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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Earlier this morning….I was listening to Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia by Aram Khachaturian on ABC Classic FM….This of course always reminds me of the BBC TV series….The Onedin Line….I think it may have been on Seven?…
    I wonder if someone could bring it back to TV….it is on DVD ..but fragmented…..It would still pass the test of time.

  2. Fox8 have finally and blatantly confirmed that season 4 of The 100 will beginn Wednesday July 5th at 8:30. I’m not happy about how long we’ve had to wait… I’m usually not too concerned on the whole fast tracking thing… but it will be nearly 4 months after its US screening… 😑 Which to me just seems far too long. Alas, I’m excited for it though!!

  3. US sitcom Marry Me finally airs on 7Flix two and half years after US screening Sunday week at 11pm. It only lasted the one season. Also the on again off again screening of new Big Bang Theory has two new eps next Monday on Nine at 8.30pm. They were shown in US in February so still a few left in the cupboard to be drip fed to us.

  4. The sheer scale and complexity of the ‘Where’s Chapelle?’ exercise just screams commercial TV exclusive money being involved…

  5. Just binge watched the kettering incident. Very good. So may questions though. Hope they make a season 2. Would like some answers to those questions.

  6. I wish WIN would stop showing the advert for Acropolis Now on Eleven when they should be showing the promo for the next episode of Neighbours.

  7. Thanks David for mentioning Bloodline starting today on Netflix. I had completely forgotten. Stan have a rolling front screen reminding subscribers of current shows whereas Netflix do not.

  8. As Presto is now dead, since early this year, will foxtel fast track the 3rd season later in the year(I think it is october in the US) on showcase?

  9. Hey David do you have any info on what’s happening with Chicago med in Melb. Can’t find any listings for it now that the footy show is playing on Wednesday, but it’s still airing in Sydney


  10. Hey david do you have any information about what’s happening with Chicago med in melbourne??? I know ch9 are airing it in Sydney but can’t find it scheduled anywhere now that the footy show is on Wednesday nights

  11. Veteran British actor Roger Moore has died at 89-an early TV star in ‘Ivanhoe’ when I was a boy, followed by the 1960s ‘The Saint’ which I loved-many notable roles over the years but most especially as the 3rd James Bond. RIP a class act.

  12. Secret Squïrrel

    I’ve just noticed that SBS2 / Viceland has 2 eps of Fargo S3 on tonight. The guide accessible via the Guides tab on this site lists them as ep 3 and 4. However, the titles are def those for the first 2 eps, which makes sense as otherwise the main channel’s schedule would be pre-empted.

    Interestingly, the eps are listed separately on SBS2 whereas the ones on the main channel are this “compilation” thing that SBS have taken to doing to squeeze more ads in. I’d really like to know that I’m not missing out on any program content but can’t be bothered recording both and comparing them.

  13. David, is there any inside confirmed or not info on of $ offers for the first interview with Schapelle Corbyb when she returns to Australia? Or is she or her family even allowed to accept it because of priceeds of crime laws? Not sure if that applies to crimes committed outside of Australia &/or after a certain amount of time has passed?

    • Nothing specific. It will be big news on the weekend, dominating Sunday night bulletins I expect. We know that the law does apply to outside Aus given it was why AFP raided Seven. I doubt there is an expiry, but it’s not really my area.

      • i guess she won’t do an interview then since i read reports that is suffering from anxiety & ‘scared’ of the media (not that you can believe everything you read). She might have gotten over her anxiety if it meant gaining a million $ or so for it but who knows now thats off the table. Do you know if it includes the family though, can her sister accept $ for an interview? i think she was part of the 60 Mins story of when she was released?

  14. So I purchased A.P.B from the U.S iTunes store for US$30 (AU$50 to get the gift card to buy it so not much different from purchasing it here) because it isn’t in the Australian one. So anyway I started up the first episode and I was incredibly surprised to find an ad at the start advertising Fox’s other crime shows. It was only 10 seconds so I’m not that pissed off but I find it odd that Fox feel like they can stick an ad (and I feel like I’ll find one at the end) on purchases from iTunes. Haven’t found something like this on the other season passes I have (but they’ve all been purchased in the Aus store). It went something like “Your watching A.P.B. Check out some of our other Fox programmes: [insert other FOX crime shows here]. Only on FOX”. Has anyone noticed this on the Aus store and does anything else think it’s a bit stupid?

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