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  1. I think it’s time for Australia to try doing their own version of Entertainment Tonight again. This week’s US edition has been rubbish. All it covered was Blake Shelton (a nobody outside of US), Vacuous Housewives of WhoCaresVille, and The Bachelor US. I see it every day without sound on the TV at the gym during cardio and remember the days back in the 90’s when it used to be the show to watch for real entertainment and insider news with set visits that actually mentioned the show and gave detail and spoilers. Now its just about which nobody has put on or lost weight, got divorced or realised they are a nobody and can’t deal with it and cry during interviews.

  2. Is David Campbell being groomed to take over from Karl Stevenovic as permanent host on Today?
    Karl has been away for a few weeks now, and it’s not news that he wants to go to 60 Minutes.

  3. Kindly ignore my comments a few days ago re 7 not having subtitles for their (last) Monday night programmes.

    Did some sleuthing and there seems to be a problem with my PVR – not recording 7 subtitles, but all other channels are OK.

  4. How many more times is the idiot going to press the aspect ratio button on Have You Been Paying Attention? Almost every episode the screen size changes. Two weeks ago, it must of happened 10 times during the episode.

  5. cameronfisher99

    The Great Australian Spelling Bee is ending 9PM on Monday. If you ask me, it’s way to late for a show that a large chunk of its audience will be under 13.

    • I too was surprised that it had that long an airtime. In this case its aimed at children but even if it was a “quiz style” genre show aimed at adults it shouldn’t be on any longer than an hour.

  6. Maev....Sydney

    Turned on Nine…accidentally…….first story tweaked my interest…slightly…court case dismissed…
    Reporter standing in front of the court …at 6PM at night…and Peter Overton asked him Why? (about the court case)….I wondered why also…he was standing out in the cold at that time of night??….he also added nothing to the already known facts….
    I left it on….and others are doing the same thing…out in the cold …for what reason is beyond me??….

    • Maev....Sydney

      Glad I did stay…enjoyed the interview with Don Burke and his wife…
      Wish someone would revive Burkes Backyard…still the best lifestyle program..
      My opinion…

    • I too don’t see the point of news going to journalists on video link when there is nothing to see. I guess they need something till fill a ridiculously long 1 hour news service.

  7. For some strange reason 7 b’cast the Blacklist last night with no subtitles.
    Given that the first ep featured too many plotlines and seemed to be filmed without lighting, no subtitles added to the confusion.
    Looks like 7’s indeed burning off remaining eps at the rate of two per Monday night.

    • Checked the Gordon Ramsey show prior to TB and no subtitles.
      Same with the show that followed TB.
      Are they allowed to get away with no subtitles on their main channel?

  8. Network Seven has encores of Restaurant Revolution later tonight:

    7TWO 10.30pm
    7mate 11.30pm

    There’s a big TBA on Seven on Sunday from 11am to 4pm – what’s the bet we get all this week’s shows encored then as well?

    • They will, except that they are not “encores”. There’s nothing new added. They are simply repeats or reruns. Decades ago networks would identify repeats in program guides with either (R) or (Rpt).

    • Another double ep of Extant next Monday to try and catch up with fast tracked US content, then the following week Extant is 9.30pm and Witches of East End is 10.30pm.

      • Elizabeth H

        Does this mean Georgia would have had a similar speech etc. and ‘thought’ she had won? And offered the Heston gig? What a way to play with emotions….

        • Not necessarily as Billie did the better job with Heston’s dish and scored more for it – he praised her about how calm she was through it all. I suggest the alternative ending would have been Georgia winning by 1 point with Billie not quite having enough points to win in the end with Hestons’ dish.

  9. The second and final season of Big School returns to Go Thursday week at 9.30pm in double eps starring David Walliams and Catherine Tate and shown in UK last August.
    The fourth season of Last Man Standing begins on One Thursday week at 7.30pm in double eps shown last October in US.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Yeah, it was a great race for all sorts of reasons. It’s a shame that you don’t have a friend/relly with Foxtel because their (Sky’s) coverage is vastly superior to Ten’s. Not just the race itself – more competent commentary, trackside reporters who are more knowledgeable and who get to interview drivers and team bigwigs, and insightful video analysis.

  10. npstanley80

    Has anybody noticed that the NBC Today Show has suddenly been switched from 7 Mate to 7Two why the switch of channels I think it’s a very odd decision by the 7 Network

  11. Update on Extant: it now starts tonight at 9.30pm on Eleven, not 8.30pm. This double episode consists of the first 2 episodes of season 2, which have previously been shown on Ten. Next Monday, 3 August, it continues at 9.30pm on Eleven with 1 new episode each week.

    From next Monday, the 9.30 episode of Extant will be followed by Witches of East End at 10.30pm.

  12. I just watch the Friday episode of Shortland Street. I just happen to catch the notice at the end of the episode. “Please be advised that Shortland Street will no longer be broadcast on 7Two from Thursday 6th August”.

    Anyone know what is going on?

  13. Hi David do you know if season 3 of the following is scheduled to air any time soon on nine as the final episode of season 2 airs this sunday? It would be nice if we did not have to wait another year for the final season as it has been cancelled in the US! thanks

  14. RIP Amanda Peterson
    Best known for her roll in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ with Patrick Dempsey.
    I only just found out that she died on the 6th July.

  15. Just checked the epg for tonights episode of arrow on Go and there has been a change in start time. The double episode originally had a start time of 10.40pm and that has now changed to 10.28pm. So if you haven’t set your pvr for extra minutes at the start which is something I rarely do cause shows usually have a start time of 10-15 minutes after scheduled then you might need to check your pvr. Its ridiculous that I have to check the pvr on the day for stupid last minute changes for a show that has a very late timeslot.

  16. Anyone know if Fear The Walking Dead is going to appear on Foxtel, one of the Streaming services like Presto, or has one of the FTA channels snapped up the rights? Bit of conjecture at moment on exactly who is going to be showing it, foxtel on it’s FB page has no answer to whether FX will be airing it, so small chance it may goto Presto for it’s customers there.

    • That nobody has said anything with less than a month to go means that nobody has got a deal signed yet.

      Given that The Walking Dead rates huge live numbers for a cable drama, Foxtel would want it if they could get Fear at a reasonable price. They have a business with $1b in revenue and falling Drama package subscribers.

      Stan will be pretty desperate by no for something that lots of people want to watch instead of Netflix.

      I don’t think AMC has any deals so it will be contest.

  17. Can anyone who is watching the current season of ‘Hannibal’ let me know what on Earth is going on? Actually, don’t worry about it, since the visuals are so amazing that the show could still be watched – & enjoyed – on mute!

    • Thorin, son of Thrain, has taken his dragon obsession to new heights. And for some reason the FBI shipped back a room from the Palazzo Medici Riccardi to use as Hannbal’s cell.

  18. In regards to the poll of who will win MasterChef why is Reynold’s name included? He has been eliminated. Apart from that you are doing a great job David.
    The movie Mean Girls is on ELEVEN this Thursday night.

  19. chivasssimo

    I was watching Zoo last night and in one of the breaks TEN says “proudly sponsored by The Project” – huh? How does that work? Maybe this type of thing happens all the time, but it seems strange.

  20. Ch9 finally gets around to showing the last half of the last season of Weeds (11:40pm Wednesday 29th of July). Bit late though as I am watching them on Netflix already.

  21. David, on your TV Tonight Weekly update and on ‘behind the scenes’ section you have something about TEN promoting their shows on Foxtel

  22. Shoudy Chen

    Looked through the Perth TV Guide and noticed that the NRL matches will start at a later time at 8PM (Local time) following the conclusion of the ICC2015 on GEM. This will not be very good for Perth viewers having delayed NRL coverage.

    • easygoing777

      Think you might find its a one off because of the Soccer match on Friday if they try that a lot of people will be complaining to 9 in Sydney and the NRL who are in negotiations over the new FTA contract.

  23. Extant moves to Eleven on Monday 27th July, when the first 3 episodes of season 2 will be shown from 8.30pm to 11.30pm. The first 2 episodes have already been shown on Ten in the past few weeks. At 10.30pm, Eleven will screen the 3rd episode from season 2, which is a new episode.

    • I realise I’ve already posted some of this info before. The above was posted to let people know about the 2 repeats plus 1 new episode times on Monday.

      • Very annoyed that Dexter is being bumped to a ridiculously late start for the Extant nonsense-only 2 eps to go for the 8 season phenomenon that is our favourite serial killer killer…

        • Agreed- very annoyed for late Dexter start. Can’t wait up any longer!! Most of the season it has been 10:30 which is already so late- now 12:30am with 2 episodes to go! Will now miss it!

  24. So The Blacklist has been relisted as a double episode Monday, but the final season of 2.5 Men only lasted 3 episodes before being dumped for a repeated movie (who had that it the pool?)

    The second and final season of Atlantis might finally make it to air; Foxtel are running promos for August 2nd. Young & Hungry is finally getting a run on Saturday night on Fox8 too. I guess they were saving stuff until Masterchef etc. finished up.

      • Ah but this was all about Masterchef.

        Seven decided after all to stick with The Blacklist’s momentum. Nine is saving Lip-sync Battle so 2.5 Men and Mom take a hit. And Fox8 is showing Atlantis which they dumped from Sunday night twice, saving it for the next round.

  25. Please Like Me returns for Season 3 9:30pm Thursday 15th October to ABC (then following day on Pivot in USA). Last season was shown in USA a few days before Australia.

    Announced on the official Facebook page this morning.

  26. Apologies for harping on about this one David – all 7 need to do re The Blacklist is run two episodes Monday nights for the next 4-5 weeks and be up to date – series finished – in time for Season 3 which starts in America late September!

  27. Short lived US comedy Back in the Game starring James Caan starts Wednesday week at 1pm on One, shown weekdays in double eps. This was screened in US 2 years ago and lasted 13 eps.

  28. David I know you are currently on a mid-year break, however I want to give a heads-up that Jack played by Daniel Amalm is now on 7Two’s The Early Years of Home and Away. Also of interest is the 12th season of Degrassi is now showing on ABC3 at 8.30pm weeknights. I would like to know if Northern Territory Cops will be returning soon?

    • I’ve just checked the guide and it looks like you’re right, Nate.

      I was going to say it’s an unbelievably stupid thing for Go! to do–and then I remembered that we’re talking about channel Nine / Go!

      • The ratings have dropped like a stone for Last Ship-was 90,000 for the last double ep-if people don’t watch it in primetime slots, what do you expect 9 to do?
        It’s like watching JAG with the ‘flu…

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