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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Just watching sport….namely cricket on ABC24….YOUI insurance scored a free ad on the ABC….scrolled past…on footage from Nine…I did a double take…Wonder how that works…

  2. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed episode 2 of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, I was annoyed that it’s taking a week break next week… Already? It’s only been on for a fortnight…

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Food Lovers Guide To Australia….watched it many times on SBS catchup…somewhat grainy…..
    I have just watched Season 2 eps.1 again…very old…and wow…now on the new On Demand…glorious picture…clear bright…I was quite shocked.

  4. Presto has overhauled its Android and Iphone app, shows are finally available in HD with 5.1. I can also now airplay from my iphone to the appletv which was not previously possible. It works well so I am finally making use of my free 6 month account.

  5. Just announced: Seven’s Big Week, beginning Sun 13/9 – X Factor launch and Peter Allen movie. Then across the week: The Chase Australia; 800 Words; What Really Happens In Thailand.

  6. Friends – David don’t know if you found this but apparently there was a deleted scene from an ep that aired just weeks after 9-11. Its been on YouTube for years but just now is getting some attention.

  7. While the DVD release of The Blacklist Season 2 has been available in the US for a couple of weeks (for $34.99 – down to 29.98 in some stores), Sony advise it’ll be released in Australia on November 12 with a rrp of $44.99.

    • The marvels of zonal copyright allowing different releases and pricing to block competition that benefits consumers. Seven has exclusive rights with a window through their NBC output deal, The $AUD has fallen and Australia is less competitive market is allowing global media companies to charge higher prices.

      I have US and UK DVDs that I got very cheap. But, if my regionless DVD player fails they become expensive coasters.

  8. I read a news story from the UK that BBC World News and CNN were both found to have broken UK Ofcom rules by airing programming fully or partially funded by foreign governments or interest groups without declaring it to viewers. Are there any similar rules in Australia? Those foreign news channels often air a lot of programs that appear sponsored, including CNBC and Bloomberg, and not to mention RT which is Russian government funded.

  9. harrypotter1994

    The Gogglebox Australia Facebook page has started advertising the new season. So far announced as returning are Mick & Di, Wayne & Tom and the 2 Greeks. Can’t wait

  10. Mr game show fan

    New ads for Hot Seat feature the return of lifelines other than Pass.
    Switch makes a return but the ad also showed another lifeline.
    Is this meant to be Ask the Audience or some other lifeline?

  11. Maev....Sydney

    Just watched Bosch from 2 weeks ago on SBS On Demand…it is getting much better….I was actually half way through and realised I did not have to adjust anything…it now has ‘Auto Adjust’….
    But…it did go skewiff after the last lot of adds…had to to go out and resume….also had to resume at 1st lots of ads…as the screen went blank and would not restart itself…
    Good thing with SBS….it will resume where you left of…even much later..
    So SBS are getting it all sorted….I am happy…

    • Good to know there has been some improvement on sbs on demand for pcs. Bosch is very good. One of the better dramas on free to air at the moment.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Watched the most recent Bosch last night…all perfect….SBS On Demand back to its old self….click on and go….woohoo….wish it had done that before I filled out the Audience Inventory survey….*G*

        • No such luck here. After reading your comments gave sbs on demand for pc’s a quick test run to see if its working and its not unfortunately. Click the play button on a few different shows on the homepage and just get a blank white screen. Maybe its working intermittently, who knows. Haven’t been on it for weeks and based on this experience won’t be returning anytime soon.

          • Secret Squïrrel

            I don’t think I have ever had any issues with it on my PC or my laptop. Perhaps it’s your software or internet latency?

          • @secret squirrel
            Its nothing to do with my set up as have only had issues with sbs on demand since the new site. Other catch up sites generally work. Its unusable now but ill try it again at a later date to see if its fixed.

          • Secret Squïrrel

            @tvf – it must be your set-up since it works perfectly well for my set-up. Just because your particular combination of OS, browser, plugins/extensions, anti-malware, etc, etc, works with some catch-up sites, is no guarantee that it will work on another.

            Now, perhaps SBS On Demand should be able to work on your particular set-up but that is a different thing.

          • @secret squirrel
            I know enough about computers to know its not my set up. To further strengthen my case that its not my system or browser I checked those requirements on the sbs on demand site and meet those. I’ve also checked the system and browser requirements for plus7 which works fine and their requirements are the same as sbs on demand. Its been well publicised that there have been issues with sbs on demand. I’m guessing they have not been able to fix everything yet.

          • SBS on Demand issues have been on my “to do” list for a while. I will have to tackle them next week to see what light I can shine on this. Sounds like a few were affected by a recent overhaul. The media site they offer quite isn’t as good as it could be either.

  12. Stoked to see season 2B of ‘Faking It’ and the fifth and final season of ‘Awkward.’ on MTV within a week of the U.S. screening! 8:30 and 9:00 pm respectively, on Monday the 7th of September.

  13. Had to laugh this afternoon watching a Sky News host call Kanye West “Kane West” and going on to admit not knowing who he was. Sky posted the clip on Twitter.

  14. Looks like iinet and internode have stopped selling fetch tv. Does not bode well for fetch tv. That service needs major improvements and its less likely to happen now.

  15. Maev....Sydney

    Dont forget to do TV Tonight Audience Inventory folks…
    Not difficult…ticking boxes….and you can have your say about your TV viewing…

  16. Maev....Sydney

    Just me…but I really wish Greg Rust was still doing F1 on TEN….Matt is very hyper to me….and I dont feel the same rapport between him and Alan Jones…makes for me…less than enjoyable viewing.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I had the misfortune of being at a friend’s house without Foxtel last night and was forced to watch Ten’s half-arsed effort. The presentation was so hokey I felt embarrassed watching it. The lack of insight provided by Jones was staggering and White was so completely wrong in the anchor role that I had to mute him.

    • Surely Jones and White could spend time researching the current F1 news to be better informed when they cut to the F1 just minutes before the race, but it might mean watching the Foxtel coverage and making notes. But the fact is short of the local round the guys commentating on a race 1000’s of km away are new going to be as informed as the guys at the track.

      Since getting the F1 on Foxtel the one thing I now appreciate is just how much we missed as viewers having it only on TEN/Nine before. The Foxtel/Sky coverage is light years ahead of FTA and not just the fact we have no ad breaks during the race, it’s the QLF and practice sessions and extended coverage on the race nights. Well worth paying the extra for the sports package IMO.

  17. Disappointed with 7 this afternoon. During this afternoons afl match carl vs melb Chris Judd did a lap of the ground before the game. They waited till half time and showed about 10 secs of it. The x factor ads were longer. #norespect

    • And they didn’t list the second episode in paper guides, then listed the two separately split over midnight so I didn’t see the second one.

      I suppose I should be grateful that it is one series they still buy the catch-up rights for Jumpin.

  18. What is the sudden fascination with some new programs from the UK/US airing in 21:9 format over the more normal wide screen 16:9? I’ve noticed it with some UK shows over the last year or so and now Texas Rising from the US. I mean fair enough when we all have cinema wide screen TVs which I’ve only seen a hand full of computer monitors in that format and no TVs for the living room. But for now it means back to black bars top and bottom of our screens for these few shows.

  19. Loved the innovation where all TV Tonight articles, TV lounge and Ratings went into my e mail inbox, they havent for past four days. Has this been discontinued or should i just set this up again.

      • Since Thursday have stopped receiving emails for any post that subscribe to comments and those posts have received new comments. If subscribed to comments on a new post no email has been received to confirm subscription request for that post.

      • Notify me of new posts by e mail is the selection at the bottom of any comment we make. Up until four days ago, the system advised me of any new news articles, tv lounge comments, new daily ratings posts via email but not anymore. I will just set it up again, you said you had a glitch about four days ago and i thought this must be part of it. No worries, enjoy your Sunday.

        • I don’t think setting it up again will have an effect. I’ve checked my tv tonight WordPress settings and they are ok and there’s nothing blocking tv tonight in my email so there may be an unknown technical issue for the emails not working.

    • Having the same issue since last Thursday. Was wondering if its just me but guess not. Have had no emails since mid Thursday not even if I’ve subscribed to comments for a new post since then. Its a bit strange for it to stop all of a sudden.

  20. Maev....Sydney

    Reading this weeks Newsletter in my email box..
    Love your personalised MKR apron DK….wear it at next court case??….
    Congrats to Secret Squirrel for Comment of the Week…. :)

  21. I’m giving Masters of Sex one more episode to turn the tide around otherwise I think that’ll do me for the 3rd Season and the show. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons, but this season is feeling very contrived and melodramatic.

    So far we’ve had one entire episode devoted to both families vacationing together with their fictitious children, a fictitious pregnancy to Johnson to create drama that it would undermine their research given she was unwed (naturally a seasoned sex researcher like Johnson wouldn’t have used any contraception especially given society’s stigma towards unwed pregnant woman at the time), which in turn led to a fictitious remarriage to George Johnson and ultimately a 3rd fictitious child. They’ve also resorted to the old running out of ideas dramatic standby of randomly aging up (Johnson’s) children to teenagers so they can fill up some screen-time.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Like you, I enjoyed the first two series but after reading some lukewarm reviews I haven’t gotten around to watching this one. That now seems increasingly likely to not happen. I don’t want to waste my time with mediocre content.

    • It’s not random, its very deliberate. After 12 years locked away in academia doing the study they had to enter the real world and deal with end product of the human sexual response, when they skip 6 years ahead.

      Virginia has had to look after her kids after the break up of George’s and got pregnant because she didn’t plan after all the sex with the infertile Bill. Bill has his own family and they have the book to capitalise on to fund their organisation.

      The show is dealing with the changes in post war society and the role that book will play in that, and how different it will be from their high academic ideals.

    • Thanks for the heads up Pete. Much appreciated. We’ve deleted all the Bosch eps we’d recorded after watching ep 1. And Bates Motel didn’t do anything for us in season 2. Glad H5-0 is back!

      • Secret Squïrrel

        As I said in another comment, the first ep was a fairly pedestrian script lifted up by some good performances. I watched the first 2 eps to allow the story to develop and was left wanting more.

        But each to their own – I gave up watching The Black List and H5O ages ago (and I’m a big fan of James Spader).

  22. What is up with GEM lately, during some shows I’ve seen before they cut to ad breaks in the middle of scenes while someone is talking, these are show aired on network TV with established ad break points not live shows, sports or something.

  23. There is no episode of bones scheduled on Sunday on 7. Its a shame as there are only 2 episodes left of season 2. Its been replaced by some special on Marie Claire which I won’t be watching.

    There is no episode of the last ship scheduled next Wednesday 26/8 on GO despite there being a new episode airing in the US on Sunday. This is really poor of 9 as GO was already airing at the late time of 11pm ish. Its scheduled at 10.56pm tonight.

    I hope these aren’t permanent removals. With those shows MIA next week there isn’t much for me to watch on free to air.

    • There’s still something like 35 eps of first run drama and comedy on FTA this week. Sure some of it is double episodes of Laura, Under The Dome or Motive on late. But there’s also Masters Of Sex, Bosch, Humans, Glue, Covert Affairs, Catastrophe, Rectify, The Blacklist, Almost Human, Lewis.

      All of which are better than your average US network drama.

      • I note that none of the dramas you mention are Australian?
        It is sad that Aussie content isn’t higher.

        I also complained about lazy “breakfast” shows using US segments as “news”

      • Wonder where you got the figure 35 eps of first run drama/comedy from? Sure doesn’t feel like that. If your figure of 35 episodes is correct and considering that some eps might only be half hour then that’s probably the equivalent of 1 days content on 1 channel. Just makes you think what’s makes up 7 days of content across 13 or so channels.

        Sure there are other dramas around but that doesn’t mean they will appeal to me. I often find the free to air doesn’t have much of the kind of drama programs that interest me anyway. I’ve picked up shows that have some appeal that wouldn’t normally watch to fill the gap but there is only so many of those. At the moment I can count the amount of dramas I watch on one hand and with 2 out next week there’s not much left.

    • Just checked the epg again for the last ship next week. It is scheduled next Thursday 27/8 at 12.10am. Apparently 9 are now scheduling first run fast tracked drama post midnight.

      • It’s really sad when repeats of The Big Bang Theory are shown for the 100th time at 8.30pm, while a new drama like The Last Ship gets a later and later time slot. Crazy!

        • Last Ship rates poorly-not very good and wildly jingoistic, so no surprise-again, what do you expect a commercial channel to do with a programme no one watches?

        • I don’t think it helped the show when it was airing at 8.30pm earlier this season and they took it off for one week for no good reason and aired a double the following week.

  24. Unfortunately the Today show is in in my house between 5:30-6:00am. It seems very Anerican with several “news” segments direct from the U.S. Can’t we at least have an Australian voice over! I see this as U.S. Content in an Australian show. More erosion of our culture!

  25. Saw a 9 promo for a special footy classified ep today at 8.40pm. This episode was included in the schedule today due to hirds resignation. So why does the epg say the episode starts at 8.50pm. Is this a case of 9 not doing the basics right or are they doing a dodgy?

  26. I Am very annoyed a News Conference interrupted The Chase & Million Dollar Minute on 7 today and there was no apology to Viewers watching these programs not everybody cares that somebody has quit there AFL Coaching job 7

    • The TV stations don’t care about their viewers especially when it comes to sport related TV. I was watching something on 7 two once and it was supposed to come back from the ad break with the results and it went straight to a tennis game, I was not impressed.

  27. I’ve noticed One is showing the last few weeks of Letterman at 2pm weekdays. Yesterday Jungle Jack Hanna, today Michelle Obama. Worth a view.

    Meanwhile, I know back in January there was talk there would be no Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Ten. Any word on whether that’s changed?

  28. AFL to announce TV rights deal at 4.30 EST.
    Rumoured (Fairfax mainly) to be a slight downgrade for 7 (from 4 to 3.5 games per round)
    An increase for Foxtel (from 5 to 5.5 games per round)
    Grand Final staying at 2.30pm despite strong opposition from 7.
    12 Thursday night games (up from 4 this season, rumoured 6-8 next season)
    Looks like Ten have missed out again….

  29. Maev....Sydney

    I do not normally watch The Drum….rare occasions…and this is one…
    Tracey Spicer is heading the panel tonight…I like her work…always enjoyed her on TEN….also the panel is good…

  30. Finally returning in new eps to Gem Wednesday nights from next week from 8.40pm are Major Crimes, season 3 and Rizzoli and Isles season 5 both shown in US 14 months ago.

    • Major Crimes, Season 3? That’s disappointing as I’ve already seen it on DVD. I was hoping that it’d be the first 10 episodes of season 4, which have recently been screened in the US.

  31. The IAAF World Championships in Athletics starts in Beijing next weekend and there are still not details of TV coverage in Australia. Does it mean it will not be shown here on FTA or pay TV at all? SBS has shown the world champs in the past decade. I just hope it will not be a repeat of World Swimming Championships in 2013 when Australian networks did a frantic search on the net for video highlights for news bulletins, as the event was not shown by any local broadcaster.

    • SBS have confirmed a 60 min highlights package, daily from 5.30pm on SBS2.
      I believe live coverage didn’t rate highly enough to warrant the outlay to purchase live rights.

    • Eurosport has full live coverage of the event, it’s in the Foxtel Sports Package.

      At the @l^mp!cs, where it is part of the spectacle and national medal table, athletics rates millions. The same athletes competing against each other at the World Championships rates only 10s of thousands.

  32. Restaurant Revolution has been bumped to 9.30pm next Thursday 20 August – we have Border Security International and Mighty Cruise Ships before it. How thrilling [/sarcasm]

  33. Story in Sunday Telegraph, that the ‘real ending’ for season 2 of A Place to Call Home will be shown on Sunday Sept 13 rather than the neatly tied up loose ends version shown on Seven. The following Sunday a meet the cast special then season 3 starts on Foxtel on Sunday Sept 27.


    Trailer of This is England ’90, the final series for the brillant shane meadows movie and 2 series (all of which have aired on sbs). Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for sbs to air it.

  35. Looks like The Block will go head to head with the X Factor, both their ads say they start in September. I’m also guessing TBL Families will also be in September.

  36. any news on when The Goldbergs will return? all year Seven have been showing repeats of Season 1 late at night. it’s mid August already, will we see its return in September? only 3 months till end of ratings season, they’ll have to show double eps to catch up! hopefully it shows up soon!

    • harrypotter1994

      I don’t think The Goldbergs is bound by ratings year. I could see 7 quite happily showing it in non ratings like they did for the 1st series of Happy Endings

  37. Maev....Sydney

    Just read my newsletter….
    I cannot hear my TV when my kettle is boiling…do you think you could sort that….*G*
    And thanks for the other great news….*happy face*

  38. On Sky News program PM Agenda this week Paul Murray and David Speers revealed that Sky News will be available in HD later this year. More Foxtel HD channels coming perhaps?

  39. Watched Safehouse on BBC 1st on fetch. It ended like there was going to be another season. A google search hasn’t shed any light. Any word on a renewal? Thanks for the review. Not so easy to pinpoint newer dramas on fetch.

  40. Shame the eliminated couple are still not invited to dine in each of the rounds, otherwise it will become very quiet around the dining table as each couple are removed in coming weeks on Hot Plate. I Am not fussed with reality TV except Survivor and Amazing Race but its the only chance i get to spend time with my wife. I know…….tragic.

  41. The quality of the “news” that Southern Cross TEN wants us to “save”. In their all-the-news-you-need-in-two-sentences, tonight – “A woman’s body has been found dead in a house”. Such quality journalism to “save”.

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