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  1. Trying to watch X-Files on One last night. At a critical time a MasterChef popup (again) completely blocked out a crucial part of the scene – what the ‘thing’ looked like.
    Running a promo for MasterChef in every commercial break is not enough? Got to have annoying, intrusive popups every 5 minutes? And you wonder why FTA TV audience numbers are dropping?

  2. Why do I always have to log in even tho I have ticked remember me? I haven’t watched the voice in years. X factor is a much better show . All the songs on the voice are half dead tunes. Only thing that attracted people were the blind auditions. You know it’s all rehearsed

  3. [email protected]

    WIN TV has released it’s programme info as from July 1, 2016.

    12 noon: Division 4 Season 1 Episode 1.
    1.00 pm: Homicide Season 1 Episode 1
    2.00 pm: Alive and Cooking Season 1 Episode 1
    3.00 pm: Bluey Season 1 Episode 1
    4.00 pm: Matlock Police Season 1 Episode 1
    5.00 pm: The Saddle Club Season 1 Episode 1
    6.00 pm: The Best of WIN News from the past 54 years.
    7.00 pm: The Sullivans Season 1 Episode 1
    8.00 pm: Acropolis Now Season 1 Episode 1
    8.30 pm: The Flying Doctors Season 1 Episode 1
    9.30 pm: All the Rivers Run Episode 1
    10.30 pm: Carson’s Law Season 1 Episode 1
    11.30 pm: The Box Season 1 Episode 1
    12.00 midnight: Division 4 Season 1 Episode 1 (R)…

  4. Seriously Nine – I know the Voice is on Sunday 7pm – I don’t need to be reminded of it every 5 minutes watching news, etc. No matter how many times it is advertised I’m still not watching.

    • Good question! GO! could run it after s2 finishes in 4 weeks, but they will probably leave it until next year!
      Fox8 screened s1 but has said its not picking up any further seasons, odd since they show The Vampire Diaries. Hopefully GO! will release it to iTunes which happened when it was dropped last year.

  5. Janine Perrett announced on her ‘The Friday Show’ on Sky News today that she’ll be replacing Derryn Hinch with a new format titled ‘Sunday Live’ while also resurrecting a format that was run in the lead up to the 2013 election ‘Saturday Live’ (and there was a show since axed called ‘Friday Live’) as of this weekend.

    Nice to see more female host roles on Sky, but can they not come up with any creative titles?!?

  6. Maev....Sydney

    House Rules…. 8:30pm – 12:00am…Duration 210 minutes….
    Really???….Prime time…main channel…Friday night….*sheesh*…
    Was not great for me 1st time around, episode one only….

  7. Not sure if it has been mentioned but season 3 of The Mindy Project is already on 7Flix Wednesday nights around 10.30pm after being pulled a few weeks ago in the 7.30pm timeslot. These eps shown 18 months ago in US.

  8. With only 3 eps to g in the current season, Ch10 has dumped Madam Secretary from its long existing 8.30 pm Wed timeslot. Does anyone know when it will come back to complete the season?

      • Probably take The Good Wife timeslot when that finishes. Has not had sufficient numbers to retain prime 8.30pm slot.

        Also loving Better Call Saul season 2 on Stan as much as season 1. Great cinematography and a brooding sense that something will happen any minute. Great entertainment,

      • At the end of madam secretary on wednesday night ten said it will return in two weeks. So two weeks from last wednesday is May 11. Has ten changed their mind in the last two days and added a further week?

    • [email protected]

      Think there’s only two eps to go in current series. Same number remaining for The Good Wife. (Which seems to be on next Wed.)

    • Same with Limitless I’m assuming. Are they keeping up with US screenings ? It only has a cuppla eps to go for season 1 and I hear it’s not looking good for season 2

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    Well, that’s one question that’s been answered. The Chaser’s Election Desk will be on from Wed 8 June (I presume at 8:30pm). The Checkout will therefore take a break before returning for a few eps after the federal election.

  10. so networks aren’t putting ratings warnings in front of programs anymore? no longer seperate but a small logo at the beginning of the program with a list of the contents? how is that helpful for parents, if they should be channel surfing with there kids and pick something that logo might be to fast for them to read properly, next thing kids are watching something by accident. no more “the following program is classified MA, it contains…” all to save 10 seconds?!

  11. One for the Midsomer Murder fans among us, ITV has announced series 19 as a goer and DCI Barnaby is getting a new Detective Sergeant (Jamie Winter) played by Nick Hendrix and returning are Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby and Manjinder Virk as Dr Kam Karimore, pathologist, series 18 is currently airing on ABC1 [(with voice over credits). Booooooo)]

  12. Maev....Sydney

    Sort of had to half watch House Rules…(oh good grief!)….so I did not miss the start of the Tattoo…I watch every year and love it…..Need not have worried….8.40PM advertised start was actually 8.53PM…..*sigh*..
    And I do not know how long I can last with an overload of gushing Seven celebs…and broken up with all the little clips….like all Seven reality shows….it is all really irritating me…
    Throw in an abundance of ads….not really an enjoyable experience.

    • Talk about overload of ads. Watched madam secretary live last night and it was a terrible experience. Started late so already annoyed at having to watch stuff of no interest and then way too many ads just ruined the whole episode.

      And tens playing around with the madam secretary I’m suspecting due to masterchef. No episode of madam secretary airing next week despite the fact there is a new episode available. I get masterchef is important to ten but I don’t like drama always being shunted for reality.

      • Long Lost Family, which made way for All Star Family Feud which is making way for MasterChef is what is replacing Madam Secretary (for 2 weeks) until LLF itself finishes. Its poor programming decisions like this that have Network Ten in a struggle with ABC for third overall.
        Can I wait, yes. But Ten’s scheduling of MS at 8.30 Wed then removing it so close to the end is laughable.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        The trouble is, while people constantly and consistently complain about late start times, too many ads, and annoying promos and popups, they also continue to watch these programs live (and complain about them in the following weeks).

        There is no incentive for the networks to change if people don’t. Rather than just complaining about the same things week in week out, people could take back some control. Stop watching live TV or, better yet, abandon the commercial networks altogether. I assure you that it is very liberating.

        • As most drama are on post 9pm these days most of my viewing is delay/catch up related but I’m not opposed to on the odd occasion watching a drama live that’s on at 8.30pm. If viewers want dramas scheduled at better timeslots than they have to watch them in better timeslots too. Live viewing for me last night was more about someone else in the household watching madam secretary live and me joining them rather than watching it live by choice. Its pretty easy to comment and say give up the commercial networks but if there is a show you like to watch and you’ve been watching it for a long time on commercial free to air what other option do you have then to persevere? The only real option a viewer has to ween themselves off commercial free to air is to limit or not pick up new shows on the commercial networks thus reducing their viewing of commercial free to air over time and look more at…

          • Secret Squïrrel

            Ah, I see your problem! You occasionally wish to watch a drama at 8:30pm but the commercial networks don’t start their dramas then, even if they advertise that that is when they’ll start. A classic Greek dilemma. What to do, what to do?…

        • I DVR all of my TV viewing outside of live sport. I have no issue with popups etc, where Networks lose me is haphazard, last minute scheduling. Its almost like they’re playing a game of “who can we annoy most this week” by this haphazard scheduling and blatantly overrunning programs unnecessarily in a desperate attempt to keep what few eyes are left on their channels all night.

          • I have given up on Madam Secretary….Tenplay is a shocker…for me….possibly me…but I dont care for any program that have to work at …and cannot simply watch.

  13. Are there any more episodes of All Star Family Feud to air? I know that at least 11 episodes have been made according to with tonights Episode number ’11’ but its not its regular place next on Monday week. Tonight (Wednesday) it is airing another episode too. Any thoughts?

      • that means there is a season 2. I know for a fact, KIIS v Gold is meant to be screened, Real Housewives of Melbourne v I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here and Holden v Ford. 2 of which were in the promos and 1 was visibly in the promo.

      • I really hope there is another season of All Star Family Feud as it has been hilarious seeing celebrities have a go. Studio 10 up against Ten News or families from Gogglebox would be awesome! Is there a date yet for the return of The Great Australian Spelling Bee?

      • I’ll speculate that ASFF will be back post Masterchef. Its a bit of inoffensive, family friendly filler that does OK ratings wise for Ten. Now, if only they could work out their schedule, promote it, and stick to it, then maybe we are getting somewhere!

        • The past few ASSF at 7:30pm haven’t reached the top 20, apart from last nights Wednesday episode. However Daily FF is consistently in the top 20. Go figure….

          • Yeah, the competition Monday at 7.30 is a bit stiffer than Wed 7.30. I mean, its relatively cheap for Ten (guessing), its been doing OK ratings wise (agree, nothing spectacular). I imagine later in the year when a certain Channel 7 program isn’t there to ream everything in its path that it will be a tidy lead in to HYBPA on Mon nights.

  14. Seven are straight into House Rules after MKR without any break. Sheesh. You would have thought maybe there would be a breather in between.

  15. Peter Williamson may have been a racing car driver but he was also a part of the pioneering of racecam in 1979 having the first camera in his car. Learnt of his passing today.

  16. The NCIS: NO crossover Ep is up on the Tenplay app.
    David I’ve posted this info in the bumped article as well. I know Ten haven’t been giving out amendment info but this should have been an easy fix to pass on.

    • I watched it on tenplay. It was ok but the first half of the crossover was better. The problem with NCIS NO is that the support cast just isn’t there. Its why I stopped watching it to begin with.

  17. Home and Away has been on 2 or 3 months and we still do not know who killed Charlotte ?

    Also the Plus7 app on Telstra TV keeps making episodes of Home and Away , where an ad break should go, flick back to the beginning of the episode. Annoying.

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