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  1. Finally just watched the finales of The Flash and Arrow… The Flash was fairly satisfying, it was surprising and nail-biting and set up season three. But what on earth was with that Arrow finale? An anti-climax if I’ve ever seen one…
    I must say though that both Teddy Sears and Neil McDonough as Zoom and Damien Darkh respectively, were fantastic as the ‘big bads’ for their respective shows. Superhero shows, in my opinion, are only as good as their villains. Zoom especially is a great character!

  2. Couple of changes next week on Ten. NCIS New Orleans moves to Mondays around 9.40pm and Hawaii Five 0 moves to around 9.40pm on Wednesdays. Wont rate huge but they already have Wednesdays sewn up with Masterchef and Shark Tank.

  3. Just turned Foxtel on and I have the doco pack and Arts available, didn’t change my package. Anyone else got these channels and didn’t before?

  4. David
    You might have misunderstood me David,I meant is Foxtel likely to replay the season of Walking Dead that finished in April leading up to the new season that I assume premieres in October?

    • Highly likely. Keep an eye on the June long weekend (for marathons) or the week(s) leading up to the premiere of Season 7 in October. FX are pretty good with replaying The Walking Dead seasons in between new ones…

  5. What happened to ‘Scorpion’? Hasn’t been on 10 for the last couple of weeks, so it seems it’s been dropped even from the graveyard slot of early Saturday evening!

  6. Great that SBS2 changing programming to show early live coverage of the Giro tonight. Fingers crossed for OGE and Chaves to make history tonight!

  7. Is anyone else having a problem with TEN screwing up their EPG’s? The date at the top of the screen on my PVR goes back to 2004 and my TV goes back to 1905 when selecting Ten/One etc on the EPG. I switch to another network and the date returns to normal. Last night I noticed the PVR recording a program that wasn’t on it’s schedule. I could’ve reset the PVR clock manually but going forward 12 years, one second at a time seemed a bit pointless! I’ve now removed the TEN Network from the daily EPG refresh routine and changed the time setting from “Auto” to “manual” to see what happens.

    • Yes I’ve had some problems with One recently. Recording Nash Bridges in the afternoon, I came home to find the recording still going, 4 hours later. Also had found it recording some other random times instead of the scheduled program times. I hadn’t noticed any incorrect date on the EPG but I’ll look out for it if I have further problems.

    • Thank heavens i thought it was me ,my Bush view 21 went back to the year 2000, i and could not do a set up, and go stuck on ONE !!

      • Still happening, wonder if there doing something with there channel signals , or maybe i need a new DVR, odd that all the other channels are fine !

  8. I just read that season 4 of Ray Donovan premieres on Tuesday 28th June! Bring it on! It’s one of the underrated gems of the television landscape imo.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    Re: email newsletter….
    Hmmm….don’t know who wrote that about blogging….I would not give them ‘air’…
    If you cannot say something nice….just keep it to yourself….
    I read many blogs and follow some….and do so because I enjoy them….
    And like TV Tonight…appreciate what the work and the time that goes into them…
    Also….Looking forward to the Jenny Brockie piece….

  10. Seven and NBC Universal Australia must have done some sort of bulk deal recently. 13th Street and Style Network (both NBCU properties on Foxtel) are debuting some long-cancelled Seven shows including Winter (Rebecca Gibney drama) and Bringing Sexy Back (Sam Armytage makeover show) premiering this Tuesday, and I noticed Style are midway through Brynne: My Bedazzled Life!

  11. Not sure about the election section on tvtonight. Don’t know if I want reminders of an extra long election campaign thats not going to tell voters anything new. So much better things to watch on tv but I can understand how it might be useful for some.

  12. Maev....Sydney

    Watching Gogglebox….saw and ad for Offspring…..
    Could it be?…is it possible?…Dr Gorgeous (Don Hany) is coming back…
    If so…I will watch…I have been watching re runs of Serangoon Road on Ch.2…..really like this actors work…

      • Secret Squïrrel

        The only thing odd about it is that it ends in ’00’ or ’30’ which we know is highly unlikely to be when it actually starts.

    • The guide I’ve looked at says this:
      8.00 Fresh off the Boat (repeat)
      8.30 Sleepy Hollow
      9.30 The Strain
      10.30 HIMYM
      11.00 TLLS with James Corden

          • ‘Supernatural’ season concludes this Monday, freeing up the slot but it would depend on the rate that SH carries-10 has been known to edit some Supernatural eps down to an ‘M’ rating to suite the time, they might do the same for SH.

  13. Typing in the channel number for 111 on Foxel IQ3 a couple of hours ago and noticed the name of the channel now shows as “111 funny”. Although the logo and promo’s remain the same, and the slogan “very funny” is still used. Not sure if this is a half baked channel rename or what.

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