbane constantly advertise their news as ‘Brisbane No.1 news service’ yet for a few weeks I have been watching the Brisbane news ratings numbers daily and channel 9 always beats channel 7. It has me confused?

  31. I know there’s been a few Australian made shows that have aired first-run across two networks (eg. The X Factor, Thank God You’re Here), but will Australian Survivor be the first to air new seasons on all three networks?

  32. So sbs and fetch entertainment package both have the food network with some of the same shows from the same owner. Sbs makes the shows available on sbs on demand after airing whilst fetch has no catch up site whatsoever for any show on the entertainment pack. The lack of a catch up service is a big negative for fetch and devalues the product.

    • I was reading an article on the show today, and it sounds very interesting indeed. It’s produced by Amazon who are about to start streaming the episodes. Of course, being in Australia means we can’t access those episodes. A shame, since the trailer is most intriguing and it’s already received praise from critics who’ve had advance screenings.

      Hopefully “The Man in the High Castle” will be shown on Austn FTA or Foxtel one day.

  33. Thank you Ten for the great show Google box..I thought this show was the worst idea I had heard for a tv show for a long time but then my daughter was watching and I was hooked. great cast. enjoyed watching them every week.Please please bring back the same people for the next season.

    • Please don’t, Lifestyle / 10. It needs a continuous flow of new talent to stop it becoming a stagnant puddle filled with the same old stereotypes, catchphrases, and people playing up to the camera. There’s at least 2 households that have stepped over that line now.

      Equally, don’t just ditch the least favourites after a season or two – there’s at least 2 there now that have taken that long to start really shining…

      (I realise some viewers crave the familiarity that stale catchphrases, recycled jokes, & mugging up provide – witness the people that still hope for a for a Hey Hey revival – but it’s not not interesting, it’s stale. Doubly so for something like Gogglebox, where any of us can be just as funny, snarky, & insightful at home…)

  34. A story worth keeping an eye on. There have been rumours that Neighbours will be screening in the UK on the same day as Australia. They are currently two weeks behind. Apparently a voice over on Channel 5 last night at the start of Neighbours confirmed this will be happening but no official announcement yet. Neighbours screens its season finale in Australia on 5 Dec and will most likely run for two further weeks in the UK to catch up.

  35. Should we expect anything big and huge (like a new/acquired big budget reality format) from 10’s upfronts like this year, or will it be a night of few surprises like 7’s and 9’d upfronts.

  36. Had SBS Food ch 33 on second TV last night after the cricket to see what it was like. TIVO still had to EPG for it – so couldn’t see what shows are on – and as a result can’t set to record anything unless done manually.

    Between 9 and 10.30 – seemed to be alot of ads, mostly self promos for its own shows and a few for SBS as well. Ads seemed to repeat over and over and over – would be hard to watch a show live with same ads in every ad break.

    Wonder how many watched the new channel? Not in ratings until Nov 29…

    • Fetch tv has the food network channel too that comes out of asia with some of the same shows as the new sbs channel (same owners). Their ad breaks only promote shows on that channel and the ads do get repetitive but are not as long as f.t.a. You kinda get used to it after a while.

    • Does your DTV EPG have a listing? I find no EPG hard to believe, I’ve got 2 different TV’s with two different DVR’s and all 4 had Food Network EPG 7 days in advance. As for the programming, yeah it’s limited. I’m not sure why SBS hasn’t added more of their programming (I know its aligned with Scripps) to the channel, even if its encore screenings next day from the primary channel.

      • TIVO relies on obtaining its EPGs from its own services via the internet rather than from a networks’s own FTA signal. This means no internet – no EPG. It also means – which I suspect is the case now – that if TIVO don’t update their EPG services with new channels then no EPG for a new channel.

        Hopefully they’ll have this all sorted next week in time for Nine HD and 9Life. If they aren;t going to keep channels up to date, maybe time they send out an update to make TIVO read from broadcast EPGs (and yes this would mean losing alot of the search functionality like looking for a specific director in up and coming programming etc but we don’t use it)

  37. SMH has a story about Ten today featuring a photo of CEO Paul Anderson in his office. Behind him are 4 screens showing the 3 Ten channels and also Sky News. I may be clutching at straws but perhaps a sign Sky News is about to become free to air?

    • One would think the screens would be on 7, 9, ABC, SBS. Better to know what the opposition’s doing rather than watch reruns of JAG and Star Trek. Guess the Sky News monitor is to keep up with what’s happening in the world, since TEN doesn’t seem to bother these days.

  38. Just saw an ad for The X Files, old eps of course, to screen on ONE Saturday nights at 9.30. They are the “essential” episodes, 10 episodes chosen by creator Chris Carter.

    David is there any word on when the new X Files 2016 revival will screen here and on what channel?

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