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  1. David a while ago you posted an article saying what was coming to Amazon Prime in February. It stated that Transparent Season 3 was coming on Feb 17th. Unfortunately this seems to be incorrect , the episodes are listed when you look it up on the service but cannot be played. Maybe Amazon has to wait a bit longer for the rights from Stan?

  2. Looking forward to season 3 of broadchurch starting on abc next friday though its going to be a bit odd watching week by week when I binge watched the first 2 seasons on Netflix.

    • I recorded it (BB) and on playback it was a repeat of This Is Us, even though epg and recording still said BB. This was channel 10 in Perth. I checked ahead on the epg and it is showing episode 16 is due to play next week (15 was supposed to play last night), so I hope they update that otherwise we’ve missed an episode.

      • It wasn’t on in Sydney either but my EPG had updated last night. Episode 15 has been added to Tenplay and their TV guide has Ep 16 on next week so looks like it won’t be aired.

    • No, we missed out because another repeat of This Is Us was shoved in, although the EPG said otherwise. L&O:SVU was shoved back to around 11pm I think. Meanwhile, WIN still promoted SVU in their program rundown.

  3. I see on the calendar portion of this website it has at half 10 next Tuesday on eleven it has the show The Americans. I checked the ebroadcast webpage it is on channel one and is a repeat (I suspected this) so not sure why a repeat is in the calendar . Season 4 has not been shown on FTA. But the 3rd season looks like it is being repeated as a highlight on tv tonight’s calendar

  4. Tonight I stumbled on a FOX Channel show, Second Chance. It was on ONE.

    There is only one season, and didn’t rate well in the USA. I watched because it had Tim DeKay (Peter Burke, White Collar) and Aussie actress, Nicky Whelan and enjoyed it.

  5. Pretty pathetic of the ten network to not fast track the homeland series, and now bury it in the 10:30pm timeslot on sunday night – probably because people were disappointed in the first place for not showing it within the US air date. If you are a fan of the series, I am sure you have like myself managed to watch it by other means now, the US is up to ep. 5 now. If you are not going to show it in a proper timeslot and and within a reasonable speed of the US, then sell it to foxtel who will air it all in it’s entirety at least, and possibly quicker than Ten would of.

  6. Joy Hruby. Having had several roles in TV shows and most known for her role in Brides of Christ has died. She was also a huge advocate for community TV where I first met her. Always willing to help and encourage people getting into the industry.

  7. Air Ambulance crashes into Essendon DFO
    First on 7
    An Air Ambulance has crashed into DFO at Essendon next to the airport.
    …but…um…wrong. Prefer accuracy over speed.

    • I heard someone in the channel 9 newsroom call DFO designer factory outlet. Its Direct Factory Outlet. It’s on their website.

      I can’t remember whether it was 7, 9 or 3aw but I heard more than once that people go and buy food at DFO. Well no. There are no food stores at DFO or the homemaker stores on the outside of DFO. A simple scan of the area could’ve told you there was no food being sold in the area.

      When they can’t get basics like that right you just wonder how accurate is the other stuff they are telling you?

      • Watching the reporting unfold yesterday, it looks like they all Googled “air crash Essendon” at the same time & rushed to report the first things that came up – the 1986 air ambulance crash.

        One of them even had “exclusive” pictures of yesterday morning’s 9am crash – taken at 6.30pm last December (an incident at Essendon involving a different air ambulance…).

        So much for

  8. Any idea of when the Logies Nominations are announced? It should be soon, wouldn’t it?.

    And would the Outstanding New Talent winners be announced at the Nominations Ceremony like last year, or be announced at the actual Logies like most other years?

  9. Saw a casting call ad on Channel Seven last night for amazing kids with talents. Sounds like it could be a local adaptation of NBC’s ‘Little Big Shots’ which was a huge hit in the US, hosted there by Steve Harvey.

  10. Season 6 of Scandal starts next Monday on 7Flix at 11.30pm. I think its the closest we have been to US screenings as it was shown three weeks ago in US.

  11. I see they encored NCIS one night, and we didn’t even know it was on until it was too late. I guess ‘encores’ mean please watch it again due to low ratings for that episode, not because its fantastic and you should view it again. Thats what the word ‘encore’ use to mean.

    • The use of “encore” by TV stations has nothing to do with the meaning of the word. It has never meant “please watch it again due to low ratings for that episode, not because its fantastic and you should view it again” or anything like that. The word they have forgotten is “Repeat”, just like the (R) they used to print in their TV guides when it was a repeat program.
      “TBA” also means, these days, as “something that we ran a few days ago that bombed, but we need to run again as we’ve nothing else to fill the gap”.

      • Yes, one is so sick of the channels running over time, and they know dam well it will happen. They could run NCIS at 7.30pm as its not a lot of vioence as some they run at 8.30pm. The jungle can swing their monkeys for as long as like then.

          • NCIS did better in ratings this week too which is good. Wish I knew what the regional ratings were but they aren’t available anymore without paying…its always about the money. I hope those now sulking about Weatherly will give these new agents a chance.

  12. The Blacklist returns to Seven next Sunday night at 9.30 followed by the start of the new Bill Paxton series Training Day which started in the US a few weeks ago.

  13. Changes to Eleven on Saturday nights. The new Minnie Driver sitcom Speechless starts at 8pm then Fresh off the Boat at 8.30pm and The Great Indoors at 9pm. The last two shows moving from Mondays to make way for more Simpsons repeats.

  14. I saw a few segments of Clubland Legends of Perth last night where Dean Clairs was the host of this show. Dean was a radio host on Mix 945

    On the other hand David, will The Wrong Girl and Shark Tank return to Ten this year?

  15. Is it just me or are the NewsCorp publications very anti one of the FTA networks of late? It’s been really obvious imo, to the point that specific shows on the other 2 FTA networks are being promoted & borderline advertised.

    Do you have any thoughts on this David?

      • My (for want of a better word) concern is that – from memory – they had previously “reported” on what had already been on air. Whereas this year, there has been a fair bit of “promoting” on what is about to be on air. I know it’s more an issue with the publications than television, but I do think it’s dangerous ground for all concerned.

  16. David, or anyone else, is 10 going to be airing the graham norton show special for trainspotting 2(danny boyle, ewan mcgregor, robert carlyle, johnny lee miller and ewan bremmner were all on the show for film promo when the film opened in the UK last month) next week? The film opens on the 23rd, so they could air it on the friday 24th perhaps?

  17. Rob McKnight (Studio 10 EP) is claiming Studio 10 won 930-1100 on Wed & Thu this week! Producing live shows through January, consistency and persistence is paying off. Good on Ten for sticking with the program.

  18. I am at a total loss to understand ..why…ABC News24 even bothers to have news conferences….mostly, the questions asked are barely audible…if at all….which makes any response…difficult to understand…
    Surely they could pass a mic around….or use a boom mic….Very poor work in this day and age.

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