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2016-09-25_2234The TV Lounge is an Open Forum for you to add comments or ask questions on TV that you can’t see anywhere else on the site.

So if there’s something TV-related you’ve been meaning to get off your chest, or a TV question that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else, here is where it goes! Please check Programming & Calendar before duplicating programming info.

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    • If you are an Amazing Race (like me), this is good news.

      TAR is set to air in “mid-season” (January) but the networks bring forward these mid-season shows to fill the gaps of flops. In this case, CBS is airing MacGyver on Friday at 8, which was the slot that CBS used for TAR. If MacGyver flops, they need to fill the gap and a TAR is the likely filler.

  1. Few programming bits and pieces for next week. I’m assuming w/o sport to interrupt that these are nationwide, I’m sure DK/anyone will correct where I’m providing wrong details.
    The Big Music Quiz is also on Sat 7pm
    Ground Floor continues on Nine on Sat at noon, whilst adding an ep after the Survivor dbl Thur at 11.40.
    I believe its the final of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on ABC2 on Thur Oct 6 also.
    And, finally, the Matador Cup tournament commences on 9Gem, starting with SA vs Vic on Wed Oct 5.

  2. Is there a law regarding the time between a tv show being on a steaming service, i.e Agent Carter & when a FTA channel can air it, i.e 7Flix airing both seasons after the series has been cancelled.

    I don’t have a steaming service- don’t have internet connection suitable, but there are lots of shows I would love to see, especially Gilmore Girls from Netflix. Does anyone know if Ch 9 has bought FTA rights?

  3. Rizzoli & Isles, is ending after 7 seasons, and 13 episodes, but Ch9 Nine keeps saying in their promos, this is the show’s final season.

    This week’s episode of R&I was S6 E5 of 7 season.

    With the number of weeks until the end of ratings, I can’t see Ch9 showing all remaining episodes of season 6, and the 13 episodes for S7 before the end of the year, let alone the end of ratings.

  4. Just noticed that ABC has the FTA premiere of Wolf Hall tonight…after Poldark…at 21:43 according to the pvr.

    Surely some sort of publicity wouldn’t have gone astray for this much lauded series?! Or did I miss it amongst all the Poldark promos…

  5. Apparently Australian Survivor won’t be on Sundays from next Sunday.
    Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb starts at the same time Australian Survivor would have started.I could think of three possibilities why Ten have decided to axe the Sunday episode from next week.

    A. Ten have brought it back to two episodes a week
    B. They are supersizing the 2 episodes in a week to make two episodes the length of three
    C. They have started to worry about the surprisingly disappointing ratings
    D. None of the above

    I would like to know the answer if you can get info on this Mr Knox.

  6. 9 here in Perth is showing the 1939 film ‘Gone With The Wind’ in primetime 7.30 to after 12.00-a strange choice-all recent showings of it have been afternoons. given its age and great length, especially with ad breaks! Can’t see it pulling in too many eyeballs.

  7. Kudos on two fronts to WIN for maintaining a credible local news in major centres. Tues. afternoon a Wollongong shooting covered, taken by TEN Sydney before WIN aired it at 6. Thurs night at 5:30 a Police raid, involving guns, dogs, etc. in a suburb 30 mins south of WIN HQ made it to air at 6, with pictures. And, thanks to the TEN clean feed now no annoying popups, a tiny unobtrusive WIN watermark and any promo super miniscule and brief. No full colour promo captions like TEN or hideous animated constant popups like Nine and Prime, especially Nine.

  8. Netflix have just gotten the worldwide rights (excluding north america) to keifer sutherlands new show Designated Survivor. Trailer looks pretty good. Will give it a go when I decide to resume my netflix subsciption.

  9. Kristina Keneally tweeted that she and Ross Cameron are bringing back ‘Keneally and Cameron’ this afternoon on Sky News, a show that was axed last year, rumoured to be because she wasn’t happy with her co-host’s antics as I recall. Either the rumours weren’t true, or all has been forgiven!

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